Words By Topic for IELTS TOEFL

Word groups of common IELTS or TOEFL topics in speaking and writing tests, these 100+ vocabularies are organized to focus on separate topics to help test takers practice efficiently.

 Word Groups By Topic
Coffee  (espresso, beverage, ..., total: 13)  View
Holiday  (all-in package, package holiday, ..., total: 11)  View
Math  (calculate, figure, ..., total: 26)  View
Park  (breathe, aesthetic, ..., total: 28)  View
Patience  (virtue, stressed out, ..., total: 12)  View
Perfume  (citrus, floral, ..., total: 18)  View
Sky  (sunset, magical, ..., total: 13)  View
Sleep  (wake up, get up, ..., total: 14)  View
Smile  (affable, amicable, ..., total: 15)  View
Travel  (accommodation, all inclusive, ..., total: 18)  View
Weather  (forecast, degrees Celsius, ..., total: 24)  View