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preference  Speak
a strong liking; favorite
opinion formed without due examination; leaning toward one side of a question
church dignitary; senior clergyman
proposition upon which an argument is based; assumption; land and the buildings on it
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something that propels or drives forward

Spelling Word: propellant
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coronation  Read
n. act or ceremony of crowning a sovereign or the sovereign's consort; ceremony of installing a new monarch

"I always knew for some reason that it would happen if I kept going," said Glover backstage Thursday after her coronation.

Added on 2018-10-19
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coronation: n. act or ceremony of crowning a sovereign or the sovereign's consort; ceremony of installing a new monarch
propaganda: n. a set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people
intrepid: a. fearless, brave, bold
hide: n. skin of an animal, especially the thick tough skin or pelt of a large animal
apartheid: n. a policy or practice of separating or segregating groups
endowment: n. funds or property donated to an institution or individual as a source of income
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