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militant  Speak
fighting or warring; having a combative character; aggressive
act of serving; government department, at the administrative level normally headed by a minister
loyal servant of another, usually more powerful being
copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression
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devoted to or appreciative of music

Spelling Word: philharmonic
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refractory  Read
a. difficult to work, resistant to treatment, resistant to authority

"It would be unethical and reckless to provide end-stage refractory ovarian cancer patients outside a clinical trial with BMN 673 at this early stage of development," says company spokesperson Debra Charlesworth.

Added on 2018-06-22
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refractory: a. difficult to work, resistant to treatment, resistant to authority
citizenry: n. the group of all citizens
christening: n. a Christian ceremony involving baptizing and naming an infant
stump speech: n. political speech for campaigning
vantage point: n. a place or position that gives a good view
careen: v. to lurch or swerve while in motion; tilt on one side
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