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4000 IELTS Academic Word List
4000 IELTS Academic Word List is recommended by lots of students in social network. As a matter of fact, it is at the top of likes and shares among all vocabulary lists in this site since 2014. This is a serious IELTS vocabulary for serious test takers. You have to spend relatively long time to prepare and practice. Yes, practice. This is not only a list, but also include exercises like matching and spelling. So you may not get such a wonderful free resource to prepare academic IELTS vocabulary somewhere else. It's a proven word bank, it's a handy exercise worksheet, and it's a guide for your IELTS test. The choice is your choice. What we can do is to offer right content by right way to right people, and hopefully, include you.
Top 500 SAT Words
Are you working for your SAT test? Do you fell the time is too tight and the job is too big? Top 500 Most Common SAT Words is a popular choice for students like you. It may not ensure you get a high score in future test, but it won't waste your time in SAT test prepare. These words frequently occur in SAT sheets and many students ignore them in common reading and writing. Go through the short word list doesn't cost much of time, but helps you study and review most useful SAT vocabulary. What you get in future test deserves the hours you spend on the short list.
TOEFL Word List 1600
This TOEFL word list is extremely important in TOEFL reading test. If you are planning to apply top universities, or for any reasons you need an excellent score in report, you shouldn’t ignore this word list. For most test takers, this middle size TOEFL word list is 2 weeks' job to review and study. Some can finish in less than one week. This estimation assumed that you already know more than half to 60 percent words in list. It means this list’s main purpose is to help review known hard words.
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lead forth; reach a conclusion by reasoning; trace the origin or derivation of
harm someone's reputation; degrade; bring into disrepute; make infamous
delay till later; put off; hold back to a later time
intended or appropriate for defending against; protective
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Read  person with exceptional talents or powers; wonder
E.g.Brianna Kahane, the 8-year-old violin [___], played at the memorial observance there.

Spelling Word: prodigy
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n. a combination of many different things; an alloy of mercury and other metals

To take on the south was to risk splintering the Democratic Party, then an angry amalgam of northern liberals, southern segregationists and pragmatists like the president, who tried to straddle the divide.

Added on 2016-05-27
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amalgam: n. a combination of many different things; an alloy of mercury and other metals
foray: n. sudden raid or military advance; venture or initial attempt, especially outside one's usual area
hippocampus: n. a ridge in the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain that consists mainly of gray matter and has a central role in memory processes
sermon: n. religious discourse delivered as part of a church service
discourse: n. formal discussion on a topic, either written or spoken
coup: n. a sudden take-over of leadership or power