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livelihood  Speak
subsistence; financial means whereby one lives
lead-colored; black and blue; discolored, as from a bruise; extremely angry
reasoned and reasonable judgment; a system of reasoning
unwilling or reluctant; filled with disgust or aversion; dislike
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staff or truncheon for various purposes, as one of a conductor in musical performances, one transferred by runners in a relay race

Spelling Word: baton
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emaciated  Read
a. thin or haggard, especially from hunger or disease

A "severely emaciated" finback whale that has likely been sick for some time beached itself at Breezy Point, where it was likely to die.

Added on 2018-07-20
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emaciated: a. thin or haggard, especially from hunger or disease
sleet: n. a mixture of rain and snow or hail; rain which freezes before reaching the ground
tactile: a. perceptible to the sense of touch; tangible; used for feeling
conduit: n. pipe or channel for conveying fluids; tube for enclosing electric wires or cable
bitumen: n. any of various naturally occurring impure mixtures of hydrocarbons
gargantuan: a. of immense size, volume, or capacity; gigantic
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