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benefit  Speak
generous in providing aid to others; charitable
beg; plead with; ask for or request earnestly
advantage; something that aids or promotes well-being ; welfare; gain
space for ship to dock or anchor; allotted place; place to sleep or stay; appointment or job
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a. Syn. metropolitan; civic
metropolitan; civic; having local self-government

Spelling Word: municipal
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traumatize  Read
v. wound or injure a tissue, as in a surgical operation

Possible teenage suicide pacts and the potential for traumatizing fear in young children has prompted The NASA to release a video this week discounting theories that the end of the Maya calendar on December 21st, signifies the end of the world.

Added on 2018-12-11
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amalgam: n. a combination of many different things; an alloy of mercury and other metals
foray: n. sudden raid or military advance; venture or initial attempt, especially outside one's usual area
hippocampus: n. a ridge in the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain that consists mainly of gray matter and has a central role in memory processes
sermon: n. religious discourse delivered as part of a church service
discourse: n. formal discussion on a topic, either written or spoken
coup: n. a sudden take-over of leadership or power
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