By Pacific Lava

Single Choice SAT Vocabulary Quiz

When you prepare SAT exam, you probably have to spend much of time to build vocabulary. Basically vocabulary level is foundation of reading and writing. If you are working hard to have an excellent score in final test, you must have an excellent SAT vocabulary. Many test takers are trying to enhance vocabulary before exam day; they study and exercise in various ways. Single choice quiz is to match word's meaning to many options. It is a common method to impress the known word, familiarize new words, and let you know own level and progress.

If you used to exercise single choice quiz, this is right place. We offer quiz sheets by web page to cover all SAT lists of the site. No matter what list you are studying, you can access its single choice quiz just one click. SAT word quiz consists of 4 options. As long as you get the right one, the answer will be highlighted immediately. This mode is designed to help you review known words and study new words in the shortest time.

Note that these SAT vocabulary quiz sheets are only for building vocabulary. Their goal is to help you enhance your SAT vocabulary level by fast study and review. They don't mock any real SAT questions. If you want to familiarize real SAT test, these quizzes cannot help you.

Right now we have 8 SAT lists for various levels and separate requirement. We suggest you try 100 Most Common SAT Vocabulary at first. It's a short and fundamental vocabulary to test your level very quickly.
If you feel difficult for this short list, it means your SAT vocabulary is relatively poor. Single choice quiz, which is for fast study/review word list, may not be the best way for your situation. You shouldn't spend time on these quizzes. Instead, you may consider flashcards or other tools to build vocabulary.

If you think quizzes based on 100 Most Common SAT Vocabulary are quite easy, you can try quizzes of hard or large SAT word lists.

3600 SAT Vocabulary List covers a big set of words, it is good test to evaluate your vocabulary preparation. although it takes longer time than other small word lists. All words in this list are categorized into 8 groups.

3600 SAT Vocabulary List's quizzes.
If you are in narrow time frame, we have some short but difficult SAT vocabulary lists available. For example, 300 Common SAT Words is good high score hunters. Its words are common in SAT test but not common in daily; try to challenge them if you are confident for your vocabulary level. This list has been divided into 4 groups.

300 Common SAT Words' quizzes.
Because more and more international students are taking part in SAT test in recent years, we added non-English definitions to some word list in this web site. We take Hard SAT Word List as example, and show links that include definitions of Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Korean respectively. Basically there are 20 languages are ready to select. At quiz sheet page, you can change to own native language by button any time.

Hard SAT Word List's quiz sheet: option is appended by definition of Chinese.
Hard SAT Word List's quiz sheet: option is appended by definition of Russia.
Hard SAT Word List's quiz sheet: option is appended by definition of Korean.
Hard SAT Word List's quiz sheet: option is appended by definition of Arabic.