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Read [Esc] (1)  
n. Syn. step
single movement from one foot to the other in walking; slow gait; step

Spelling Word: pace
Read [Esc] (2)  
pact or bundle made up and prepared to be carried; a number of similar things; a full set of playing cards

Spelling Word: pack
Read [Esc] (3)  
putting something into boxes

Spelling Word: packaging
Read [Esc] (4)  
soft or small cushion; a kind of cushion for writing upon, or for blotting

Spelling Word: pad
Read [Esc] (5)  
n. Syn. drawing
drawing; picture or design in paint; action of applying paint to a surface

Spelling Word: painting
Read [Esc] (6)  
n. Syn. couple
two people or things considered as a unit; two items of the same kind; couple

Spelling Word: pair
Read [Esc] (7)  
not ruddy; dusky white; pallid; not bright or brilliant

Spelling Word: pale
Read [Esc] (8)  
inner surface of the hand between bases of fingers and wrist; tropical evergreen trees of the family Palmae

Spelling Word: palm
Read [Esc] (9)  
brochure; leaflet; a small book usually having a paper cover

Spelling Word: pamphlet
Read [Esc] (10)  
v. Syn. criticize
criticize harshly; wash in pan; cook in pan

Spelling Word: pan
Read [Esc] (11)  
framed section of window or door that is filled with a sheet of glass or others; panel in a wall or door

Spelling Word: pane
Read [Esc] (12)  
n. Syn. board
a group of people gathered for a special purpose; small board or pad

Spelling Word: panel
Read [Esc] (13)  
n. Syn. alarm; fear
sudden mass fear and anxiety

Spelling Word: panic
Read [Esc] (14)  
complete view in every direction.

Spelling Word: panorama
Read [Esc] (15)  
related to unobstructed and comprehensive view; with a wide view

Spelling Word: panoramic
Read [Esc] (16)  
breathe quickly or in a labored manner; respire with heaving of the breast; sigh

Spelling Word: pant
Read [Esc] (17)  
apartment or closet in which bread and other provisions are kept

Spelling Word: pantry
Read [Esc] (18)  
n. Syn. trousers; underwear
trousers; underwear; garment extending from waist to knee or ankle

Spelling Word: pants
Read [Esc] (19)  
amount or level considered to be average; standard; equality of status, level, or value

Spelling Word: par
Read [Esc] (20)  
rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your fall

Spelling Word: parachute
Read [Esc] (21)  
n. Syn. march; procession
march in a procession; ceremonial procession; visible display

Spelling Word: parade
Read [Esc] (22)  
garden of Eden; any place of complete delight and peace

Spelling Word: paradise
Read [Esc] (23)  
distinct division of written or printed matter that begins on a new, usually indented line

Spelling Word: paragraph
Read [Esc] (24)  
n. Syn. similarity; analogy
make or place something to another's side; of or relating to multiple operations at same time; not intersecting

Spelling Word: parallel
Read [Esc] (25)  
v. Syn. paralyze
make unable to move or act; impair the progress or functioning of

Spelling Word: paralyse
Read [Esc] (26)  
characteristic or feature that distinguishes something from others

Spelling Word: parameter
Read [Esc] (27)  
animal or plant living on another

Spelling Word: parasite
Read [Esc] (28)  
discussion; formal conference on public affairs; general council, especially an assembly of representatives of a nation

Spelling Word: parliament
Read [Esc] (29)  
a. Syn. incomplete; fragmentary; sectional
incomplete; fragmentary; favoring one person or side over another or others

Spelling Word: partial
Read [Esc] (30)  
people who take part in

Spelling Word: participant
Read [Esc] (31)  
take part in something; share in something

Spelling Word: participate
Read [Esc] (32)  
n. Syn. speck; grain
a tiny piece of anything

Spelling Word: particle
Read [Esc] (33)  
v. Syn. divide
divide into parts, pieces, or sections

Spelling Word: partition
Read [Esc] (34)  
person who is a member of a partnership; associate who works with others toward a common goal

Spelling Word: partner
Read [Esc] (35)  
n. Syn. ardor; fervor
strong feeling or emotion ; fervor

Spelling Word: passion
Read [Esc] (36)  
a. Syn. ardent; zealous; enthusiastic
zealous; enthusiastic; filled with or motivated by zeal

Spelling Word: passionate
Read [Esc] (37)  
a. Syn. compliant; inactive
lacking in energy or will; peacefully resistant in response to injustice

Spelling Word: passive
Read [Esc] (38)  
legal document identifying the bearer as citizen of a country and allowing to travel abroad

Spelling Word: passport
Read [Esc] (39)  
something which amuses, and serves to make time pass agreeably; sport; amusement

Spelling Word: pastime
Read [Esc] (40)  
n. Syn. field; meadow
field covered with grass; meadow

Spelling Word: pasture
Read [Esc] (41)  
n. Syn. expanse; piece
a piece of cloth; small area of ground covered by specific vegetation

Spelling Word: patch
Read [Esc] (42)  
a. Syn. obvious; apparent
open for the public to read; obvious; plain

Spelling Word: patent
Read [Esc] (43)  
n. Syn. orbit; roadway
way; footway; course or track; route; passage

Spelling Word: path
Read [Esc] (44)  
a. Syn. touching; pathetic; pitiful
causing sadness, compassion, or pity

Spelling Word: pathetic
Read [Esc] (45)  
one who loves and defends his or her country

Spelling Word: patriot
Read [Esc] (46)  
inspired by love for one's country

Spelling Word: patriotic
Read [Esc] (47)  
love of country; devotion to welfare of one's country; virtues and actions of patriot

