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Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 5

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 Kindergarten: Quiz Card - 5
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Speak [Esc]  
Sweet home.
Take me home.
Welcome home.

Spelling Word: home
Speak [Esc]  
I love you, father.
The best father of world.
Happy father's day.

Spelling Word: father
Speak [Esc]  
Coming soon.
Very soon.
Be back soon.

Spelling Word: soon
Speak [Esc]  
A sky full of stars.
Paint a full circle.
It's a full time hobby.

Spelling Word: full
Speak [Esc]  
She gave me a smile.
God gave us the world.
The father gave all to his kids.

Spelling Word: gave
Speak [Esc]  
Small duck.
Start small, think big.
These girls belong to a small group.

Spelling Word: small
Speak [Esc]  
I want you.
That's what we want.
I want more.

Spelling Word: want
Speak [Esc]  
Candle light.
Neon light.
It's light after darkness.

Spelling Word: light
Speak [Esc]  
Close the door.
Escape door.
Don't block the fire door.

Spelling Word: door
Speak [Esc]  
The best choice.
You are the best.
Best of the best.

Spelling Word: best
Speak [Esc]  
How does it work?
Does she know the story?
I do it; and so does she.

Spelling Word: does
Speak [Esc]  
Use me.
How to use 911.
I use this most of the time.

Spelling Word: use
Speak [Esc]  
I love myself.
Alone with myself.
I did all by myself.

Spelling Word: myself
Speak [Esc]  
White horse.
White house.
White in black.

Spelling Word: white
Speak [Esc]  
Make money.
Save money.
Time is money.

Spelling Word: money
Speak [Esc]  
Let's work together.
Together for better.
Alone we are strong, together we are stronger.

Spelling Word: together
Speak [Esc]  
Be kind to others.
I'm a kind kid.
Kind words live longer.

Spelling Word: kind
Speak [Esc]  
This a round table.
Round clock.
Round or square.

Spelling Word: round
Speak [Esc]  
Keep it up.
Please keep learning.
I will keep this promise.

Spelling Word: keep
Speak [Esc]  
My feet.
Baby feet.
Happy feet.

Spelling Word: feet
Speak [Esc]  
Happy children's day!
This is a museum of children.
The country has millions of children.

Spelling Word: children
Speak [Esc]  
Ready to read.
Read it forward.
The more you read, the more you know.

Spelling Word: read
Speak [Esc]  
Little girl.
Boy and girl.
Pretty girl.

Spelling Word: girl
Speak [Esc]  
We are open.
Open for all.
Now open.

Spelling Word: open
Speak [Esc]  
Please Help.
Help wanted.
You can help.

Spelling Word: help
Speak [Esc]  
Letter paper.
A new letter from school.
I will write a letter to Santa.

Spelling Word: letter
Speak [Esc]  
Four seasons.
Four points.
Four days.

Spelling Word: four
Speak [Esc]  
Make a wish.
Wish list.
I wish I could win it.

Spelling Word: wish
Speak [Esc]  
Smoke and fire.
Playing with fire.
Add fuel to the fire.

Spelling Word: fire
Speak [Esc]  
Call me.
Free call.
Last call.

Spelling Word: call
Speak [Esc]  
Why do they cry?
Why don't you do it?
This is a big why.

Spelling Word: why
Speak [Esc]  
Big boy.
Cool boy.
Game for boy.

Spelling Word: boy
Speak [Esc]  
Back ground.
Feet on the ground.
From the ground up

Spelling Word: ground
Speak [Esc]  
Five fingers.
They are top five.
This is a five star hotel.

Spelling Word: five
Speak [Esc]  
Live every moment.
We live here.
Live on air.

Spelling Word: live
Speak [Esc]  
Around the world.
Turn around.
Sea around us.

Spelling Word: around
Speak [Esc]  
Ask for help.
Just ask.
Ask me anything.

Spelling Word: ask