Describe An Invention That Has Positively Changed The World.

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Part 2
Scientific inventions significantly impacted society and changed every aspect ...
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what it is
Today, I will talk about another great invention that changed people's lives - ...
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what benefits it has brought
The Internet provides us with valuable data, information, and knowledge needed ...
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how it influences people of different ages
The Internet has changed our lives and how we shop, navigate, work, learn, ...
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and explain how you feel about it
As a student, I believe the Internet's role in education is unmatched. At the ...
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1. How has technology made our life easier?
Technology has made our life more comfortable and accessible in different ways ...
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2. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?
Many inventions help the household, but it is hard for me to choose one only. ...
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3. Is it more difficult for older people to accept new technologies?
Yes, I believe so. Mastering new technology and absorbing new knowledge is ...
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4. What can be done to help older people learn to use new technologies?
Well, there are many ways to help them with new technologies, but we have to ...
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