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reprisal  Speak
act of making copies
extreme dislike or aversion; opposition; conflict; resistance, in a physical sense
expression of blame or censure; censure for a fault; reproach
action taken in return for injury or offense
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v. Syn. anticipate; predict
anticipate; predict

Spelling Word: foresee
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sleet  Read
n. a mixture of rain and snow or hail; rain which freezes before reaching the ground

The dress code was layers and layers of clothes and a good pair of boots to withstand snow, wind, rain and sleet.

Added on 2018-07-19
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stunt: n. difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention
proactive: a. acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty
havoc: n. widespread destruction; devastation; disorder or chaos
susceptible: a. easily influenced or affected; especially sensitive
curriculum: n. all the courses of study offered by an educational institution; a group of related courses, often in a special field of study
mammal: n. any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals, including humans, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin
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