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TOEFL Word List 1600 (1)

TOEFL reading is the main section to challenge vocabulary level. If you are planning to apply top universities, or for any reasons you need an excellent score in report, you shouldn’t ignore reading test. This TOEFL word list is collected to help high reading score hunters.

This vocabulary consists of near 1600 words for academic reading test. Tutors of have revised its explanations according to TOEFL test conventions and each word includes definitions in 20 languages to assist EFL (English as Foreign Language) people understand word explanations more exactly.

In general, the middle size TOEFL word list is 2 weeks' job to review and study. You may finish in less than one week if with strong vocabulary skill. This estimation assumes that you already know more than half to 60 percent words in the list. This list's main purpose is to review known hard words. If you have too many unknown words, you had better give up this TOEFL word list. Other easier lists may be more proper to you situation.

If decide to stick to the word list, you have to adjust your paces. The list has built-in tools, like spelling, match practice, cards, to help you study new words. In addition, you can leverage powerful app VSO (Vocabulary Study Online) to study the word list. Load TOEFL Word List 1600 to the smart online app, your vocabulary building will be managed and scheduled scientifically. It will improve your efficiency of TOEFL word preparation dramatically.

abandon: Read
n. Syn. relinquish
lacking restraint or control; feeling of extreme emotional intensity; unbounded enthusiasm

abate: Read
v. Syn. subside; decrease; lessen
subside; decrease; become less in amount or intensity

abbreviation: Read
shortening something by omitting parts of it

abduct: Read
carry off by force; kidnap

abhor: Read
v. Syn. detest; hate
fill with horror and loathing; horrify; hate

abject: Read
a. Syn. wretched
being of the most miserable kind; wretched; lacking pride; brought low in condition or status

abolish: Read
v. Syn. cancel; annul
cancel; put an end to; destroy completely

abort: Read
v. Syn. failure; terminate
stop; terminate before completion; terminate a pregnancy

abrupt: Read
a. Syn. sudden; unforeseen
broken off; very steep; having sudden transitions from one subject to another

absolve: Read
v. Syn. release; liberate; exempt
let off hook; relieve of requirement or obligation

abstain: Read
v. Syn. refrain
refrain; hold oneself back voluntarily from an action or practice

abstruse: Read
a. Syn. obscure; profound
obscure; profound; difficult to understand.

absurd: Read
a. Syn. preposterous; ridiculous; foolish
preposterous; ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable; foolish

abundant: Read
a. Syn. plentiful
plentiful; possessing riches or resources

abyss: Read
n. Syn. chasm
enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit; any deep, immeasurable space; hell

accessible: Read
a. Syn. obtainable; approachable
easily approached or entered; obtainable; easy to talk to or get along with

acclaim: Read
v. Syn. applaud
applaud; announce with great approval

accomplice: Read
n. Syn. associate
partner in crime; associate in wrongdoing

accurate: Read
a. Syn. precise; correct
capable of providing a correct reading or measurement; performing with care and precision

accuse: Read
v. Syn. blame; condemn
blame; condemn

acid: Read
sour; water-soluble compounds having a sour taste; quality of being sarcastic, bitter, or scornful

acquaint: Read
v. Syn. Inform
inform about; cause to come to know personally; make familiar

acquiesce: Read
v. Syn. assent
assent; agree without protesting

acrid: Read
a. Syn. sharp; bitter
unpleasantly sharp or bitter to taste or smell; bitterly pungent

actuate: Read
v. Syn. motivate; activate
put into motion or action; activate

acute: Read
a. Syn. keen; sharp
quickly perceptive; keen; having a sharp point or tip; extremely sharp or severe

adamant: Read
a. Syn. inflexible
extremely hard; inflexible; stubbornly unyielding

adapt: Read
v. Syn. alter; modify
make fit for; change to suit a new purpose

adept: Read
a. Syn. competent; proficient
expert at; very skilled; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

adequate: Read
a. Syn. sufficient; enough
sufficient; enough to meet a purpose

adhere: Read
v. Syn. stick; bond
stick fast; stick to firmly; be compatible or in accordance with

adjacent: Read
a. Syn. adjoining; neighboring
adjoining; neighboring; close to; lying near

admonish: Read
v. Syn. warn; reprove
warn; counsel someone against something to be avoided

adorn: Read
v. Syn. decorate
enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments

advent: Read
n. Syn. arrival
coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important

adverse: Read
a. Syn. unfavorable; hostile
in opposing direction; harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose

advocate: Read
v. Syn. urge; support
speak, plead, or argue in favour of; plead for; push for something

affable: Read
easily approachable; warmly friendly

affect: Read
have an emotional or cognitive impact upon

affiliate: Read
v. Syn. associate; incorporate
associate; incorporate

affinity: Read
n. Syn. kinship
natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship; relationship by marriage

affliction: Read
n. Syn. calamity; distress; misfortune; pain
cause or condition of pain, suffering, or distress

affluent: Read
having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

aggravate: Read
v. Syn. worsen; exacerbate
worsen; make worse or more troublesome

aggregate: Read
v. Syn. gather; accumulate
gather into a mass, sum, or whole; amount to

agile: Read
a. Syn. nimble; brisk
moving quickly and lightly; mentally quick

agitate: Read
v. Syn. disturb
cause to move with violence or sudden force; upset; disturb

