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  No: 1   2020-05-16: Task 2
Some parents spend little free time with their children today. Why is this? Who do you think this affects more, parents or children?
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  No: 2   2020-03-30: Task 2
Some people say it wastes time to plan for future; it is more important to focus on present. Do you agree or disagree?
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  No: 3   2020-03-21: Task 2
It is better to go out for a live performance (a show or concert) than stay at home watching TV or using the computer. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
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Recent General Writing Questions
  No: 1   2020-05-16: Task 2
In some countries, the governments pay the unemployed people on a weekly basis. How would this impact people as well as government? Do you agree or disagree with that?
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  No: 2   2020-05-12: Task 2
Some people believe that children should continue schooling till 18 years of age, while others suggest that schooling till 14 years of age is enough. Discuss both views and present your opinion.
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  No: 3   2020-05-10: Task 2
Some people like to spend their leisure time with their colleagues while others prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life. Is it a good thing to spend leisure time with colleague?
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2020-05-01 By jarry
Below is revised by tutor on 2020-05-24
TOPIC: Some people believe that charity organisations should help people wherever they live, others think they should attend their countries only. Discuss both and give your opinion.   Show submitted essay
Revised by tutor:
People are divided into the views whether the humanitarian organization provides aid to all individual who belongs to any nation, whereas only their particular country. Although, according to my views, it should be the onus of the charitable organization that gives help to all folks rather than the specific nation and community. I will elaborate not only on both statements but also share some perspectives in the upcoming paragraphs.

Undoubtedly, the non-profit organization has brought a revolution all over the world they not only cater to daily bases goods but also give medical and education facilities to needy people. It is the responsibility of these non-government organizations to give aid to all nations because we all are human beings. If the wealthy nation provides aid to underdeveloped countries it will be worthwhile for all humanity and it is the symbol of solidarity. to elucidate these days the whole world is suffering from coronavirus disease and all nations are doing help to each other by medical equipment, medicines, testing kits, sanitizers, and N 95 masks.

Secondly is that it is the ways to develop the relationship between both nations and curb the burden of underdeveloped countries. To cite an example recently we see that numerous people lost their houses in Iraq and Syria war, but that time lots of organizations come in front and provide food, shelter, and other basic necessity to local people.

On the other hand, some believe that it is the duty of a charity organization to provide the facility to own country citizens. Numerous people think that if particular nations people give donations to a charitable organization, it is the responsibility to provide facilities to own individuals rather than another nation. It is a good way to ameliorate the economic condition of the country and provide better education and health facilities to native people. These days many governments are running the non-profit organization to provide basic facilities in a remote area.

In my ideology, it is the duty of charitable organizations to ease the life of not the only nation but also other countries. these days we belong to a global village where all nations depend on each other. If one nation does help to other nation it accelerates the relationship and trust between each other. Another one is that we all are human being it is the onus of everyone do help their neighbor nations during the crisis.

To conclude there is no doubt charitable organizations are paling significant role to decrease the burden of underdeveloped nations. It is the duty of humanitarian organizations full the needs of all nationalities.
Band 6.5

Good essay. If you refine the former part and enhance the conclusion, it should get a higher score. Besides, coronavirus is becoming a political issue, which you should avoid touching in IELTS writing.
2020-05-01 By Arkham Journal
Below is revised by tutor on 2020-05-24
TOPIC: Teenagers face a lot of difficulties at home and at school. What are the causes for this? How can parents provide solutions?   Show submitted essay
Revised by tutor:
During adolescent years a lot of children have trouble managing their studies and personal life. This essay will discuss how hormonal changes causes troublesome behavior among teenagers and will also suggest through effective counseling how parents can help their children.

The teenage period is considered to be the most sensitive period during a child's development. During this time, a young person goes through some natural physiological and psychological changes which cause some alterations in a person's behavior. These include a desire for freedom and curiosity to explore new things. Consequently, many children engage themselves in risky activities like smoking and drinking and end up losing focus on studies, which results in deteriorating grades. In fact a recent survey conducted by the University of California concluded that chemical imbalances in kids aged between thirteen and nineteen had a strong correlation with rowdy behavior and poor grades.

A possible solution to this problem is counseling. Parents must try to remain mindful of the difficulties their children might be facing during this crucial period of their lives. They must encourage open communication with their children and have discussions on a varying range of topics. For instance, a 2013 study showed that students who more often engaged in discussing their real-life issues with their elders were able to overcome behavioral and academic issues quickly.

To conclude, natural bodily changes are the principal reason why some teenagers face challenges at school and home and the most effective way to overcome this problem is coaching and effective communication between children and parents.
Band 6

Good essay. But it seems too academic; raters may guess you prepare it before exam. Anyway, both logic and language skills are excellent.
2020-05-01 By Sarita
Below is revised by tutor on 2020-05-24
TOPIC: More and more people are wearing fashionable clothes. Is it good or bad situation?   Show submitted essay
Revised by tutor:
The fashion industry is flourishing every day, and the demand for fashionable clothes is increasing. Now the question arises that is it a good or a bad situation? I believe it has both effects. In this essay, I will share some examples in support of my opinion.

One the one hand, it is believed that people who look good, feel good about themselves, so wearing fashionable clothes boost the confidence of an individual. Moreover, with more demand for stylish clothes, young talents of the country are getting more opportunities to fulfill their dreams. Hence, it provides more space for employment in this industry. For example, in Mumbai, more than 5 lakh people work in textile designing.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of wearing more trending clothes is more textile waste. Firstly, fashion is changing rapidly. Hundreds of new styles and thousands of new designs are launched every day. Evolution in garments at this speed leaves extremely little room for repetition, and many more dresses are rejected every day than ever. Secondly, the chemical, dyes, and colors used in the production of fabrics are polluting the water resources and the soil. For instance, according to The Hindu newspaper, most of the textile factories in Gujrat are situated near the Sabarmati river, and these are the major cause of Sabarmati water pollution.

In conclusion, the fashion industry is providing employment on one side, but on the other side, it is a significant cause of environmental pollution as well. In my opinion, with the increasing demand for fashionable apparel, some rules for adequate recycling of discarded ones should be made.
Band 6.5

Good essay. A standard format for IELTS writing. But suggest not to use "5 lakh" in an international test.