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Speak [Esc]  
The second choice.
Every second is a chance to turn around.
The best gift is a second chance.

Spelling Word: second
Speak [Esc]  
Happy earth day!
Save the earth.
Friends of the earth.

Spelling Word: earth
Speak [Esc]  
Lost time is never found again.
A kind word is never lost.
Money is often lost for want of money.

Spelling Word: lost
Speak [Esc]  
We are family.
Family Day.
Family where life begins and love never ends.

Spelling Word: family
Speak [Esc]  
When I do a good workout, l feel fine.
Thank you for making me feel better.
I live alone but I never feel lonely.

Spelling Word: feel
Speak [Esc]  
Nothing is really beautiful but truth.
Truth is the daughter of time.
Sooner or later, the truth comes to light.

Spelling Word: truth
Speak [Esc]  
Take a rest.
Let him alone, he needs a rest.
He lived here with his family for the rest of his life.

Spelling Word: rest
Speak [Esc]  
Dare to be different.
Do it first or different.
Different is beautiful.

Spelling Word: different
Speak [Esc]  
Need help?
We need you!
Take what you need.

Spelling Word: need
Speak [Esc]  
It was good luck that I met you here.
We met up at the bus stop.
I met her at the gym.

Spelling Word: met
Speak [Esc]  
Get the answer.
The right answer is here.
Answer me.

Spelling Word: answer
Speak [Esc]  
Song of the sea.
From sea to land.
Sea around us.

Spelling Word: sea
Speak [Esc]  
Hard work.
Try hard enough.
It's so hard.

Spelling Word: hard
Speak [Esc]  
Turn right.
It's our turn.
Turn it on.

Spelling Word: turn
Speak [Esc]  
Close the door.
We are so close.
Live close, visit often.

Spelling Word: close
Speak [Esc]  
Let's party.
It's party time.
Dance party.

Spelling Word: party
Speak [Esc]  
Tell your new story.
What's your story?
The children buy a story book and share it.

Spelling Word: story
Speak [Esc]  
New book.
The boy buys a story book.
This is an English book for children.

Spelling Word: book
Speak [Esc]  
I talk with him.
Don't talk, just act.
Think then talk.

Spelling Word: talk
Speak [Esc]  
Big idea.
Tell us your idea.
An idea can change your life.

Spelling Word: idea
Speak [Esc]  
Sailing across the Atlantic.
We walk across a ploughed field.
A dog darted across the road.

Spelling Word: across
Speak [Esc]  
I dream of you sometimes.
Sometimes it's better to wait.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Spelling Word: sometimes
Speak [Esc]  
Cross the line.
Step out of the line.
Bottom line.

Spelling Word: line
Speak [Esc]  
Amazon River.
The water in a river.
No river can return to its source.

Spelling Word: river
Speak [Esc]  
Time for change.
Climate change.
Change ahead.

Spelling Word: change
Speak [Esc]  
Happy Thanksgiving day!
We have been so happy.
He is truly happy who makes others happy.

Spelling Word: happy
Speak [Esc]  
Things are not as they seem.
Be as you wish to seem.
You seem so far away.

Spelling Word: seem
Speak [Esc]  
Sound of music.
Soft sound.
Words to make you sound smart.

Spelling Word: sound
Speak [Esc]  
You are late.
It's not too late.
Better late than never, but never late is better.

Spelling Word: late
Speak [Esc]  
Stand upright.
Friendship cannot stand always on one side.
Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

Spelling Word: stand
Speak [Esc]  
Keep it real.
The real world.
We all are in real life.

Spelling Word: real
Speak [Esc]  
Behind bad luck comes good luck.
It is better to be alone than in bad company.
A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

Spelling Word: bad
Speak [Esc]  
Below zero.
Below the line.
The boat is below the bridge.

Spelling Word: below
Speak [Esc]  
She led us to a room.
He led us out into the grounds.
She led the horse back.

Spelling Word: led
Speak [Esc]  
I must pay away the bill.
People used to pay in gold.
To pay a person in his own way.

Spelling Word: pay
Speak [Esc]  
A short note.
Please note my address.
I'll take a note of your name.

Spelling Word: note
Speak [Esc]  
Wind is air in motion.
Wind energy.
High wind warning.

Spelling Word: wind