agrarian: Read
pertaining to land or its cultivation; relating to agricultural or rural matters

ailment: Read
n. Syn. sickness; illness; affliction
sickness; illness; affliction

akin: Read
a. Syn. related; similar
of the same kin; related by blood

allegiance: Read
n. Syn. loyalty; fidelity
loyalty to a nation, sovereign, or cause; fidelity to any person or thing; devotion

alleviate: Read
v. Syn. relieve; moderate; reduce
provide physical relief, as from pain; make easier; remove in part

allocate: Read
v. Syn. assign
assign; distribute according to plan

allot: Read
v. Syn. distribute
parcel out in parts or portions; distribute to each individual concerned; assign as a share or lot

allude: Read
v. Syn. imply; refer
refer casually or indirectly, or by suggestion

aloft: Read
ad. Syn. upward
in or into a high place; high or higher up

aloof: Read
a. Syn. apart; distant
apart; remote in manner; distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote

alternative: Read
one of two or more things, ideas or courses of action that may be used; option; choice

amazing: Read
a. Syn. awesome; astounding; surprising
awesome; astounding; surprising

ambiguous: Read
unclear or doubtful in meaning

ambivalence: Read
state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes, such as love and hate

ambivalent: Read
a. Syn. mixed; contradictory
mixed; experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings

amenable: Read
a. Syn. responsible; accountable
responsive to advice or suggestion; responsible to higher authority; willing to comply with; agreeable

amiable: Read
a. Syn. agreeable; lovable
good-natured and likable; lovable; warmly friendly

amicable: Read
a. Syn. friendly
exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; not quarrelsome

amnesia: Read
partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock or illness

amnesty: Read
n. Syn. pardon; forgiveness
general pardon granted by government, especially for political offenses

amphitheater: Read
oval building with tiers of seats from central open space or arena

analogous: Read
a. Syn. comparable
comparable; similar or alike

anecdote: Read
n. Syn. episode; story
short account of amusing or interesting event; short narrative; secret story of history or biography

annex: Read
v. Syn. attach
append or attach; take possession of; incorporate into an existing political unit

annual: Read
occurring or payable every year

anonymous: Read
a. Syn. unknown; nameless
having no name; having unknown or unacknowledged name

antagonism: Read
n. Syn. hostility; enmity
active resistance; condition of being an opposing principle, force, or factor

antagonist: Read
one who contends with another, especially in combat; an adversary; opponent

antedate: Read
be earlier in time; go back further

anticipate: Read
v. Syn. expect; predict
act in advance of; deal with ahead of time; predict

antique: Read
n. Syn. relic; curio
any furniture old and valuable; out of fashion

anxious: Read
a. Syn. eager; keen; worried
eager; keen; worried; uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event or matter

apathy: Read
n. Syn. indifference
lack of caring; indifference

apparent: Read
a. Syn. visible
capable of being seen, or easily seen; open to view; visible to eye

appealing: Read
a. Syn. attractive; charming
attractive; charming

appease: Read
v. Syn. relieve; pacify
bring peace, quiet, or calm to; satisfy or relieve

applaud: Read
v. Syn. clap; acclaim
acclaim; express approval, especially by clapping the hands

appraise: Read
v. Syn. evaluate
estimate value of; evaluate, especially in official capacity

apprise: Read
v. Syn. inform
inform; give notice to; make aware

approbation: Read
n. Syn. approval
expression of warm approval; praise

apt: Read
a. Syn. appropriate; suitable
likely; exactly suitable; appropriate; quick to learn or understand

arable: Read
fit for growing crops, as by plowing

arduous: Read
a. Syn. hard; strenuous
demanding great effort or labor; difficult

arid: Read
a. Syn. dry; barren
dry; lacking moisture, especially having insufficient rainfall to support trees or plants

aroma: Read
n. Syn. fragrance; scent
fragrance; scent; pleasant characteristic odor, as of a plant, spice, or food

arrogant: Read
a. Syn. overbearing; lofty
arising from feeling or assumption of one's superiority toward others

articulate: Read
a. Syn. effective; distinct
expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language

artificial: Read
a. Syn. unreal
made by humans; produced rather than natural.

ascertain: Read
v. Syn. discover; insure
find out for certain; discover with certainty; make sure of

assail: Read
v. Syn. assault
assault; attack with or as if with violent blows

assault: Read
n. Syn. attack; onslaught
attack; onslaught

assert: Read
v. Syn. declare
declare or state with confidence; put oneself forward boldly

assiduous: Read
a. Syn. diligent; persistent
constant in application or attention; diligent; unceasing or persistent

assimilate: Read
v. Syn. absorb
incorporate and absorb into mind; make similar; cause to resemble

astonishing: Read
a. Syn. astounding; miraculous
very wonderful; of a nature to excite astonishment; surprising greatly

astute: Read
a. Syn. shrewd
wise or keen; shrewd; with sharp intelligence

atone: Read
make amends, as for sin or fault; pay for; turn away from sin

atrocity: Read
brutal deed; atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness

attain: Read
v. Syn. gain
achieve or accomplish; gain

attribute: Read
n. Syn. trait
essential quality; reputation; honor

audacious: Read
a. Syn. brave; bold
fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold

auditory: Read
of or relating to hearing, the organs of hearing, or the sense of hearing

