IELTS General Writing Task 2

Practice and submit writing task 2: #4025; save and share your essay online, get feedback and refine writing skill. Hot essay topics and answers Show hot essay

Quick help:
  1. Email is used to identify author, and never be shown or uncovered in any circumstance.
  2. Pen name or code may be published if the essay will be shared in some cases. Beside, if you want to write/save more than one essay on same topic, you should assign separate pen name.
  3. Before you save or load essay, you must specify email and pen name.
  4. You may just save essay on local alone, and load it then. Suggest 'Save to local' until your essay is finished.
  5. 'Save my essay' will save to both server and local, if you saved before, the previous version will be overwritten.
  6. When you load from server, your local version wouldn't be updated automatically.
  7. The essay may be cleaned from server after 100 days since your last submiting/updating unless it is moved to as sharing samples.
 IELTS General Writing Task 2 - My Essay:
Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.

Do you agree or disagree?

Provide relevant examples if necessary.

Write at least 250 words.
Input Essay: (Please less than 350 words.)   Show your submitted essay