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Latest Version: 4.0.1 (2017-05-18)

Introduction of IELTS 3600 Words

Welcome to try this great Windows IELTS Vocabulary Builder. If you are studying to write an IELTS exam, then this course is for you. The tool will help learners to study an efficient vocabulary picked up from previous exam papers.

IELTS Vocabulary Builder is desiged to help learners to build their vocabularies for test. All words are selected to match the features of IELTS, and all examples come from real and open English materials, such as BBC. Under the support of English Vocabulary Builder, learners can spend less time to prepare more for tests. To get a good grade, you should know thousands of words. Unfortunately, for many learners of ESL, it is too large in a short time. So when you prepare IELTS, learning efficiently is extremely important. By experience of years, IELTS Vocabulary Builder integrates over 3600 words and picks up example sentences from real English materials. It will help you succeed in future IELTS test.

Here, www.examword.com will show you a great solution that thousands of learners have proved.

1 Featured Content: IELTS Words 3600

The tool contains 3600+ words that most likely appear on IELTS. It has been developed and maintained by a group of IELTS experts who are intimately familiar with the words used to create the test. These words are categorized into 3 levels for separate levels.

Never try to collect IELTS words by yourself or input a list downloaded from unknown internet websites. It seems simple but wastes your time and even brings you a wrong direction.

2 Powerful Software: English Vocabulary Builder

English Vocabulary Builder is an interactive product for learners who can add new word, write own notes for each word, or update explanations and example. It traces all studying activities and offer report mechanism to let student, parent, and teacher know how the course goes. Its plan functionalities support to estimate time cost and adjust progress and content. Basically, it is designed not only for students but also for tutors to work together.

Never try a tool just like a dictionary. You do not know where you get and where you go and none can help you out in case you are stuck.

You might be thinking that such a superior solution would cost much more than other vocabulary programs. And indeed, we believe it is better business to offer a superior product that everyone can afford.

Now we're proud to offer you the opportunity:

Download English Vocabulary Builder 3 for IELTS FREE!

Users with account of examword.com can activate the tool and load level 1 FREE!

Users request level 2/3 register keys FREE!

If you've already looked at other programs, you'll know that this is a great deal. It is less than half the cost of our closest competitor. Especially, you just pay on demand.

And if you haven't looked at other programs yet, allow us to save you time. You may find a school (or tutor) to help your vocabulary building, or you may find software to help your vocabulary building. Our solution is probably the unique one to let you share study status with tutor.

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