augment: Read
v. Syn. increase
make greater, as in size, extent, or quantity

august: Read
a. Syn. impressive; majestic; grand
impressive; majestic; inspiring awe or admiration

austere: Read
strict or severe in discipline; severely simple and unornamented

authentic: Read
a. Syn. genuine; real; valid; trustworthy
not counterfeit or copied; valid; trustworthy

authorize: Read
v. Syn. empower; sanction
empower; give permission for; sanction

automaton: Read
mechanism that imitates actions of humans

autonomy: Read
n. Syn. independence; liberty
independence; self-government or the right of self-government; self-determination

avalanche: Read
great mass of falling snow and ice

avarice: Read
greediness for wealth; insatiable desire of gain

aver: Read
v. Syn. affirm
declare to be true; affirm

aversion: Read
n. Syn. disgust
firm dislike; turning away; avoidance of a thing, situation, or behavior because of dislike

avert: Read
v. Syn. prevent
prevent; turn or cause to turn off or away

aviator: Read
someone who operates an aircraft

avid: Read
a. Syn. greedy
greedy; eager for; marked by keen interest and enthusiasm

avoid: Read
v. Syn. shun; prevent
shield away from; prevent

awkward: Read
a. Syn. clumsy; inept
difficult to handle or manage

bacchanalian: Read
drunken; relating to reveling and drunkenness

bachelor: Read
unmarried men; the first or lowest academic degree conferred by universities and colleges

baffle: Read
v. Syn. frustrate; perplex
frustrate as by confusing or perplexing; impede force or movement of

bald: Read
a. Syn. hairless
hairless; lacking a natural or usual covering

balmy: Read
a. Syn. mild; fragrant
mild and pleasant; fragrant

ban: Read
n. Syn. Prohibition
official prohibition; decree that prohibits something

bankrupt: Read
penniless, without any money; financially ruined

bar: Read
n. Syn. caf‚
a counter where you can obtain food or drink; cafe; strip; stick

bare: Read
a. Syn. naked; nude
lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing

barren: Read
a. Syn. desolate
desolate; fruitless and unproductive; lacking

barter: Read
v. Syn. trade; exchange
trade goods or services without the exchange of money

bashful: Read
abashed; daunted; very modest, or modest excess; constitutionally disposed to shrink from public notice

bead: Read
n. Syn. pearl; drops; droplet
small piece of material, such as glass, plastic, or wood, that is pierced for stringing

beam: Read
n. Syn. rafter; brace
ray of light; long piece of metal or wood; long piece fixed or movable in structure, machine, or tool

bear: Read
v. Syn. support; sustain
support; sustain; carry; have; yield; give birth; hold up or support

beckon: Read
signal or summon, as by nodding or waving; attract because of inviting or enticing appearance

bellicose: Read
a. Syn. warlike; belligerent
warlike or hostile in manner or temperament; showing or having impulse to be combative

belligerent: Read
a. Syn. quarrelsome; aggressive
inclined or eager to fight; aggressive

beneficial: Read
a. Syn. helpful; useful
helpful; tending to promote physical well-being

beneficiary: Read
person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will

benefit: Read
n. Syn. welfare; gain
advantage; something that aids or promotes well-being ; welfare; gain

benevolent: Read
a. Syn. generous; charitable
generous in providing aid to others; charitable

bequeath: Read
leave to someone by a will; hand down

besiege: Read
surround with armed forces; harass with requests

bestow: Read
v. Syn. present
give as gift; present

betray: Read
v. Syn. reveal
be unfaithful; reveal unconsciously or unwillingly

beverage: Read
n. Syn. refreshment
liquids for drinking, usually excluding water; refreshment

bias: Read
n. Syn. prejudice; preference
preference or inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment; influence in unfair way

bicker: Read
v. Syn. quarrel; argue
engage in a petty, bad-tempered quarrel

bilateral: Read
a. Syn. mutual; lateral
two-sided; mutual

biography: Read
an account of the series of events making up a person's life; accounts of people's life

bland: Read
a. Syn. soothing; mild; agreeable
lacking stimulating or mild; agreeable

blatant: Read
a. Syn. flagrant
flagrant; conspicuously obvious; loudly offensive

blend: Read
n. Syn. combination; mixture
combination; mixture; forming uniform mixture

blizzard: Read
snowstorm; storm

bloom: Read
n. Syn. flower; blossom
flower; blossom; best time of youth; period of greatest prosperity or productivity

bluff: Read
n. Syn. deception
pretense of strength; mislead or deceive

blunder: Read
n. Syn. error
serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion

blunt: Read
a. Syn. insensitive
having a dull edge or end; not sharp; lacking in feeling; insensitive

bold: Read
a. Syn. brave; daring; intrepid; impudent
brave; daring; intrepid; impudent

bolster: Read
v. Syn. support; reinforce
support or prop up with or as if with a long narrow pillow or cushion

bond: Read
n. Syn. link; tie; connection
link; connection; uniting force or tie; binding agreement; duty

boom: Read
n. Syn. bonanza; prosperity
bonanza; prosperity; prosper; expand; flourish

brace: Read
something which holds anything tightly or supports it firmly, as bandage, cord, or rod;

breakthrough: Read
act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction

breathtaking: Read
a. Syn. stunning; awesome
very surprising or shocking

breed: Read
v. Syn. raise; hatch; mate
raise; produce offspring; give birth to or hatch; mate