Spelling Word: patriotism
Read [Esc] (48)  
n. Syn. guard; watch
activity of going on an area at regular intervals for security purposes

Spelling Word: patrol
Read [Esc] (49)  
n. Syn. benefactor
benefactor; regular customer

Spelling Word: patron
Read [Esc] (50)  
n. Syn. sponsorship; support
sponsorship; support; state of being a sponsor

Spelling Word: patronage
Read [Esc] (51)  
v. Syn. coat; cover
coat; cover

Spelling Word: pave
Read [Esc] (52)  
floor or covering of solid material, laid so as to make hard and convenient surface for travel

Spelling Word: pavement
Read [Esc] (53)  
something given as security for loan; pledge or guaranty; article deposited as security

Spelling Word: pawn
Read [Esc] (54)  
small tree in Prunus persica widely cultivated at temperate regions, having pink flowers and edible fruit

Spelling Word: peach
Read [Esc] (55)  
summit; apex; maximum; prime

Spelling Word: peak
Read [Esc] (56)  
small smooth rounded rock

Spelling Word: pebble
Read [Esc] (57)  
v. Syn. pick
pick; hit lightly with a picking motion; eat like a bird

Spelling Word: peck
Read [Esc] (58)  
a. Syn. special; characteristic
special; characteristic; unusual; odd; bizarre

Spelling Word: peculiar
Read [Esc] (59)  
n. Syn. eccentricity; oddness
eccentricity; oddness; an odd or unusual characteristic; private ownership; proprietorship

Spelling Word: peculiarity
Read [Esc] (60)  
foot-operated lever used for actuating or controlling a mechanism

Spelling Word: pedal
Read [Esc] (61)  
a. Syn. dull
lacking wit or imagination; ordinary

Spelling Word: pedestrian
Read [Esc] (62)  
come off in flakes or thin small pieces; strip the skin off; get undressed

Spelling Word: peel
Read [Esc] (63)  
v. Syn. gaze; stare
gaze; stare; look searchingly; company with

Spelling Word: peer
Read [Esc] (64)  
n. Syn. punishment; fine
punishment established by law or authority for a crime or offense; fine

Spelling Word: penalty
Read [Esc] (65)  
a. Syn. impending; imminent
not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation

Spelling Word: pending
Read [Esc] (66)  
v. Syn. pierce; permeate
pierce; go through; permeate

Spelling Word: penetrate
Read [Esc] (67)  
act or process of penetrating, piercing, or entering

Spelling Word: penetration
Read [Esc] (68)  
n. Syn. payment; tribute
something paid or given; payment to a person in consideration of past services

Spelling Word: pension
Read [Esc] (69)  
v. Syn. sense; detect
become aware of through the senses; detect

Spelling Word: perceive
Read [Esc] (70)  
out of each hundred; per hundred; one part in a hundred

Spelling Word: percent
Read [Esc] (71)  
n. Syn. understanding; feeling; sense
understanding; feeling; effect or product of perceiving

Spelling Word: perception
Read [Esc] (72)  
a place high up; an elevated place serving as a seat

Spelling Word: perch
Read [Esc] (73)  
a. Syn. flawless; ideal
completed; not defective nor redundant; having all the properties or qualities; without flaw, fault, or blemish; without error

Spelling Word: perfect
Read [Esc] (74)  
n. Syn. flawlessness; excellence
flawlessness; excellence; state of being without flaw or defect

Spelling Word: perfection
Read [Esc] (75)  
v. Syn. handle; execute
carry through; bring to completion; achieve; accomplish; execute

Spelling Word: perform
Read [Esc] (76)  
n. Syn. execution; show; presentataion
act of performing; dramatic or musical entertainment; process or manner

Spelling Word: performance
Read [Esc] (77)  
n. Syn. entertainer; actor
entertainer; who performs or takes part in a play or performance of any kind

Spelling Word: performer
Read [Esc] (78)  
n. Syn. scent; aroma; fragrance
pleasing, agreeable scent or odor

Spelling Word: perfume
Read [Esc] (79)  
n. Syn. danger; risk; hazard; jeopardy
danger; risk; hazard; jeopardy; exposure of person or property to injury, loss, or destruction

Spelling Word: peril
Read [Esc] (80)  
n. Syn. edge; periphery
outer boundary length; closed curve bounding a plane area

Spelling Word: perimeter
Read [Esc] (81)  
duration, continuance, term; end of something

Spelling Word: period
Read [Esc] (82)  
a. Syn. repeated; recurrent
repeated; recurring at intervals of time

Spelling Word: periodic
Read [Esc] (83)  
publication that appears at fixed intervals

Spelling Word: periodical
Read [Esc] (84)  
a. Syn. marginal; outer
located in outer boundary; unimportant; auxiliary

Spelling Word: peripheral
Read [Esc] (85)  
be destroyed; pass away; become nothing

Spelling Word: perish
Read [Esc] (86)  
a. Syn. everlasting; perpetual
remaining without essential change

Spelling Word: permanent
Read [Esc] (87)  
n. Syn. consent; approbation
consent; approval to do something

Spelling Word: permission
Read [Esc] (88)  
a. Syn. approving; tolerant
approving; tolerant; granting; not strict in discipline

Spelling Word: permissive
Read [Esc] (89)  
v. Syn. allow
consent to; give permission

Spelling Word: permit
Read [Esc] (90)  
a. Syn. vertical; upright
vertical; upright; intersecting at or forming right angles; extremely steep

