The increasing demand for oil and gas has made it necessary to look for energy sources in remote and untouched natural places. Do the advantages outweigh not doing?

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The increasing demand for oil and gas has made it necessary to look for these energy sources in remote and untouched natural places. Do you think the advantages of locating oil and gas in these areas outweigh the disadvantages of damaging these places?
Answer Hints:
Pros and cons topic. You need to be careful to limit, that is, the topic limits the location, which is those remote and uninhabited places, so it is unreasonable if you say to promote local economic development.

  • Remote areas to find and produce oil/gas impact fewer people.
  • Explore more oil and gas resources to meet demand.
  • More oil resources lead to lower oil prices and improve the quality of life.
  • Production costs drop, products are cheaper and help economic development.
  • More energy help to avoid competition and even some military conflicts.
  • Oil from remote areas is expensive and causes excessive dependence on oil and gas.
  • Destroy the local environment
  • Cause damage to harmony between man and nature.
Answer 1
It is irrefutable that the world now demands enormous energy resources like gas and oil. As a result, people have to look for more natural resources from the remained and unexplored areas. It has pros and cons, but I believe that the advantages of this practice clearly outweigh the disadvantages as it benefits the ...
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Task Response:
-The main ideas are extended and supported; the response is ok, but some ideas aren't supported with clear examples, the example Erdos example seems fake, and the 3rd paragraph doesn't matter with "local," no help to the essay.
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-Each paragraph has a clear central topic, which is developed, and there is an effective use of cohesive devices.
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-A variety of complex structures is used with some flexibility and accuracy.