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The MELAB was discontinued on June 2018, this page is kept only to refer to what we worked before and to offer information for English tests' researchers.
Because the MELAB was discontinued on June 2018, we have removed all links of contents, vocabularies, tips, and apps from the web site.

We do keep some MELAB apps running in order not to interrupt some un-finished vocabulary building. Even if you have these links, which are just for existing and unfinished jobs, you shouldn't start any new task by them.

This page is kept only to refer to what we worked before and to offer information for English exams' researchers, which any English test taker shouldn't use anymore.
 MELAB Exam - How to Prepare Vocabulary
After the MELAB was discontinued in June 2018, we don't maintain below information any more.
Many colleges and universities in the USA accept MELAB exam. If you are preparing vocabulary for MELAB test, this web site can help you a lot. It offers various MELAB exam materials, such as word lists, online practices, tips, and experiences, as a great a hub of resources to MELAB English test takers. Especially in some word lists and online practices, it offers definitions of multiple languages for each word to assist non-native English speakers in building MELAB vocabulary easier and quicker.

It is never an easy job for non-native English speakers to prepare English exam like MELAB, if they are expecting to get a high score. The most difficult thing in all preparation is vocabulary building; this is what we are trying to help you. Here the collected word list, online practices, tips, and experiences are supposed to meet with students of separate level s. And we believe MELAB exam takers will find some of them match their demand and enjoy their great features in test preparing.

Let's begin with web apps. They are designed to speed up the MELAB test prepares, and they are top-rated online MELAB vocabulary builders.

MELAB Test for Vocabulary: A convenient MELAB vocabulary test tool, a simple web app. You can test MELAB words online. The random single selection question is an excellent exercise to evaluate your MELAB level, preparation, and progress.

1200 MELAB Words in 30 Days: This is also for smart students to prepare MELAB exam vocabulary. But it's much easier, in general, high score hunters take one month review and study 1200 words before test day is a reasonable arrangement. This tool will bring up your MELAB vocabulary to a higher level.

If you are looking for word lists, we collect 3 MELAB exam vocabularies for various visitors.

1000 MELAB Writing Words: This list is short but useful. In the MELAB writing test, you have to spell words right and quick, so you should prepare writing words in a higher standard than words in reading: not just know them, but use them in the right place and right way.

3500 MELAB Vocabulary: This vocabulary has been selected from MELAB words building apps of this website. It consists of middle-level words in the MELAB test. If you are a MELAB test taker, don't miss the list. To help ESL students, it also offers definitions of 20 languages.

High Score MELAB Word List: This vocabulary is a difficult list for most MELAB test takers. If you are trying to get a good mark, this is a must-have vocabulary.

In tips and experiences, useful resources and information are maintained and updated to assist your MELAB exam preparing. Some articles are as

MELAB Spelling Practice Online: A hub of resources to exercise MELAB spelling. You can choose questions from a separate word list.

MELAB Cloze Samples: You can view and train lots of MELAB Cloze exam sample. They are precious when preparing test.

Download MELAB Vocabulary PDF: Tell you how to make your own MELAB vocabulary in PDF format and ready to print. It's a free way to get your own MELAB word list PDF.

We assume you already know MELAB very well. If not, the following is a brief to introduce what the MELAB exact is. Hopefully, it will help you to get the big picture of the MELAB exam.

MELAB, the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery, is an important test in the USA and Canada to evaluate proficiency in understanding, writing, and speaking English. It is designed for EFL (English as a foreign language), and is often used for university admission. This test isn't as famous as TOEFL, but it plays a similar role in university and college applications.

The test includes three mandatory parts: Written composition, Listening comprehension, and Grammar, in addition to an optional speaking test in the form of a one-on-one interview with an examiner.

MELEB has some special rules the test takers have to follow. The test interval is one of them. For example, if you take the test in June, you must wait until August to retake the MELAB. It means you must wait a calendar month between two tests. Besides, in any consecutive twelve-month period, test takers may have at most six times MELAB tests.

As mentioned, the test is mainly for university and college applications. The content and level is aimed toward a student who might encounter in American universities. On the listening test, speakers use standard American English at a normal rate. At this point, it is different from IELTS. In the IELTS test, you may hear various English accents.

Grammar tests focus on control of forms and structures of sentences. Vocabulary tests are for those frequently encountered in written sources. Reading comprehension passages are taken from books and magazines. All of them are designed for academic purpose.

Speaking test is special from other parts. You may take the speaking test only with the MELAB examination. Speaking test scores are reported only if you took the speaking test during your most recent MELAB examination. In other words, you cannot carry a previous speaking test score over to a more recent MELAB score report.

In general, it will take 4 to 6 weeks until you receive the test result. You may select rush service is available for the reporting of scores.

Test takers will automatically receive one unofficial copy of the MELAB score issued by your test center. Official MELAB score reports will be sent to up to two universities/colleges/institutions that you listed before taking the test.

Score reports include scores of different parts of the test. Scores on parts 1, 2, and 3 are averaged to produce a final score. Speaking score isn't in it. If the test taker took the optional speaking test, the score is also shown on the score report. MELAB test scores are valid for two years, then it will be invalid, and no score reports can be issued again.

Please don't ask what is the passing score. There is no passing score for MELAB itself. Organizations that accept MELAB scores may have their minimum scores.