Spelling Word: perpendicular
Read [Esc] (91)  
a. Syn. continual
everlasting; continuing without interruption

Spelling Word: perpetual
Read [Esc] (92)  
baffle; confuse

Spelling Word: perplex
Read [Esc] (93)  
pursue in a manner to injure, grieve, or afflict; beset with cruelty or malignity; harass; annoy

Spelling Word: persecute
Read [Esc] (94)  
act of persecuting on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs that differ from those of the persecutor

Spelling Word: persecution
Read [Esc] (95)  
n. Syn. endurance; persistence
endurance; steady persistence in adhering to a course of action

Spelling Word: perseverance
Read [Esc] (96)  
endure; be persistent, refuse to stop

Spelling Word: persevere
Read [Esc] (97)  
v. Syn. continue; insist; persevere
continue; insist; persevere

Spelling Word: persist
Read [Esc] (98)  
n. Syn. endurance; tenacity
endurance; tenacity; state or quality of being persistent; persistency

Spelling Word: persistence
Read [Esc] (99)  
particular to a given individual; concerning or affecting a particular person

Spelling Word: personal
Read [Esc] (100)  
n. Syn. character
complex of all the attributes of a person; totality of qualities and traits of a person

Spelling Word: personality
Read [Esc] (101)  
n. Syn. staff; employees
group of people willing to obey orders

Spelling Word: personnel
Read [Esc] (102)  
n. Syn. viewpoint; view
appearance of things; view, outlook, or vista

Spelling Word: perspective
Read [Esc] (103)  
v. Syn. convince
advise; counsel; urge the acceptance or practice of; convince

Spelling Word: persuade
Read [Esc] (104)  
belong; have connection with, or dependence on

Spelling Word: pertain
Read [Esc] (105)  
a. Syn. relevant
having precise or logical relevance; pertaining or relating

Spelling Word: pertinent
Read [Esc] (106)  
disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious; throw into great confusion

Spelling Word: perturb
Read [Esc] (107)  
read or examine, typically with great care

Spelling Word: peruse
Read [Esc] (108)  
n. Syn. nuisance
persistently annoying person; organism that injures livestock or crops

Spelling Word: pest
Read [Esc] (109)  
animal kept for amusement or companionship

Spelling Word: pet
Read [Esc] (110)  
n. Syn. plea; request
plea; formal message requesting something

Spelling Word: petition
Read [Esc] (111)  
dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

Spelling Word: petroleum
Read [Esc] (112)  
a. Syn. trivial; unimportant
trivial; of small importance; very small

Spelling Word: petty
Read [Esc] (113)  
n. Syn. stage; moment
any distinct time period in a sequence of events; stage

Spelling Word: phase
Read [Esc] (114)  
appearance; anything visible, in matter or spirit; extraordinary or very remarkable person, thing, or occurrence

Spelling Word: phenomenon
Read [Esc] (115)  
body of highest truth; investigation of nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning

Spelling Word: philosophy
Read [Esc] (116)  
branch of acoustics concerned with speech processes including its production and perception and acoustic analysis

Spelling Word: phonetics
Read [Esc] (117)  
picture or likeness obtained by photography

Spelling Word: photograph
Read [Esc] (118)  
brief expression, sometimes a single word, but usually two or more words forming an expression

Spelling Word: phrase
Read [Esc] (119)  
relating to the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit

Spelling Word: physical
Read [Esc] (120)  
person skilled in physic, or the art of healing; one duty authorized to treat diseases; doctor of medicine

Spelling Word: physician
Read [Esc] (121)  
stringed instrument that is played by depressing keys

Spelling Word: piano
Read [Esc] (122)  
v. Syn. choose; select
remove something with the fingers, or with the teeth; separate as choice or desirable

Spelling Word: pick
Read [Esc] (123)  
eat in the open air; have informal meal eaten outside or on an excursion

Spelling Word: picnic
Read [Esc] (124)  
a. Syn. scenic; beautiful
scenic; striking or interesting in an unusual way

Spelling Word: picturesque
Read [Esc] (125)  
landing place; platform built out from shore into water and supported by piles; provides access to ships

Spelling Word: pier
Read [Esc] (126)  
n. Syn. coloring; dye
substance used as coloring; dry coloring matter

Spelling Word: pigment
Read [Esc] (127)  
large timber or post; heap; hair; fiber of wool, cotton; head of an arrow or spear

Spelling Word: pile
Read [Esc] (128)  
traveler; one who travels far, or in strange lands, to visit some holy place or shrine as a devotee

Spelling Word: pilgrim
Read [Esc] (129)  
a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet; something that is unpleasant or offensive

Spelling Word: pill
Read [Esc] (130)  
column; post

Spelling Word: pillar
Read [Esc] (131)  
a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person

Spelling Word: pillow
Read [Esc] (132)  
one who guides a course of action for others; one who operates or is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight

Spelling Word: pilot
Read [Esc] (133)  
a piece of wood, metal, generally cylindrical, used for fastening separate articles together

Spelling Word: pin
Read [Esc] (134)  
v. Syn. clutch; squeeze
clutch; squeeze between the thumb and a finger, the jaws of a tool, or other edges

Spelling Word: pinch
Read [Esc] (135)  
v. Syn. yearn
have desire for something or someone; yearn; grieve or mourn for

Spelling Word: pine
Read [Esc] (136)  
large sweet fleshy tropical fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves

Spelling Word: pineapple
Read [Esc] (137)  
originator; explorer

Spelling Word: pioneer
Read [Esc] (138)  
a. Syn. initial; original
initial; groundbreaking; originating; serving to pioneer

