8th Grade Spelling Words Worksheet

 Grade 8: Worksheet - 6

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Middle School Words: Word/Explanation for Grade 8 (List 6)

ordain: v. decree or command; grant holy orders; predestine
ornate: a. excessively or elaborately decorated; flashy, showy, or florid in style or manner
ostracize: v. exclude from community or group; banish by popular vote
outbreak: n. the sudden or violent start of something unwelcome, such as war, disease; eruption; explosion
outburst: n. an unrestrained expression of emotion; a sudden intense happening
outcast: a. cast out; degraded; excluded from a society
outcry: n. strong protest or objection; loud cry or clamor
outlast: v. outlive; live or last longer than
outlaw: n. person excluded from the benefit of the law, or deprived of its protection; fugitive from the law; habitual criminal
outrage: n. act of extreme violence or viciousness; offense
outright: ad. altogether; entirely; without reservation or exception
outstrip: v. exceed or surpass; leave behind
ovation: n. enthusiastic, prolonged applause; show of public homage or welcome
overpower: v. overcome by superior force; overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli
overrun: v. run or extend beyond normal or desired limit; overflow