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necessitate  Speak
make necessary or indispensable; render unavoidable
careless; inattentive
neglect; failure to take reasonable care; state or quality of being negligent
poor; indigent; being in need; impoverished
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v. Syn. assent
assent; agree without protesting

Spelling Word: acquiesce
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hedge fund  Read
n. a professionally-managed investment fund that seeks to maximize profits, usually by pursuing unconventional strategies

Government officials and hedge-fund creditors spent much of the last two days in negotiations with a court-appointed mediator, but talks ended without a deal Wednesday evening.

Added on 2017-09-22
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hedge fund: n. a professionally-managed investment fund that seeks to maximize profits, usually by pursuing unconventional strategies
arsenal: n. a store or supply of anything; a stock of weapons; a military establishment for the storage, development, manufacturing, testing, or repairing of weapons and war material
algae: n. plural of a type of aquatic life form, such as seaweed; any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms, whose size ranges from a single cell to giant kelps and whose form is very diverse
reprehensible: a. blameworthy, censurable, guilty
expropriation: n. the act of taking an individual's private property for public use
backhoe: n. piece of excavating equipment consisting of a digging bucket or scoop on the end of an articulated arm; drawn backwards to move earth