breeze: Read
n. Syn. light wind
light current of air; gentle wind; progress swiftly and effortlessly

brilliant: Read
full of light; shining; bright; sharp and clear in tone

brisk: Read
a. Syn. energetic; swift
marked by speed, liveliness, and vigor; energetic; swift; keen or sharp in speech or manner

brittle: Read
easily broken; having little elasticity

broach: Read
v. Syn. introduce; announce
introduce; bring up for discussion or debate; announce

brochure: Read
n. Syn. pamphlet
pamphlet; small book usually having paper cover

brutal: Read
like a brute; savage; cruel; inhuman; merciless

bulky: Read
a. Syn. cumbersome; unwieldy; clumsy
of large size for its weight

burrow: Read
n. Syn. tunnel; den
tunnel; hole in the ground made by an animal for shelter; dig; move through by or as by digging

buttress: Read
v. Syn. support
support physically; prop up; support something or someone by supplying evidence

cajole: Read
influence or urge by gentle urging or flattering

calamity: Read
n. Syn. disaster; misery
event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; disaster; misery

calm: Read
a. Syn. placid; quiet; tranquil
freedom from motion, agitation, or disturbance; tranquility; stillness; quiet; serenity

camouflage: Read
v. Syn. disguise; conceal
exploit natural surroundings to disguise something; conceal

canvass: Read
determine votes; examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize

capable: Read
a. Syn. competent
having the ability required for a specific task

captivate: Read
v. Syn. charm; enthrall; capture
charm; enthrall; seize by force, as an enemy in war, or anything belonging to enemy

caricature: Read
n. Syn. distortion; burlesque
representation that is deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic effect

carnage: Read
destruction of life; savage and excessive killing of many people

carve: Read
v. Syn. cut; sculpt
cut; sculpt

cast: Read
assign the roles of; choose at random

casual: Read
a. Syn. informal; purposeless; unplanned
informal; purposeless; occurring by chance

cataclysm: Read
n. Syn. deluge
an event resulting in great loss and misfortune; deluge or overflowing of water

catastrophe: Read
n. Syn. calamity; disaster
calamity; disaster; state of extreme ruin and misfortune

caustic: Read
capable of burning, corroding, dissolving, or eating away by chemical action

cautious: Read
a. Syn. conservative; careful
conservative; careful

cavity: Read
n. Syn. hole; cavern
hole; cavern; hollow area within the body

celebrated: Read
a. Syn. famous
famous; well-known; having illustrious past

censor: Read
overseer of morals; official responsible for removal of objectionable or sensitive content

censure: Read
v. Syn. blame; criticize
expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism; blame

census: Read
official examination of the details of a country's population

centennial: Read
of hundredth anniversary; lasting or aged a hundred years

chaos: Read
n. Syn. disorder
disorder; condition or place of great disorder or confusion; disorderly mass

chasm: Read
deep opening in the earth surface

cherish: Read
v. Syn. harbor; treasure; value
harbor; treasure; treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear

chicanery: Read
n. Syn. trickery; deception
mean or unfair artifice to obscure truth; deception by trickery or sophistry

chide: Read
v. Syn. scold
scold mildly so as to correct or improve; express disapproval

chilly: Read
a. Syn. cold

chop: Read
v. Syn. cut; hew
hew; cut by striking with a heavy sharp tool, such as an ax

chubby: Read
a. Syn. plump; fat
of a person, slightly overweight, somewhat fat and hence soft; rounded and plump

cite: Read
v. Syn. quote
quote; adduce as an instance

clandestine: Read
a. Syn. secret
secret; conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

clash: Read
make noise by striking against something; dash noisily together; meet in opposition

classify: Read
declare unavailable, as for security reasons; arrange or order by classes or categories

cliche: Read
obvious remark; overused expression or idea

cling: Read
v. Syn. stick
hold fast or adhere to something; stick together and resist separation; remain emotionally

clumsy: Read
a. Syn. awkward; inept
awkward; showing lack of skill or aptitude

coalescence: Read
union of diverse things into one body or form or group; growing together of parts

coalition: Read
n. Syn. partnership; league; union
partnership; league; state of being combined into one body

coax: Read
v. Syn. persuade; cajole
persuade or try to persuade by pleading or flattery; move to or adjust toward a desired end

coherent: Read
a. Syn. adhesive; cohesive
adhesive; cohesive; sticking together ; logical; sound; capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

coin: Read
v. Syn. create; invent
make pieces of money from metal; invent or fabricate

collaborate: Read
v. Syn. cooperate
work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort

colossal: Read
a. Syn. huge
of extraordinary size; huge; gigantic

commence: Read
v. Syn. originate; start; begin
have a beginning or origin; originate; start; begin

commerce: Read
n. Syn. trade; business
trade; business; intellectual exchange or social interaction

commitment: Read
pledge, undertaking; act of binding yourself to a course of action

commodity: Read
n. Syn. goods
goods; article of trade; advantage; benefit.