Spelling Word: pioneering
Read [Esc] (139)  
a. Syn. devout; religious
devout; religious; exhibiting strict, traditional sense of virtue and morality

Spelling Word: pious
Read [Esc] (140)  
robber on seas; one who by open violence takes the property of another on seas

Spelling Word: pirate
Read [Esc] (141)  
the smallest firearm used, intended to be fired from one hand

Spelling Word: pistol
Read [Esc] (142)  
sliding piece which either is moved by, or moves against; mechanical device that has a plunging or thrusting motion

Spelling Word: piston
Read [Esc] (143)  
confront; set into opposition or rivalry

Spelling Word: pit
Read [Esc] (144)  
action or manner of throwing something

Spelling Word: pitch
Read [Esc] (145)  
container for liquids, having a handle and a lip or spout for pouring; player who throws the ball from the mound to the batter

Spelling Word: pitcher
Read [Esc] (146)  
epidemic disease with a high death rate; annoyance

Spelling Word: plague
Read [Esc] (147)  
n. Syn. plateau; prairie
without elevations or depressions; flat; smooth; not rich; simple; without beauty; not handsome

Spelling Word: plain
Read [Esc] (148)  
flat or level surface; level of development, existence, or achievement

Spelling Word: plane
Read [Esc] (149)  
celestial bodies that revolve around the sun

Spelling Word: planet
Read [Esc] (150)  
n. Syn. farm
farm; an area under cultivation; a group of cultivated trees or plants

Spelling Word: plantation
Read [Esc] (151)  
cover conspicuously, as by pasting something on; adhesive tape used in dressing wounds; a hardened surface as on a wall or ceiling

Spelling Word: plaster
Read [Esc] (152)  
capable of being molded; capable of being shaped or formed; easily influenced

Spelling Word: plastic
Read [Esc] (153)  
n. Syn. covering; plane
flat piece of metal; thick sheet of metal; small, usually circular, vessel of metal or wood for food table

Spelling Word: plate
Read [Esc] (154)  
n. Syn. highland; upland
highland; upland; relatively flat highland

Spelling Word: plateau
Read [Esc] (155)  
n. Syn. stage
stage; a raised horizontal surface

Spelling Word: platform
Read [Esc] (156)  
someone who writes plays

Spelling Word: playwright
Read [Esc] (157)  
request for help; excuse or pretext

Spelling Word: plea
Read [Esc] (158)  
appeal or request earnestly; enter a plea; offer as an excuse

Spelling Word: plead
Read [Esc] (159)  
agreeable sensations or emotions; excitement, relish, or happiness produced by the expectation or the enjoyment of something good, delightful, or satisfying

Spelling Word: pleasure
Read [Esc] (160)  
n. Syn. oath; guarantee
promise solemnly and formally; binding commitment to do something

Spelling Word: pledge
Read [Esc] (161)  
n. Syn. predicament
condition or state, especially a bad state or condition

Spelling Word: plight
Read [Esc] (162)  
small extent of ground; secret scheme or strategy

Spelling Word: plot
Read [Esc] (163)  
break and turn over earth especially with a plow; move with force

Spelling Word: plough
Read [Esc] (164)  
pull or draw, especially, to pull with sudden force or effort, or to pull off or out from something

Spelling Word: pluck
Read [Esc] (165)  
something, such as a cork or a wad of cloth, used to fill a hole tightly; stopper

Spelling Word: plug
Read [Esc] (166)  
a. Syn. vertical
checking perpendicularity; exactly vertical

Spelling Word: plumb
Read [Esc] (167)  
craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances

Spelling Word: plumber
Read [Esc] (168)  
feather, especially soft, downy, long, or handsome feather; an ornamental tuft of feathers; token of honor or achievement

Spelling Word: plume
Read [Esc] (169)  
a. Syn. chubby; fat
sound of a sudden heavy fall; well-rounded and full in form

Spelling Word: plump
Read [Esc] (170)  
take goods of by force, or without right; spoil; sack; strip; rob

Spelling Word: plunder
Read [Esc] (171)  
v. Syn. dive; submerge
dive; submerge; become suddenly lower; decrease dramatically; throw oneself into a substance or place

Spelling Word: plunge
Read [Esc] (172)  
involving advantage or good; on the positive side or higher end of a scale

Spelling Word: plus
Read [Esc] (173)  
bend; lay on closely, or in folds; work upon steadily, or with repeated acts; press upon

Spelling Word: ply
Read [Esc] (174)  
inflammation of the lungs

Spelling Word: pneumonia
Read [Esc] (175)  
push at, as with a finger or an arm; search or look curiously; proceed in slow or lazy manner; thrust forward

Spelling Word: poke
Read [Esc] (176)  
pertaining to one of the poles of the earth; of the poles

Spelling Word: polar
Read [Esc] (177)  
a long rod; one of two divergent or mutually exclusive opinions

Spelling Word: pole
Read [Esc] (178)  
settled method of government to administer; system of public or official administration

Spelling Word: policy
Read [Esc] (179)  
v. Syn. shine; burnish
remove flaws from; perfect or complete

Spelling Word: polish
Read [Esc] (180)  
profession devoted to governing and political affairs; study of government of states and other political units

Spelling Word: politics
Read [Esc] (181)  
n. Syn. voting; survey
voting; survey; number of votes cast or recorded

Spelling Word: poll
Read [Esc] (182)  
v. Syn. contaminate; defile; profane
make impure; make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter

