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disciple  Speak
trait of being well behaved ; act of punishing ; system of rules of conduct or method of practice
an unbridgeable disparity as from a failure of understanding
distress; uneasiness; mental or bodily distress
follower; adherent; person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others
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a. Syn. fair
not influenced by emotions; having actual existence or reality

Spelling Word: objective
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ethnicity  Read
n. common characteristics of a group of people; ethnic group; quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural ties

The data, which covers applications from within the UK by people who declare their ethnicity, shows that 329 out of 586 white applicants were given an offer of a place, versus 190 of 412 applicants from ethnic minorities.

Added on 2018-05-22
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sovereignty: n. supremacy of authority or rule
arena: n. an enclosed area, often outdoor, for the presentation of sporting events or other spectacular events
slate: n. thin, flat piece, for roofing or covering houses; a list of candidates
on track: a. proceeding as planned, as expected, or in a manner consistent with an established pattern
searing: a. very hot, blistering or boiling
aviation: n. art or act of flying; specifically, the science or art of directing and controlling flying-machines