compact: Read
a. Syn. compressed; condensed; concise
closely and firmly united or packed together; briefly giving gist of something

compel: Read
force; coerce; necessitate or pressure by force

competent: Read
a. Syn. capable; adept
capable; adept

compile: Read
v. Syn. assemble; gather; accumulate
put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources

complement: Read
v. Syn. complete; consummate
complete; consummate; make perfect

compliment: Read
n. Syn. praise; commendation
praise; commendation; say something to someone that expresses praise

comply: Read
yield assent; accord; agree, or acquiesce; adapt one's self; fulfill; accomplish

component: Read
n. Syn. element; ingredient
element; ingredient; abstract part of something

comprehensible: Read
a. Syn. understandable
understandable; readily comprehended or understood; intelligible

comprehensive: Read
a. Syn. thorough; inclusive
thorough; including all or everything; broad in scope

comprise: Read
v. Syn. include
include; consist of; be composed of

compulsory: Read
a. Syn. mandatory; obligatory
mandatory; obligatory; required by rule

concede: Read
v. Syn. admit; yield
admit; yield; give up physical control of another

concerted: Read
planned or accomplished together; combined

concise: Read
a. Syn. succinct; terse
brief and compact; expressing much in few words

concoct: Read
digest; convert into nourishment by the organs of nutrition.

concord: Read
n. Syn. agreement
agreement of opinions; harmonious state of things

concrete: Read
n. Syn. cement
solid mass; covering with cement; hard, strong construction material consisting of sand, conglomerate , and gravel

concurrent: Read
a. Syn. simultaneous; coincident
simultaneous; coincident; occurring or operating at the same time

condemn: Read
v. Syn. blame; denounce
blame; denounce; express strong disapproval of

confer: Read
bestow; present; have a conference in order to talk something over

confidential: Read
treated with confidence; trusted in; trustworthy; secret

configuration: Read
arrangement of parts or elements; outline

confiscate: Read
seize as forfeited to the public treasury; appropriate to the public use

conflict: Read
n. Syn. fight; struggle
fight; struggle; incompatibility of dates or events

conform: Read
comply with; follow; fit; meet

congenial: Read
a. Syn. compatible

congestion: Read
n. Syn. overcrowding
act of gathering or heaping together or forming a mass

conglomerate: Read
n. Syn. assortment
corporation made up of different companies in diversified fields; composing of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass

congregate: Read
assemble; convene; gather

conjecture: Read
believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds

consecutive: Read
a. Syn. successive; sequential
following one after another without interruption; sequential

consistent: Read
a. Syn. uniform; regular
being in agreement with itself; coherent; regular

conspicuous: Read
a. Syn. noticeable; prominent
noticeable; prominent; easy to notice; obvious

contaminate: Read
v. Syn. taint; pollute; defile
make impure or unclean by contact or mixture; pollute; defile

contemplate: Read
v. Syn. ponder; meditate
look at attentively and thoughtfully; observe deep in thought

contempt: Read
n. Syn. disgrace
state of being despised or dishonored; disgrace; disobedience to, or open disrespect of

contention: Read
n. Syn. controversy
competing as for profit or prize

contrive: Read
form by an exercise of ingenuity; devise; invent; design

controversial: Read
a. Syn. controvertible; disputable
controvertible; disputable

controversy: Read
n. Syn. contention; argument
contentious speech act; argument

convenient: Read
a. Syn. handy; suitable; near; accessible
suited or favorable to one's comfort, purpose, or needs:; near; accessible

convey: Read
carry from one place to another; bear or transport

conviction: Read
n. Syn. assurance; confidence
judgment that someone is guilty of crime; strongly held belief

copious: Read
a. Syn. plentiful
plentiful; containing plenty; affording ample supply

cordial: Read
a. Syn. gracious
gracious; showing warm and friendliness

corporeal: Read
a. Syn. bodily; material
bodily; of a material nature; tangible

corpulent: Read
a. Syn. fat
very fat; large in body; overweight

corroborate: Read
v. Syn. confirm; support
establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts; support with evidence

courteous: Read
a. Syn. polite
exhibiting courtesy and politeness; showing regard or thought for others

covert: Read
secretive, not openly shown

cozy: Read
a. Syn. comfortable; relaxing
comfortable; relaxing

crave: Read
v. Syn. beseech; implore
ask with earnestness or importunity; ask with submission or humility; beg

crease: Read
a line or long thin mark made by folding or doubling

crooked: Read
a. Syn. curved
having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; curved

crouch: Read
bend down; stoop low; lie close to the ground with the legs bent, as an animal when waiting for prey, or in fear

crucial: Read
of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis; of the greatest importance

crude: Read
being in an unrefined or natural state; raw; lacking tact or taste; blunt or offensive

cryptic: Read
having hidden meaning; mystifying; using code or cipher

cultivate: Read
v. Syn. farm; domesticate; nurture; teach
improve and prepare, as by plowing or fertilizing, for raising crops; promote the growth of

cumbersome: Read
a. Syn. heavy
heavy; difficult to handle because of weight or bulk

cumulative: Read
increasing by successive addition

curb: Read
bend or curve; guide and manage, or restrain

curious: Read
a. Syn. inquisitive
difficult to please or satisfy; careful or anxious to learn; eager for knowledge; given to research or inquiry

curt: Read
having been shortened; effectively cut short; rudely brief or abrupt, as in speech or manner

curtail: Read
v. Syn. shorten; reduce
cut short or reduce; cut off end or tail, or any part

damp: Read
a. Syn. humid; moist; wet
humid; moist; slightly wet

dangle: Read
hang loosely, or with a swinging or jerking motion; swing, as something suspended loosely

