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Grade 12: Quiz Card - 6

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 Grade 12: Quiz Card - 6
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speak [Esc]  v. cause to sink or become stuck in; hinder, entrap, or entangle

Spelling Word: mire
speak [Esc]  n. mistaken thought, idea, or notion; erroneous conception; false opinion

Spelling Word: misconception
speak [Esc]  n. product of a body's mass and its velocity; impelling force or strength; impetus

Spelling Word: momentum
speak [Esc]  a. caused by disease; pathological or diseased; unhealthy or unwholesome

Spelling Word: morbid
speak [Esc]  n. change; alteration, either in form or qualities.

Spelling Word: mutation
speak [Esc]  a. having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding

Spelling Word: mystical
speak [Esc]  n. addictive drug, such as opium, that reduces pain, alters mood and behavior; inducing sleep

Spelling Word: narcotic
speak [Esc]  v. to give an account or tell the story of

Spelling Word: narrate
speak [Esc]  v. make necessary or indispensable; render unavoidable

Spelling Word: necessitate
speak [Esc]  a. very wicked; infamous by being extremely wicked

Spelling Word: nefarious
speak [Esc]  v. discuss the terms of an arrangement

Spelling Word: negotiate
speak [Esc]  a. of or relating to neurons; relating to a nerve or the nervous system

Spelling Word: neural
speak [Esc]  n. central or essential part around which other parts are gathered or grouped; core

Spelling Word: nucleus
speak [Esc]  n. death notice; list of dead

Spelling Word: obituary
speak [Esc]  a. having slanting or sloping direction, course, or position; inclined

Spelling Word: oblique
speak [Esc]  n. condition or quality of being completely forgotten; official overlooking of offenses; amnesty

Spelling Word: oblivion
speak [Esc]  a. causing disapproval or protest; very annoying or objectionable; offensive

Spelling Word: obnoxious
speak [Esc]  n. offensive to accepted standards of decency or modesty; repulsive; disgusting

Spelling Word: obscene
speak [Esc]  a. lacking in insight or discernment; stupid

Spelling Word: obtuse
speak [Esc]  a. impenetrable by light; not transparent; not reflecting light; having no luster

Spelling Word: opaque
speak [Esc]  n. the branch of physics that studies the physical properties of ligh; optical properties

Spelling Word: optics
speak [Esc]  a. rich and superior in quality

Spelling Word: opulent
speak [Esc]  n. place of orisons, or prayer; chapel or small room set apart for private devotions

Spelling Word: oratory
speak [Esc]  n. decree; authoritative command or order

Spelling Word: ordinance
speak [Esc]  a. simple and healthful and close to nature

Spelling Word: organic
speak [Esc]  n. living being; system considered analogous in structure or function to a living body

Spelling Word: organism
speak [Esc]  n. an opening or aperture; recess; introductory section or part, as of a poem

Spelling Word: overture
speak [Esc]  v. ease anger or agitation of; make calm or quiet; end war or violence

Spelling Word: pacify
speak [Esc]  v. complete view in every direction.

Spelling Word: panorama
speak [Esc]  v. avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing

Spelling Word: parry
speak [Esc]  v. analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to a sentence

Spelling Word: parse
speak [Esc]  a. lacking in energy or will; peacefully resistant in response to injustice

Spelling Word: passive
speak [Esc]  n. a person who gives financial or other support to people or activity; regular customer

Spelling Word: patron
speak [Esc]  a. deeply, often dreamily thoughtful; engaged in serious thought or reflection; contemplative

Spelling Word: pensive
speak [Esc]  v. spread or flow throughout; pervade

Spelling Word: permeate
speak [Esc]  n. form, appearance, or belongings of a person; external appearance, stature, figure, air

Spelling Word: personage
speak [Esc]  n. appearance of things; view, outlook, or vista

Spelling Word: perspective
speak [Esc]  a. having precise or logical relevance; pertaining or relating

Spelling Word: pertinent
speak [Esc]  a. pervading; spread throughout every part

Spelling Word: pervasive
speak [Esc]  a. expecting the worst possible outcome

Spelling Word: pessimistic
speak [Esc]  a. exceedingly or unbelievably great

Spelling Word: phenomenal
speak [Esc]  a. evoking lifelike images within the mind; pertaining to or consisting of pictures

Spelling Word: pictorial
speak [Esc]  n. substance used as coloring; dry coloring matter

Spelling Word: pigment
speak [Esc]  n. a journey to a sacred place

Spelling Word: pilgrimage
speak [Esc]  n. peak; tall pointed formation, such as mountain peak

Spelling Word: pinnacle
speak [Esc]  a. deserving or inciting pity; causing feelings of sympathy

Spelling Word: piteous
speak [Esc]  a. crude or coarse; unrefined or coarse in nature or manner; common or vulgar

Spelling Word: plebeian
speak [Esc]  a. flexible; yielding; easily bent or shaped

Spelling Word: pliable
speak [Esc]  v. inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of; fill with inhabitants

Spelling Word: populate
speak [Esc]  n. a grand and imposing entrance; a short vein that carries blood into the liver

Spelling Word: portal
speak [Esc]  a. inoffensive expression of fat; stout

Spelling Word: portly
speak [Esc]  n. rule or principle prescribing particular action or conduct; authorized direction or order

Spelling Word: precept
speak [Esc]  n. district or division of city; place or enclosure by definite limits

Spelling Word: precinct
speak [Esc]  a. expecting a baby; carrying within the body or being about to produce new life

Spelling Word: pregnant
speak [Esc]  n. introduction; forerunner; preliminary or preface

Spelling Word: prelude
speak [Esc]  v. occupy or take possession of beforehand or before another or appropriate for use in advance

Spelling Word: preoccupy
speak [Esc]  n. impression produced by achievements or reputation; recognized distinction or importance

Spelling Word: prestige
speak [Esc]  v. state freely; practice as a profession, teach, or claim to be knowledgeable about; confess one's faith in, or allegiance to

Spelling Word: profess
speak [Esc]  a. skilled; expert; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

Spelling Word: proficient
speak [Esc]  n. sequence; act of moving forward toward a goal

Spelling Word: progression
speak [Esc]  a. defending or protecting from disease or infection

Spelling Word: prophylactic
speak [Esc]  n. essay; ordinary speech or writing; commonplace expression or quality

Spelling Word: prose