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Grade 7: Quiz Card - 2

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 Grade 7: Quiz Card - 2
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Speak [Esc]  n. great gun; firearm for discharging heavy shot with great force

Spelling Word: cannon
Speak [Esc]  n. a type of melon that is round and has yellow or green skin and sweet orange flesh

Spelling Word: cantaloupe
Speak [Esc]  n. a large valley with steep sides and usually a river flowing in the bottom; gorge

Spelling Word: canyon
Speak [Esc]  n. festivity; traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows

Spelling Word: carnival
Speak [Esc]  n. ketchup; thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes

Spelling Word: catsup
Speak [Esc]  a. conservative; careful to avoid potential problems or dangers

Spelling Word: cautious
Speak [Esc]  n. the upper surface of a room

Spelling Word: ceiling
Speak [Esc]  n. a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event

Spelling Word: celebration
Speak [Esc]  v. assert a right; raise a formal objection; take exception to

Spelling Word: challenge
Speak [Esc]  n. status of being first place; position or title of a winner

Spelling Word: championship
Speak [Esc]  n. the largest city in Illinois, a port that extends 26 miles along the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan

Spelling Word: Chicago
Speak [Esc]  n. the small, red or green seed case from particular pepper plant that is used to make very hot and spicy foods

Spelling Word: chili
Speak [Esc]  a. cold but not freezing

Spelling Word: chilly
Speak [Esc]  n. an accurate timer for recording time

Spelling Word: chronograph
Speak [Esc]  n. a mixture containing fruit, spices, sugar, and vinegar, eaten cold with especially meat or cheese

Spelling Word: chutney
Speak [Esc]  v. make something completely clean, as by washing

Spelling Word: cleanse
Speak [Esc]  a. rough or harsh; of low, common, or inferior quality

Spelling Word: coarse
Speak [Esc]  n. a poisonous snake that makes itself look bigger by spreading the skin at the back of its head

Spelling Word: cobra
Speak [Esc]  n. two or more things occurring at the same time by chance

Spelling Word: coincidence
Speak [Esc]  v. breakdown; fall down suddenly because of pressure or having no support

Spelling Word: collapse
Speak [Esc]  v. get and keep things of one type, such as stamps or coins as a hobby

Spelling Word: collect
Speak [Esc]  n. a person who collects things because they are beautiful, valuable, or interesting

Spelling Word: collector
Speak [Esc]  n. a school to study for an undergraduate degree, usually a part of university

Spelling Word: college
Speak [Esc]  n. light and humorous drama with a happy ending

Spelling Word: comedy
Speak [Esc]  n. an order, especially one given by a soldier

Spelling Word: command
Speak [Esc]  n. special group delegated to consider some matter

Spelling Word: committee
Speak [Esc]  v. send information about; make known; reveal clearly

Spelling Word: communicate
Speak [Esc]  a. based on, or involving comparison

Spelling Word: comparative
Speak [Esc]  a. having a temper or disposition to pity; sympathetic or merciful

Spelling Word: compassionate
Speak [Esc]  a. capable of being conceived, imagined, or understood

Spelling Word: conceivable
Speak [Esc]  v. blame; express strong disapproval of

Spelling Word: condemn
Speak [Esc]  n. feeling secure or certain about something

Spelling Word: confidence
Speak [Esc]  v. join, or fasten together; associate or combine; unite or link together

Spelling Word: connect
Speak [Esc]  v. gain or acquire by force; take possession of by violent means; gain dominion over

Spelling Word: conquer
Speak [Esc]  a. kind and helpful

Spelling Word: considerate
Speak [Esc]  a. being in agreement with itself; always behaving or happening in a similar

Spelling Word: consistent
Speak [Esc]  a. tending to improve or promote development

Spelling Word: constructive
Speak [Esc]  v. exist over a prolonged period of time

Spelling Word: continue
Speak [Esc]  n. a lot of disagreement or argument about something

Spelling Word: controversy
Speak [Esc]  a. suited or favorable to one's comfort, purpose, or needs; accessible

Spelling Word: convenient
Speak [Esc]  v. work or act together toward a common end or purpose

Spelling Word: cooperate
Speak [Esc]  n. dress; aset of clothes appropriate for a particular occasion or season

Spelling Word: costume
Speak [Esc]  n. a group of people elected or chosen to make decisions or give advice on a particular subject

Spelling Word: council
Speak [Esc]  v. give advice to someone; suggest

Spelling Word: counsel
Speak [Esc]  v. make a copy of, usually with the intent to defraud; forge

Spelling Word: counterfeit
Speak [Esc]  n. a small wild animal like a dog

Spelling Word: coyote
Speak [Esc]  a. promoting construction or creation

Spelling Word: creative
Speak [Esc]  n. a large reptile with a hard skin that lives in and near rivers and lakes

Spelling Word: crocodile
Speak [Esc]  a. dishonest or hiding the truth

Spelling Word: deceitful
Speak [Esc]  v. cause to believe what is not true; mislead

Spelling Word: deceive