daring: Read
a. Syn. bold; brave
bold; brave

daunt: Read
v. Syn. intimidate; frighten; dismay
frighten; abate the courage of; discourage

dazzling: Read
a. Syn. bright; brilliant
bright; brilliant

decadent: Read
a. Syn. self-indulgent; depraved
self-indulgent; moral decay

decay: Read
v. Syn. decompose; rot
decompose; break sown; disintegration; rottenness; decline; worsen; decadence

deceit: Read
attempt or disposition to deceive or lead into error; any declaration or practice, which misleads another, or causes to believe what is false

deception: Read
act of deceiving

decipher: Read
convert code into ordinary language; read with difficulty

declare: Read
v. Syn. announce
state clearly; make known formally or officially

declivity: Read
downward slope, as of a hill

decompose: Read
v. Syn. decay

decorate: Read
v. Syn. adorn; embellish
adorn; embellish

dedicate: Read
set apart for a deity or for special purposes; devote; consecrate

deem: Read
decide; judge; sentence; condemn

defame: Read
harm someone's reputation; degrade; bring into disrepute; make infamous

defect: Read
abandon or turn against; cease or change one's loyalty

defective: Read
having a defect; faulty; imperfect; incomplete; lacking

defer: Read
v. Syn. delay; postpone
delay till later; put off; hold back to a later time

deficient: Read
a. Syn. inadequate
inadequate; lacking an essential quality or element

definitive: Read
a. Syn. final; complete
final; complete; precisely defined or explicit

defraud: Read
deprive of some right, interest, or property, by a deceitful device

degenerate: Read
v. Syn. deteriorate
become worse; decline; fall

dehydrate: Read
v. Syn. dry; desiccate
remove water from; dry out; lose water or bodily fluids

deity: Read
n. Syn. god; divinity
god; divinity; supernatural things

dejected: Read
being in low spirits; depressed

deliberate: Read
v. Syn. consider; ponder
consider; think about carefully; weigh

delicate: Read
a. Syn. fragile; vulnerable
pleasing to the senses, especially in a subtle way; easily hurt; very subtle in difference

deluge: Read
n. Syn. flood; rush
great flood; heavy downpour; any overflowing of water

delusion: Read
false belief; mistaken or unfounded opinion

demise: Read
n. Syn. death
end of existence or activity; termination

demolish: Read
v. Syn. raze; destroy; devastate
raze; destroy; do away with completely; put an end to

denote: Read
v. Syn. signify; indicate; show
indicate; signify directly; refer to specifically

denounce: Read
v. Syn. condemn; criticize; announce
condemn openly; criticize; make known in formal manner

dense: Read
a. Syn. thick; compact
thick; crowded closely together; compact

depress: Read
v. Syn. lower
lower in spirits; press down

deprive: Read
deny; take away

derelict: Read
a. Syn. abandoned; negligent
left and abandoned; negligent in performing a duty

deride: Read
v. Syn. ridicule
ridicule; make fun of; laugh at with contempt

descry: Read
v. Syn. detect
catch sight of; discover by careful observation or scrutiny

desecrate: Read
violate with violence, especially to sacred place

deserted: Read
a. Syn. abandoned
remote from civilization; left desolate or empty; abandoned

desiccate: Read
dry up thoroughly; make dry, dull, or lifeless; preserve foods by removing the moisture

desist: Read
cease to proceed or act; stop; forbear

desolate: Read
a. Syn. unpopulated; deserted
unpopulated; providing no shelter or sustenance; devoid of inhabitants

desultory: Read
a. Syn. aimless; haphazard
aimless; haphazard; at random; not connected with subject

detect: Read
v. Syn. feel; discover the presence of; discern; sense; identify
feel; discover the presence of; identify

deteriorate: Read
v. Syn. decline
become worse; decline

detrimental: Read
a. Syn. harmful; damaging
causing damage or harm; injurious

deviate: Read
v. Syn. depart; diverge
turn away from a principle, norm; depart; diverge

device: Read
n. Syn. instrument
technique or means; instrument; machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks

devise: Read
v. Syn. invent; plan
form, plan, or arrange in the mind; transmit or give by will

devoid: Read
a. Syn. barren; empty
completely lacking; barren or empty

dexterous: Read
a. Syn. skillful
skillful in the use of the hands; having mental skill

digress: Read
turn aside, especially from main subject in writing or speaking

diligent: Read
a. Syn. assiduous; industrious
assiduous; industrious; hard-working

dilute: Read
v. Syn. weaken; attenuate
weaken; make thinner or less concentrated by adding a liquid such as water

dim: Read
a. Syn. weak; faint
emitting only a small amount of light; lacking in brightness

dimension: Read
n. Syn. measure; size
measure of spatial extent, especially width, height, or length; size; aspect; element

dingy: Read
a. Syn. rusty; dull
darkened with smoke and grime; dirty or discolored

dip: Read
insert into a fluid and withdraw again; immerse for baptism; wet, as if by immersing; moisten; appear to move downward

discard: Read
throw out something from one's hand; get rid of

discern: Read
v. Syn. detect; perceive
detect; perceive

discipline: Read
n. Syn. training
trait of being well behaved ; act of punishing ; system of rules of conduct or method of practice

disclose: Read
unclose; open; remove a cover or envelope from; lay open or expose to view

discord: Read
n. Syn. conflict
conflict; lack of agreement among persons, groups, or things

