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(腹,下腹(胸部到腿部的部份)) belly, or that part of the body between the thorax and the pelvis

Spelling Word: abdomen
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a. Syn. temperate
(节制(饮食),调节) sparing or moderation in eating and drinking; temperate

Spelling Word: abstemious
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a. Syn. scurrilous
(粗俗的侮辱,对身体有害的) coarsely insulting; physically harmful; characterized by improper or wrongful use

Spelling Word: abusive
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n. Syn. associate
(共犯,同伙) partner in crime; associate in wrongdoing

Spelling Word: accomplice
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(手风琴) a portable box-shaped free-reed instrument; reeds that are made to vibrate by air from the bellows controlled by the player

Spelling Word: accordion
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v. Syn. authorize; commission
(授权) authorize; commission; give credit for

Spelling Word: accredit
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v. Syn. blame; condemn
(指责,归咎) blame; condemn

Spelling Word: accuse
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(尖酸的(语气,脾气)) bitterness of speech and temper; sourness or acidness of taste, character, or tone

Spelling Word: acerbity
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a. Syn. vinegary; sour
(酸的) having properties of vinegar; sour

Spelling Word: acetic
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n. Syn. supplement
(附加,补充) something added or to be added, especially a supplement to a book

Spelling Word: addendum