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TOEFL IBT Speaking: 80 Sample Questions

By Alina MyGou|TOEFL IBT Speaking:80 Sample Questions|80 sample quizzes are summarized for Question 1 and Question 2 of TOEFL IBT Speaking, an excellent list to prepare TOEFL speaking test.
These 80 sample quizzes are summarized for Question 1 and Question 2 of TOEFL IBT Speaking. Prepare and practice these topics helps much for test takers to hunt a good score. These sample questions can cover 90% topics of your test. Prepare a draft for each of them is a short cut to up your score. TOEFL IBT Speaking is based on machine, speak loudly when exercise is also very important.
1. What is the most useful book of you? Why?

2. TV is positive or negative to modern society? Give your choice.

3. Describe the most important decision that you made in your life.

4. Do you think the high school should teach music and art as other basic science?

5. After school, how do you spend your time usually?

6. Should mobile phone be forbidden in some places?

7. Describe a celebration or moment that impressed you very much.

8. Which one acts more influence on you newspaper, TV or teachers?

9. Describe a social or politics celebration events in your culture.

10. Should government pay bill for museums and theatres? Explain your argument.

11. Where is your favourite place of your city? Why?

12. Where do you like to visit with friends?

13. Do you prefer having meals at home?

14. What park is your favourite one?

15. Big city or small town, which do you prefer to go to college?

16. Magazine, novel, poem, which do you prefer to read?

17. Do you like living alone or with room mate?

18. Which is common choice: restaurant, café, or home for your party?

19. Computers have improved our lives while others think computers have caused problems.

20. Talk about teacher.

21. Do you prefer to work at office, or at home?

22. Talk about someone you respect.

23. Should university be open to all students?

24. Parents should lead their children to watch TV? Or the children should choose by themselves.

25. What is the most efficient transportation in your country?

26. What is the most important invention of the last 100 years?

27. Should a college student be successful in career easier than ones without college education? why?

28. Talk about characteristics of friends.

29. Someone suggests school to cut the recycling. Try to comment it.

30. Do you want to be a leader? Or just to be a follower?

31. Which one do you think is better to help do research: internet or academic books?

32. In general where do people get information? From TV, newspaper, and other media, or from family andfriends?

33. What is your ideal job?

34. Do you prefer to take a long vacation or several short vacations in a year?

35. What are the characteristics of good parent?

36. Do you prefer to study alone on assignment from class or to study in group?

37. What is your goal in future?

38. Describe a challenging experience.

39. Do we should choose major for job hunting or just for our interesting?

40. What sort of movies do you like? Comedy, drama…

41. What will you do to relax yourself?

42. Is it important for students to attend class regularly or study by oneself?

43.Describe an enjoyable event in your childhood

44. Describe one of your schools?

45. Should school add Sport courses for generic students?

46. What do you miss most when you are away from home?

47. Some people believe that we should give a hand in dangerous case without hesitate; others argue that youshould ensure not to cause new troubles.

48. Describe a special opportunity given to you.

49. Talk about good leader.

50. Should people always tell the truth?

51. Describe an object which is very important to you

52. Do you agree that we can judge a person by the appearance at the first glance?

53. What is your choice: job or career?

54. If you have much of money, how do you spend?

55. What should students do in their vacations?

56. Describe a happy event in childhood, explain why it is memorable.

57. Communicate with your family and friends by letter, e-mail, or by telephone. What is your option?

58. Your favorite time of a year.

59. Some people want to have a relaxed and unhurried life, do you agree with?

60. What is your favorite room?

61. In journey, some used to get destination directly, some enjoy the procedure to get the goal. How about your opinion?

62. When you get restaurant or café, what features do you care about?

63. In city development, do we keep old building? Or replace them with new building?

64. Do you prefer to get advice from family and friends, or learning through personal experience?

65. Do you agree or disagree: Students should wear uniform in school?

66. Compare online courses with traditional courses.

67. Talk about subject that will lead to better job or subject that you are interested.

68. Some think college experience is important, some think not important. What is your opinion?

69. Describe a letter, or poem, that is important to you.

70. Forest, desert, where do you like to live?

71. Experience of asking help from others. How do the others help you?

72. High salary job or high personal satisfied job, which is your choice?

73. Student should do part-time job or summer intern to learn what sort of jobs is proper to him/her, do you agree with?

74. What skill do you want to learn?

75. Is it a good idea to have a one-year break before college study?

76. Talk about some good news about yourself.

77. Freshmen should live alone or with seniors in same building?

78. Students will learn more when they have discussions. Do you agree with?

79. Do you agree or disagree: “The most important lesson can’t be learned in class.”

80.Should the university education be free?

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