Spelling Word: pollute
Read [Esc] (183)  
n. Syn. contamination
contamination; undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated

Spelling Word: pollution
Read [Esc] (184)  
weigh; weigh in the mind; view with deliberation; examine carefully; consider attentively

Spelling Word: ponder
Read [Esc] (185)  
small horse; small glass of beer; word for word translation of a foreign language text

Spelling Word: pony
Read [Esc] (186)  
small kernels of corn exploded by heat

Spelling Word: popcorn
Read [Esc] (187)  
a. Syn. favorite
of common people; suitable to common people; easy to be comprehended; not abstruse; familiar; plain

Spelling Word: popular
Read [Esc] (188)  
quality of being widely admired or accepted or sought after

Spelling Word: popularity
Read [Esc] (189)  
ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic

Spelling Word: porcelain
Read [Esc] (190)  
covered and enclosed entrance to building; covered passage

Spelling Word: porch
Read [Esc] (191)  
v. Syn. scrutinize; ponder
gaze intently; stare; scrutinize; read or study carefully and attentively

Spelling Word: pore
Read [Esc] (192)  
n. Syn. dock; pier
place on waterway with facilities for loading and unloading ships

Spelling Word: port
Read [Esc] (193)  
a. Syn. mobile
mobile; easily or conveniently transported

Spelling Word: portable
Read [Esc] (194)  
n. Syn. part; section; segment
section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole

Spelling Word: portion
Read [Esc] (195)  
n. Syn. portraiture; picture
portraiture; picture; likeness of a person, especially one showing the face

Spelling Word: portrait
Read [Esc] (196)  
v. Syn. depict; describe; draw
depict; describe; draw

Spelling Word: portray
Read [Esc] (197)  
pretend to be someone you are not; assume a posture as for artistic purposes

Spelling Word: pose
Read [Esc] (198)  
involving advantage or good ; greater than zero; very sure; confident

Spelling Word: positive
Read [Esc] (199)  
v. Syn. have; own
occupy in person; hold or actually have in one's own keeping; have and hold; have the legal title to

Spelling Word: possess
Read [Esc] (200)  
n. Syn. ownership; belongings; estate
act of having and controlling property; belongings

Spelling Word: possession
Read [Esc] (201)  
v. Syn. publicize; advertise
display announcement in a place of public view; publish on a list

Spelling Word: post
Read [Esc] (202)  
token that postal fee has been paid; charge for mailing something

Spelling Word: postage
Read [Esc] (203)  
of or relating to the system for delivering mail

Spelling Word: postal
Read [Esc] (204)  
card for sending messages by post without an envelope

Spelling Word: postcard
Read [Esc] (205)  
n. Syn. descendants; offspring
descendants collectively; the race that proceeds from a progenitor; future generations

Spelling Word: posterity
Read [Esc] (206)  
v. Syn. delay; defer
hold back to a later time; delay; defer

Spelling Word: postpone
Read [Esc] (207)  
essential premise; underlying assumption

Spelling Word: postulate
Read [Esc] (208)  
n. Syn. kettle; bottle
metallic or earthen vessel for boiling meat or vegetables, for holding liquids, or for plant

Spelling Word: pot
Read [Esc] (209)  
a. Syn. powerful
powerful; having power to influence or convince; having great control or authority

Spelling Word: potent
Read [Esc] (210)  
a. Syn. possible; latent
existing in possibility; expected to become or be

Spelling Word: potential
Read [Esc] (211)  
inherent capacity for coming into being; an aptitude that may be developed

Spelling Word: potentiality
Read [Esc] (212)  
domestic fowls reared for eating, or for their eggs or feathers, such as cocks and hens, capons, turkeys, ducks, and geese

Spelling Word: poultry
Read [Esc] (213)  
unit of weight equal to 16 ounces

Spelling Word: pound
Read [Esc] (214)  
flow in a spurt; rain heavily; supply in large amounts

Spelling Word: pour
Read [Esc] (215)  
n. Syn. indigence; destitution
lack of money; state of being poor; lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts

Spelling Word: poverty
Read [Esc] (216)  
a. Syn. feasible
feasible; capable of being effected, done, or put into practice

Spelling Word: practicable
Read [Esc] (217)  
a. Syn. pragmatic; useful
based on experience; useful

Spelling Word: practical
Read [Esc] (218)  
ad. Syn. virtually; actually; almost
virtually; actually; for all practical purpose

Spelling Word: practically
Read [Esc] (219)  
treeless grassy plain; extensive area of flat or rolling

Spelling Word: prairie
Read [Esc] (220)  
v. Syn. advocate; sermonize
advocate; speak, plead; argue in favor of

Spelling Word: preach
Read [Esc] (221)  
n. Syn. prevention
prevention; measure taken beforehand; act of foresight

Spelling Word: precaution
Read [Esc] (222)  
v. Syn. antecede
come before; antecede

Spelling Word: precede
Read [Esc] (223)  
fact, state, or right of preceding; priority; previous occurrence, or existence before; preceding act or speech

Spelling Word: precedence
Read [Esc] (224)  
n. Syn. example; pattern
act or instance that may be used as example in subsequent similar cases

Spelling Word: precedent
Read [Esc] (225)  
a. Syn. ahead
ahead; prior to

Spelling Word: preceding
Read [Esc] (226)  
a. Syn. valued; valuable
of high worth or cost

Spelling Word: precious
Read [Esc] (227)  
a. Syn. exact; accurate
exact; clearly expressed; accurate or correct