discrepancy: Read
n. Syn. difference
lack of consistency; difference

disdain: Read
v. Syn. despise
view with scorn or contempt; feel with aversion

dismal: Read
a. Syn. dreary; gloomy
causing gloom or depression; dreary; somber; melancholy

dismay: Read
v. Syn. discourage; frighten
destroy courage or resolution by exciting dread; cause to lose enthusiasm

disparity: Read
n. Syn. difference
difference; condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

disperse: Read
v. Syn. scatter
move away from each other; cause to separate; cause to become widely known

disposition: Read
n. Syn. temperament; nature; tendency
natural or acquired habit with tendency; act or means of getting rid of something

dispute: Read
n. Syn. argument; debate
argument; angry altercation; quarrel; verbal controversy; debate

disseminate: Read
v. Syn. distribute; spread
distribute; spread; scatter like seeds

dissolve: Read
melt; liquefy; cause to pass into solution; cause to disappear or vanish

distinct: Read
a. Syn. definite; separate; different
definite; separate; different

distinguished: Read
a. Syn. prominent; celebrated; eminent
prominent; celebrated, well-known or eminent because of past achievements

distract: Read
v. Syn. disturb; divert
cause to turn away from original focus; pull in conflicting emotional directions; unsettle

diverge: Read
v. Syn. vary
vary; go in different directions from the same point

divulge: Read
v. Syn. reveal
reveal; make known to public

docile: Read
a. Syn. obedient
obedient; ready and willing to be taught; easily managed or handled

dodge: Read
avoid a blow by moving or shifting quickly aside; shifty or ingenious trick

dogged: Read
a. Syn. determined; stubborn
determined; stubbornly persevering; unyielding

doleful: Read
a. Syn. sorrowful; sad
sorrowful; filled with or expressing grief; mournful

dominate: Read
v. Syn. monopolize; command; rule
monopolize; command; rule; prevail; be prevalent in

donate: Read
v. Syn. grant; contribute
grant; present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute

dot: Read
the shorter of two telegraphic signals used in Morse code; very small circular shape

doze: Read
slumber; sleep lightly; be in dull or stupefied condition, as if half asleep; be drowsy

drain: Read
draw out; flow out; waste

drastic: Read
a. Syn. radical; severe
radical; taking effect violently or rapidly

drawback: Read
disadvantage or inconvenience; shortcoming; refund or remittance, such as a discount on duties or taxes

dreary: Read
a. Syn. gloomy; dismal
gloomy; dismal; dark, colorless, or cheerless

drench: Read
wet through and through; soak; put potion down throat of; steep in moisture; wet thoroughly

drip: Read
process of falling in drops; liquid or moisture that falls in drops; sound made by liquid falling in drops

drought: Read
n. Syn. aridity
dry period; aridity; long period of abnormally low rainfall

drowsy: Read
a. Syn. sleepy; soporific; ; sluggish
dull with sleepiness; showing lack of attention

dubious: Read
a. Syn. questionable
questionable; filled with doubt

dull: Read
a. Syn. blunt; unsharpened; stupid; obtuse
lacking responsiveness or alertness; intellectually weak or obtuse

dumbfound: Read
v. Syn. astonish; surprise
fill with astonishment and perplexity; confound

dunce: Read
backward in book learning; child or other person dull or weak in intellect; dullard or dolt

durable: Read
a. Syn. lasting; enduring
lasting; long-lasting; enduring

dwell: Read
v. Syn. reside; inhabit
live as a resident; exist in a given place or state

dwelling: Read
n. Syn. residence; house
residence; place to live in; abode

dwindle: Read
v. Syn. shrink; reduce
shrink; reduce in size; become less

dynamic: Read
a. Syn. energetic
energetic; vigorously active

eclipse: Read
v. Syn. surpass
darken; exceed in importance; outweigh

ecology: Read
science of the relationships between organisms and their environments

edible: Read
a. Syn. eatable
eatable; substance that can be used as food

edifice: Read
n. Syn. skyscraper
building, especially one of imposing appearance or size; a structure that has a roof and walls

eerie: Read
a. Syn. weird
suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious

efface: Read
v. Syn. erase
rub or wipe out; make indistinct as if by rubbing

elaborate: Read
a. Syn. detailed; complicated
marked by complexity and richness of detail; done with care and in minute detail

elasticity: Read
tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed

elderly: Read
somewhat old; advanced beyond middle age

elegant: Read
a. Syn. refined; exquisite
refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style

elevate: Read
v. Syn. raise; heave
raise; give a promotion to or assign to a higher position

elicit: Read
v. Syn. provoke
draw out; bring forth or to light; generate or provoke as response or answer

eligible: Read
a. Syn. entitled; qualified; suitable
qualified; desirable and worthy of choice, especially for marriage

elucidate: Read
v. Syn. explain; enlighten
make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify

elude: Read
avoid cleverly; escape perception of

emanate: Read
come or send forth from a source, used chiefly of intangible thing, as light

emancipate: Read
v. Syn. liberate; free; release
free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; liberate

embed: Read
v. Syn. enclose
enclose; place in something; fix firmly in surrounding mass

emblem: Read
n. Syn. symbol; sign
symbol; sign; distinctive badge, design, or device

emboss: Read
mold or carve in relief; decorate with or as if with a raised design

eminent: Read
a. Syn. prominent; high; lofty
standing out above other things; high in rank, office, or worth

