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evanescent  Speak
ultimate; occurring at an unspecified time in the future
show or demonstrate clearly; overcome; conquer
bring out; arouse; call forth
fleeting; vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor
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small, short, sharp-pointed nail, usually having a broad, flat head

Spelling Word: tack
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saga  Read
n. ancient Scandinavian legend or tradition of considerable length; tale

But who thought Bollywood, India’s prolific Hindi-film industry, would be at the centre of a dramatic saga of its own.

Added on 2018-04-20
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saga: n. ancient Scandinavian legend or tradition of considerable length; tale
behemoth: n. something enormous in size or power
trot out: v. (informal) to bring out and show for inspection
coincide: v. to happen at the same time or during the same period, to occupy exactly the same space
tout: v. to promote or praise energetically; publicize
muck: n. a moist sticky mixture, especially of mud and filth