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chaos  Speak
state of being chaste; purity of body; freedom from unlawful sexual intercourse
quack; one who pretends to knowledge, skill, or importance
feature that helps to identify, tell apart, or describe recognizably; a distinguishing mark or trait
disorder; condition or place of great disorder or confusion; disorderly mass
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branch of biology that deals with the structure of animals and plants

Spelling Word: morphology
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watershed  Read
n. region of land within which water flows down into a specified body; critical point marking a change in course or development

But the option described as "best" for conservation would have created a park 6,450-square kilometres that protected the watershed as well as grizzly and caribou population.

Added on 2018-05-23
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sovereignty: n. supremacy of authority or rule
arena: n. an enclosed area, often outdoor, for the presentation of sporting events or other spectacular events
slate: n. thin, flat piece, for roofing or covering houses; a list of candidates
on track: a. proceeding as planned, as expected, or in a manner consistent with an established pattern
searing: a. very hot, blistering or boiling
aviation: n. art or act of flying; specifically, the science or art of directing and controlling flying-machines