Describe A Cafe You Like To Visit

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Part 2
where it locates
Well, the café locates in the center of our city, and it is accessible from ...
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how the cafe looks like
It is a café with several tables inside. When the weather is good, people love ...
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what kind of food and drink you had there
I frequently go to this café with my colleagues because the food is tasty, ...
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explain why you like to go there
Why I like it so much is the quiet, intimate ambiance. The warm lighting, WiFi ...
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Part 3
1. Do people in your country like to drink coffee?
Yes, we do. Our country is home to one of the best coffee beans globally; it ...
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2. What kind of people would like to go to a café?
Most people cannot live without coffee in our country, and they are the coffee ...
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3. Why do young people like studying in a café instead of at home?
Probably they can not find a seat at libraries; Maybe they hard to get their ...
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4. What are the differences between a café and a restaurant?
Although the differences between a cafe and a restaurant have narrowed down, ...
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5. Will you choose a café or restaurant when you meet others?
A cafe is my choice. Cafes serve coffee, cakes, snacks, and a variety of hot ...
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