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apology  Speak
capable of being seen, or easily seen; open to view; visible to eye
acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense; explanation or excuse
depress or discourage with fear; grow faint or become weak
bring peace, quiet, or calm to; satisfy or relieve
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n. Syn. enjoyment; enthusiasm; zest
nice or keen appreciation or enjoyment; enthusiasm

Spelling Word: gusto
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apartheid  Read
n. a policy or practice of separating or segregating groups

Nelson Mandela, who guided South Africa from the shackles of apartheid to multi-racial democracy and became an international icon of peace and reconciliation, died Thursday at age 95.

Added on 2018-10-15
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endowment: n. funds or property donated to an institution or individual as a source of income
demilitarize: v. remove or reduce an area's military power
groundscraper: n. sprawling low-height building or complex
hosanna: n. cry of praise or adoration to God; a Hebrew exclamation of praise to the Lord, or an invocation of blessings
spawn: v. produce offspring in large numbers; deposit eggs; produce spawn
advert: n. advertisement an ad; public promotion of some product or service
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