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 Grade 12: Quiz Card - 3
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read [Esc]  n. a communication that belittles somebody or something; a partial repeal or abolition of a law

Spelling Word: derogation
read [Esc]  n. a framework erected over an oil well to allow drill tubes to be raised and lowered

Spelling Word: derrick
read [Esc]  n. a substance that promotes drying, e.g., calcium oxide absorbs water and is used to remove moisture

Spelling Word: desiccant
read [Esc]  n. dominance through threat of punishment and violence; a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator

Spelling Word: despotism
read [Esc]  n. a state of inactivity or disuse

Spelling Word: desuetude
read [Esc]  a. aimless; haphazard; at random; not connected with subject

Spelling Word: desultory
read [Esc]  v. force down or thrust away or out

Spelling Word: detrude
read [Esc]  a. capable of distinguishing; showing up a distinction

Spelling Word: diacritical
read [Esc]  a. so thin as to transmit light; very sheer and light; almost completely transparent

Spelling Word: diaphanous
read [Esc]  a. of or relating to a molecule made up of two atoms

Spelling Word: diatomic
read [Esc]  a. instructive, especially excessively

Spelling Word: didactic
read [Esc]  n. two successive letters, especially two letters used to represent a single sound as 'sh' in 'shoe'

Spelling Word: digraph
read [Esc]  n. the act of decreasing or reducing something; change toward something smaller or lower

Spelling Word: diminution
read [Esc]  n. an official engaged in international negotiations

Spelling Word: diplomatist
read [Esc]  v. refuse to acknowledge; disclaim knowledge of; responsibility for, or association with

Spelling Word: disavow
read [Esc]  n. denial of any connection with or knowledge of

Spelling Word: disavowal
read [Esc]  n. the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption

Spelling Word: discontinuance
read [Esc]  v. look with disfavor on; show disapproval by discouraging

Spelling Word: discountenance
read [Esc]  a. not compatible with other facts; not in agreement; not in accord

Spelling Word: discrepant
read [Esc]  n. the state of being carelessly or partially dressed

Spelling Word: dishabille
read [Esc]  n. a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement

Spelling Word: disputation
read [Esc]  n. discredit; dishonor; the state of being held in low esteem

Spelling Word: disrepute
read [Esc]  a. disagreeing, especially with a majority

Spelling Word: dissentient
read [Esc]  v. separate into parts or portions

Spelling Word: dissever
read [Esc]  n. useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly; dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure

Spelling Word: dissipation
read [Esc]  a. not in accord; lacking in harmony; characterized by musical dissonance

Spelling Word: dissonant
read [Esc]  n. persuading not to do or believe something; talking someone out of a belief or an intended course of action

Spelling Word: dissuasion
read [Esc]  n. the sphere of work by women; a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning

Spelling Word: distaff
read [Esc]  n. any of various infectious viral diseases of animals; an angry and disagreeable mood

Spelling Word: distemper
read [Esc]  n. the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions; the act of expanding by pressure from within

Spelling Word: distention
read [Esc]  n. successful conjecture by unusual insight or good luck; the art or gift of prophecy by supernatural means

Spelling Word: divination
read [Esc]  n. painful grief; a state of great sorrow or distress

Spelling Word: dolor
read [Esc]  a. lacking stylishness or neatness; shabby; old-fashioned

Spelling Word: dowdy
read [Esc]  n. formerly the basic unit of money in Greece; a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce or to 60 grains

Spelling Word: drachma
read [Esc]  v. compel by coercion, threats, or crude means; subjugate by imposing troops

Spelling Word: dragoon
read [Esc]  a. easily influenced; flexible; pliable

Spelling Word: ductile
read [Esc]  n. a feeling of intense indignation

Spelling Word: dudgeon
read [Esc]  a. willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect

Spelling Word: duteous
read [Esc]  a. subject to customs duty, as imported goods

Spelling Word: dutiable
read [Esc]  a. showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm

Spelling Word: ebullient
read [Esc]  n. oddity; departure from that which is stated, regular, or usual; deviation from center

Spelling Word: eccentricity
read [Esc]  n. having traits, tastes, habits, traditionally considered feminine

Spelling Word: effeminacy
read [Esc]  a. marked by high spirits or excitement

Spelling Word: effervescent
read [Esc]  n. the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms; any red eruption of the skin; the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

Spelling Word: efflorescence
read [Esc]  n. the action or process of flowing out; efflux

Spelling Word: effluence
read [Esc]  n. a foul-smelling outflow or vapor, especially a gaseous waste

Spelling Word: effluvium
read [Esc]  n. the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light

Spelling Word: effulgence
read [Esc]  v. give out or emit; flow or spill forth; pour out

Spelling Word: effuse
read [Esc]  n. a conceited and self-centered person

Spelling Word: egotist
read [Esc]  n. a duplicate printing plate made by electrolytically depositing a layer of copper or nickel onto a mould of the original

Spelling Word: electrotype
read [Esc]  v. omit a vowel, consonant, or syllable in pronunciation; leave or strike out

Spelling Word: elide
read [Esc]  v. grow weak and thin or waste away physically; cause to grow thin or weak

Spelling Word: emaciate