7th Grade Spelling Words Worksheet

 Grade 7: Worksheet - 7

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Middle School Words: Word/Explanation for Grade 7 (List 7)

prosper: v. flourish; thrive; gain in wealth; grow stronger
protrude: v. extend out or project in space; stick out
pterodactyl: n. extinct flying reptiles that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods
pulchritude: n. great physical beauty and appeal; attractive moral excellence; moral beauty
pursue: v. follow in; go in search of or hunt for
query: n. inquiry; doubt in the mind; mental reservation
quixotic: a. idealistic without regard to practicality
raillery: n. pleasantry or slight satire; banter; jesting language; satirical merriment
rally: v. call up or summon; call together for a common purpose
rampant: a. unrestrained and violent; occurring without restraint
ransom: n. release of property or person in return for payment of a demanded price; price paid for such release
razor: n. sharp-edged cutting instrument used especially for shaving the face or other body parts
react: v. act against or in opposition to; show a response or a reaction
receipt: n. act of receiving; acknowledgment of goods delivered or money paid
reciprocal: a. concerning each of two or more persons or things; exchangeable; interacting