Spelling Word: precise
Read [Esc] (228)  
n. Syn. exactness; accuracy
exactness; accuracy; number of significant digits to which a value has been reliably measured

Spelling Word: precision
Read [Esc] (229)  
n. Syn. forerunner; ancestor
former occupant of post; ancestor or forefather

Spelling Word: predecessor
Read [Esc] (230)  
v. Syn. forecast; foretell
state, tell about, or make known in advance, especially on the basis of special knowledge

Spelling Word: predict
Read [Esc] (231)  
n. Syn. prophecy; foretelling
something foretold or predicted; prophecy

Spelling Word: prediction
Read [Esc] (232)  
a. Syn. principal; dominant; overpowering
most frequent or common; having superior power and influence

Spelling Word: predominant
Read [Esc] (233)  
something spoken as introductory to a discourse, or written as introductory to a book or essay

Spelling Word: preface
Read [Esc] (234)  
a. Syn. favored; better; preferred
favored; better; more desirable or worthy than another; preferred

Spelling Word: preferable
Read [Esc] (235)  
n. Syn. inclination; attachment; favorite
a strong liking; favorite

Spelling Word: preference
Read [Esc] (236)  
condition of being pregnant; fruitfulness; fertility

Spelling Word: pregnancy
Read [Esc] (237)  
expecting a baby; carrying within the body or being about to produce new life

Spelling Word: pregnant
Read [Esc] (238)  
opinion formed without due examination; leaning toward one side of a question

Spelling Word: prejudice
Read [Esc] (239)  
a. Syn. initial; introductory; preparatory
prior to or preparing for the main matter; introductory

Spelling Word: preliminary
Read [Esc] (240)  
n. Syn. introduction; forerunner
introduction; forerunner; preliminary or preface

Spelling Word: prelude
Read [Esc] (241)  
too soon; too early; occurring before a state of readiness

Spelling Word: premature
Read [Esc] (242)  
having or reflecting superior quality or value

Spelling Word: premium
Read [Esc] (243)  
v. Syn. dictate; guide
dictate; guide; advise the use of; assert a right; claim

Spelling Word: prescribe
Read [Esc] (244)  
a. Syn. set; certain; stated
set down as a rule or guide; certain; stated

Spelling Word: prescribed
Read [Esc] (245)  
n. Syn. instruction; order
written instructions from doctor; written order; act of establishing official rules, laws, or directions

Spelling Word: prescription
Read [Esc] (246)  
state of being present; current existence

Spelling Word: presence
Read [Esc] (247)  
being in existence; something presented as a gift; period of time that is happening now

Spelling Word: present
Read [Esc] (248)  
show or display; act of presenting something to sight or view

Spelling Word: presentation
Read [Esc] (249)  
n. Syn. conservation; protection
conservation; protection

Spelling Word: preservation
Read [Esc] (250)  
v. Syn. uphold; retain; maintain
uphold; retain; maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm

Spelling Word: preserve
Read [Esc] (251)  
be set, or to sit, in the place of authority; occupy the place of president, chairman, moderator, director; direct, control, and regulate, as chief officer

Spelling Word: preside
Read [Esc] (252)  
machines or devices that apply pressure or print; collecting and publishing of news; journalism in general

Spelling Word: press
Read [Esc] (253)  
n. Syn. stress; tension
stress; tension; condition of being pressed

Spelling Word: pressure
Read [Esc] (254)  
n. Syn. fame; reputation
impression produced by achievements or reputation; recognized distinction or importance

Spelling Word: prestige
Read [Esc] (255)  
ad. Syn. assumedly; supposedly
assumedly; supposedly

Spelling Word: presumably
Read [Esc] (256)  
v. Syn. suppose
take for granted as true in absence of proof; venture without authority

Spelling Word: presume
Read [Esc] (257)  
act of giving a false appearance; imaginative intellectual play

Spelling Word: pretense
Read [Esc] (258)  
intended to attract notice and impress others; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious

Spelling Word: pretentious
Read [Esc] (259)  
v. Syn. induce; ; triumph
induce; be greater in strength or influence; triumph; win out

Spelling Word: prevail
Read [Esc] (260)  
a. Syn. widespread; predominant
most frequent; widespread; predominant

Spelling Word: prevailing
Read [Esc] (261)  
a. Syn. widespread
widespread; widely or commonly occurring, existing, accepted

Spelling Word: prevalent
Read [Esc] (262)  
existing or occurring before something else

Spelling Word: previous
Read [Esc] (263)  
n. Syn. victim
target of a hunt; animal hunted or caught for food

Spelling Word: prey
Read [Esc] (264)  
penetrate or puncture by a sharp and slender thing

Spelling Word: prick
Read [Esc] (265)  
a. Syn. principal; prime; fundamental
of first rank or importance or value; essential or basic

Spelling Word: primary
Read [Esc] (266)  
a. Syn. primary; principal; chief
first in excellence, quality, or value; at the best stage; peak; first in degree or rank; chief

Spelling Word: prime
Read [Esc] (267)  
a. Syn. rudimentary; primeval
belonging to an early stage; simple or naive in style; primeval

Spelling Word: primitive
Read [Esc] (268)  
a. Syn. chief; main
highest in rank, authority, character, importance, or degree

Spelling Word: principal
Read [Esc] (269)  
basic truth or law or assumption; rule or law of nature; rule of personal conduct

Spelling Word: principle
Read [Esc] (270)  
a. Syn. former; antecedent; anterior; previous
preceding in the order of time; former; previous

Spelling Word: prior
Read [Esc] (271)  
n. Syn. preference; precedence
preceding in time, importance, or urgency