emit: Read
give off; send out; give out as sound

emulate: Read
v. Syn. imitate; rival
be a match or counterpart for; eager to equal or excel

enamored: Read
totally in love; marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness

enchant: Read
charm by sorcery; get control of by magical words and rites

enchanting: Read
having the power to enchant; charming

encomium: Read
n. Syn. tribute
high praise; formal expression of praise; tribute

encounter: Read
v. Syn. face; confront; meet
face; confront; meet, especially unexpectedly; come upon

endeavor: Read
v. Syn. seek; try; attempt
attempt by employing effort

endorse: Read
v. Syn. approve; support
acknowledge by signing a bill, draft, or other instrument; approve; support

engender: Read
v. Syn. cause; produce
cause; bring into existence; give rise to

enhance: Read
v. Syn. increase; improve
make better or more attractive; increase; improve

enigma: Read
n. Syn. puzzle; mystery
puzzle; difficult problem

enlist: Read
enter on a list; enroll; register; engage for military or naval service

enmity: Read
n. Syn. hatred; discord
ill will; hatred; quality or state of being hostile

ennui: Read
feeling of being bored by something tedious

ensue: Read
v. Syn. follow
pursue; follow or come afterward; follow as a consequence

enthrall: Read
v. Syn. capture; enslave
capture; attract and hold by charm, beauty, or excellence; hold in bondage or subjection

entice: Read
v. Syn. lure; attract; tempt
attract by arousing hope or desire

enumerate: Read
list each one; mention one by one

enunciate: Read
v. Syn. pronounce; articulate
speak distinctly; state or set forth precisely or systematically; pronounce; articulate

envisage: Read
look in the face of; apprehend; consider or regard in a certain way

ephemeral: Read
short-lived; enduring a very short time

epitaph: Read
inscription on tombstone in memory

epithet: Read
word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing

equitable: Read
a. Syn. fair; impartial
marked by or having equity; just and impartial

equivocal: Read
a. Syn. ambiguous
open to two or more interpretations and often intended to mislead

eradicate: Read
v. Syn. completely destroy; eliminate; exterminate
completely destroy; eliminate; exterminate

erect: Read
v. Syn. construct; stand
construct; stand; set up

escalate: Read
v. Syn. rise
rise; increase in extent or intensity

eschew: Read
v. Syn. avoid; escape
avoid; refuse to use or participate in; stand aloof from

espouse: Read
v. Syn. adopt; support
take in marriage; marry; give one's loyalty or support to; adopt

essay: Read
n. Syn. trial; attempt
effort made for performance of anything; short literary composition on a single subject

essential: Read
a. Syn. necessary; critical; vital; indispensable; fundamental
necessary; critical; vital; constituting or being part of the essence of something

estate: Read
n. Syn. property
extensive landed property; everything you own; all of your assets

esteem: Read
v. Syn. respect; prize; regard
regard with respect; favorable regard

eulogy: Read
expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death

evacuate: Read
make empty; empty out; remove contents of

evade: Read
get away from by artifice; escape by dexterity; avoid giving a direct answer to

evanescent: Read
a. Syn. fleeting; vanishing
fleeting; vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor

evenhanded: Read
a. Syn. impartial; fair
impartial; fair; rightly balanced; equitable

evolve: Read
v. Syn. develop; grow
develop; grow

exacerbate: Read
v. Syn. worsen; embitter
increase severity, violence, or bitterness of; aggravate

exacting: Read
a. Syn. rigorous; burdensome
making severe demands; rigorous; requiring great care, effort, or attention

exalt: Read
v. Syn. praise
raise in rank or dignity; praise

excavate: Read
v. Syn. unearth
unearth; dig out; make a hole in; hollow out

exceed: Read
go beyond; be or do something to a greater degree

excerpt: Read
passage or segment taken from a longer work, such as literary or musical composition

excursion: Read
n. Syn. trip; journey
trip; usually short journey made for pleasure

execute: Read
put into effect; carry out the legalities of

exhaustive: Read
a. Syn. thorough; comprehensive
treating all parts or aspects without omission; comprehensive

exhilarating: Read
invigorating and refreshing; cheering; making lively and joyful

exhortation: Read
act of practice of exhorting; act of inciting to laudable deeds; incitement to that which is good; language intended to incite and encourage

expendable: Read
not essential or mandatory in order to achieve a goal; not reusable; Suitable to be expended

expire: Read
v. Syn. end
come to an end; terminate; lose validity; breathe one's last breath; die

explicit: Read
a. Syn. definite; outspoken
precisely and clearly expressed; definite; outspoken

exploit: Read
make use of, sometimes unjustly

explore: Read
v. Syn. investigate
investigate systematically; examine; search

expose: Read
v. Syn. exhibit; show; display
set forth; set out to public view

expunge: Read
v. Syn. cancel; remove
cancel; remove; erase or strike out

extensive: Read
a. Syn. widespread; wide
widespread; far-reaching; wide

extol: Read
v. Syn. praise; glorify
praise highly; glorify; celebrate

extract: Read
v. Syn. derive; remove; squeeze
draw or pull out, usually with some force or effort; remove; get despite difficulties or obstacles

extraneous: Read
not essential; coming from outside

extravagant: Read
wandering beyond one's bounds; exceeding due bounds; wild; excessive; unrestrained