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reprisal  Speak
act of making copies
extreme dislike or aversion; opposition; conflict; resistance, in a physical sense
expression of blame or censure; censure for a fault; reproach
action taken in return for injury or offense
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v. Syn. anticipate; predict
anticipate; predict

Spelling Word: foresee
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beefed-up  Read
a. made greater or stronger

But economists have grown increasingly concerned that even beefed-up ECB action, such as large-scale government bond purchases, would be far less effective in the eurozone than similar measures in the U.S. and U.K. have been in boosting growth there.

Added on 2017-12-11
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synod: n. an ecclesiastic council or meeting to consult on church matters
cornice: n. horizontal architectural element of a building, projecting forward from the main walls, originally used as a means of directing rainwater away from the building's walls
vigorous: a. physically strong and active
calamity: n. an event resulting in great loss
revamp: v. renovate, revise, improve or renew; to patch
pepper: v. to be covered with lots of (something made up of small things); to add (something) at frequent intervals