Spelling Word: priority
Read [Esc] (272)  
n. Syn. seclusion
quality of being secluded from view of others; condition of being hidden

Spelling Word: privacy
Read [Esc] (273)  
special advantage or benefit not enjoyed by all; right reserved exclusively

Spelling Word: privilege
Read [Esc] (274)  
v. Syn. detect; investigate; search
explore with tools; investigate; search

Spelling Word: probe
Read [Esc] (275)  
a. Syn. doubtful; perplexing
open to doubt; unsettled; questionable; difficult to solve

Spelling Word: problematic
Read [Esc] (276)  
n. Syn. progress; process
act or manner of moving forward; act performed; steps taken in an action

Spelling Word: procedure
Read [Esc] (277)  
n. Syn. continue; advance
follow a certain course; move ahead; travel onward

Spelling Word: proceed
Read [Esc] (278)  
a sequence of steps by which legal judgments are invoked

Spelling Word: proceeding
Read [Esc] (279)  
n. Syn. revenue
profit, money made from selling something; income arising from land or other property

Spelling Word: proceeds
Read [Esc] (280)  
n. Syn. progress; advance; procedure
act of proceeding; continued forward movement; a series of actions

Spelling Word: process
Read [Esc] (281)  
act of proceeding, moving on, advancing, or issuing; regular, orderly, or ceremonious progress; continuous course

Spelling Word: procession
Read [Esc] (282)  
v. Syn. declare; announce
declare; announce

Spelling Word: proclaim
Read [Esc] (283)  
bring into possession; cause to accrue to, or to come into possession of; cause to come

Spelling Word: procure
Read [Esc] (284)  
bring forward; lead forth; offer to view or notice; exhibit; cause to be or to happen

Spelling Word: produce
Read [Esc] (285)  
having quality or power of producing; yielding or furnishing results; causing to exist

Spelling Word: productive
Read [Esc] (286)  
quality or state of being productive; productiveness.

Spelling Word: productivity
Read [Esc] (287)  
n. Syn. vocation; occupation
occupation requiring special education

Spelling Word: profession
Read [Esc] (288)  
engaged in, or suitable for a profession

Spelling Word: professional
Read [Esc] (289)  
n. Syn. skill; expertise
skillfulness in command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity; expertise

Spelling Word: proficiency
Read [Esc] (290)  
a. Syn. skilled; expert
skilled; expert; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

Spelling Word: proficient
Read [Esc] (291)  
outline; biographical sketch

Spelling Word: profile
Read [Esc] (292)  
n. Syn. benefit
advantageous gain or return; income received from investments or property

Spelling Word: profit
Read [Esc] (293)  
a. Syn. deep; complete
deep; not superficial; far-reaching

Spelling Word: profound
Read [Esc] (294)  
n. Syn. advance; development; headway; proceed
moving or going forward; proceeding onward; advance

Spelling Word: progress
Read [Esc] (295)  
a. Syn. advancing; incremental
forward-looking; advancing; incremental

Spelling Word: progressive
Read [Esc] (296)  
v. Syn. ban; taboo; forbid
ban; taboo; forbid

Spelling Word: prohibit
Read [Esc] (297)  
tending to discourage; prohibiting; forbidding

Spelling Word: prohibitive
Read [Esc] (298)  
n. Syn. program; plan; scheme
any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; program; plan; scheme

Spelling Word: project
Read [Esc] (299)  
plan for anticipated course of action; thing that extends outward beyond a prevailing line or surface

Spelling Word: projection
Read [Esc] (300)  
optical device for projecting a beam of light

Spelling Word: projector
Read [Esc] (301)  
member of working class; blue collar person

Spelling Word: proletarian
Read [Esc] (302)  
v. Syn. lengthen
make longer; draw out; lengthen

Spelling Word: prolong
Read [Esc] (303)  
n. Syn. notability
relative importance; property of being prominent; a standing out from the surface of something

Spelling Word: prominence
Read [Esc] (304)  
a. Syn. conspicuous; notable
conspicuous; immediately noticeable; sticking out; widely known

Spelling Word: prominent
Read [Esc] (305)  
n. Syn. expectation
declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; indication of something favorable to come

Spelling Word: promise
Read [Esc] (306)  
a. Syn. prospective; hopeful
likely to develop in a desirable manner; affording hope

Spelling Word: promising
Read [Esc] (307)  
v. Syn. publicize; advance
help to flourish; advance in rank; publicize

Spelling Word: promote
Read [Esc] (308)  
v. Syn. cause; remind; ; inspire
move to act; incite; give rise to; assist with a reminder

Spelling Word: prompt
Read [Esc] (309)  
inclined; lying face downward; having a tendency

Spelling Word: prone
Read [Esc] (310)  
n. Syn. evidence; demonstration
evidence; demonstration; statement or argument used in such a validation

Spelling Word: proof
Read [Esc] (311)  
organization or plan for spreading a particular doctrine or a system of principles

Spelling Word: propaganda
Read [Esc] (312)  
v. Syn. multiply; spread
cause something to multiply or breed; cause to extend to broader area or larger number

Spelling Word: propagate
Read [Esc] (313)  
drive forward; cause to move forward or onward; push

Spelling Word: propel
Read [Esc] (314)  
machine for propelling an aircraft or boat; one who propels

Spelling Word: propeller
Read [Esc] (315)  
a. Syn. right; appropriate
belonging to one; one's own; individual; belonging to natural or essential constitution; peculiar; not common; particular

Spelling Word: proper
Read [Esc] (316)  
n. Syn. asset; estate; charactersitics; attribute
any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone

Spelling Word: property
Read [Esc] (317)  
n. Syn. predictor
one who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed

Spelling Word: prophet
Read [Esc] (318)  
n. Syn. amounts; percentage
percentage; quotient obtained when a part is divided by the whole; part considered in relation to the whole

Spelling Word: proportion
Read [Esc] (319)  
something proposed; act of making a proposal; an offer of marriage

Spelling Word: proposal
Read [Esc] (320)  
v. Syn. advance; suggest
make a proposal, declare a plan for something

Spelling Word: propose
Read [Esc] (321)  
n. Syn. proposal; task
plan suggested for acceptance; a matter to be dealt with; subject for discussion or analysis

Spelling Word: proposition
Read [Esc] (322)  
n. Syn. owner
one who has legal title to something; owner

Spelling Word: proprietor
Read [Esc] (323)  
an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits

Spelling Word: proprietorship
Read [Esc] (324)  
n. Syn. essay
essay; ordinary speech or writing; commonplace expression or quality

Spelling Word: prose
Read [Esc] (325)  
v. Syn. sue
seek to obtain or enforce by legal action; carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in

Spelling Word: prosecute
Read [Esc] (326)  
one who carries out legal action, especially criminal proceedings; one who prosecutes any purpose, plan, or business

Spelling Word: prosecutor
Read [Esc] (327)  
n. Syn. possibility; hope; outlook
possibility of future success; belief about future

Spelling Word: prospect
Read [Esc] (328)  
n. Syn. wealth; fortune
good fortune; financial success; physical well-being

Spelling Word: prosperity
Read [Esc] (329)  
a. Syn. successful; thriving
successful; thriving; having or characterized by financial success or good fortune

Spelling Word: prosperous
Read [Esc] (330)  
any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells

Spelling Word: protein
Read [Esc] (331)  
n. Syn. outcry; objection
expression of disagreement and disapproval; complain against

Spelling Word: protest
Read [Esc] (332)  
code of correct conduct ; rules governing socially acceptable behavior; record of transaction

Spelling Word: protocol
Read [Esc] (333)  
n. Syn. model; archetype
original work used as a model; original type

Spelling Word: prototype
Read [Esc] (334)  
relating to a province; limited in outlook; unsophisticated

Spelling Word: provincial
Read [Esc] (335)  
n. Syn. supply
stipulated condition; act of supplying or fitting out; something provided

Spelling Word: provision
Read [Esc] (336)  
a. Syn. tentative; temporary
temporary; provided for present need only

Spelling Word: provisional
Read [Esc] (337)  
n. Syn. incitement; aggravation
unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment; aggravation

Spelling Word: provocation
Read [Esc] (338)  
v. Syn. irritate; cause; evoke
stir to anger; give rise to; stir to action or feeling

Spelling Word: provoke
Read [Esc] (339)  
quality or state of being prudent; wisdom in the way of caution and provision; good judgment

Spelling Word: prudence
Read [Esc] (340)  
a. Syn. cautious; careful
cautious; careful in regard to one's own interests

Spelling Word: prudent
Read [Esc] (341)  
science that deals with mental processes and behavior

Spelling Word: psychology
Read [Esc] (342)  
act or process of publishing printed matter; communication of information to public

Spelling Word: publication
Read [Esc] (343)  
state of being public; information to attract public notice

Spelling Word: publicity
Read [Esc] (344)  
make public; make known to mankind, or to people in general

Spelling Word: publish
Read [Esc] (345)  
v. Syn. draw
steer or move into a certain direction; take away; remove from a fixed position; extract

Spelling Word: pull
Read [Esc] (346)  
n. Syn. beat; rhythm
beat; rhythm; rate at which heart beats;

Spelling Word: pulse
Read [Esc] (347)  
draw fluid or gas by pressure or suction; supply in great quantities

Spelling Word: pump
Read [Esc] (348)  
usually large pulpy deep-yellow round fruit of the squash family

Spelling Word: pumpkin
Read [Esc] (349)  
v. Syn. blow; knock
blow; drive forcibly; pierce; hit with a sharp blow of the fist

Spelling Word: punch
Read [Esc] (350)  
consisting in a point; limited to a point; unexpended; precise

Spelling Word: punctual
Read [Esc] (351)  
a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution

Spelling Word: pupil
Read [Esc] (352)  
young dog; pup; doll; puppet

Spelling Word: puppy
Read [Esc] (353)  
act or an instance of buying; something bought

Spelling Word: purchase
Read [Esc] (354)  
v. Syn. refine
refine; make pure or free from sin or guilt; become clean

Spelling Word: purify
Read [Esc] (355)  
condition of being pure; freedom from foreign admixture or deleterious matter; cleanness

Spelling Word: purity
Read [Esc] (356)  
chromatic color between red and blue; belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler

Spelling Word: purple
Read [Esc] (357)  
gather or contract into wrinkles or folds; contract one's lips into a rounded shape

Spelling Word: purse
Read [Esc] (358)  
follow in; go in search of or hunt for

Spelling Word: pursue
Read [Esc] (359)  
follow after; follow with a view to obtain; endeavor to attain

Spelling Word: pursuit
Read [Esc] (360)  
n. Syn. mystery; enigma; perplex; riddle
difficult question or problem

Spelling Word: puzzle
Read [Esc] (361)  
a massive memorial with a square base and four triangular sides; built as royal tombs in ancient Egypt

Spelling Word: pyramid