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This online IELTS writing resource, which is organized by academic writing, general writing, task 1, and task 2, is an easy start point to prepare IELTS writing test. From topic to answer and essay, lots of materials can help you sharpen test skill.

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1 Overview
Writing module is an important part in IELTS test. For Academic and General training test takers, the assignments are different. They focus on separate points: the academic tasks are relevant with formal writing for academic purpose, whereas general tasks are of everyday life's personal or semi-formal writing.

Although the writing contents aren't same among academic and general versions, the tests' structure and format are very similar. The common points are:
  • Test time are 60 minutes.
  • Test consists of 2 tasks.
  • 1st task takes 1/3 score.
  • 1st task should be more than 150 words.
  • Suggest to finish 1st task in 20 minutes.
  • 2nd task takes 2/3 score.
  • 2nd task should be more than 250 words.
  • Suggest to finish 2nd task in 40 minutes.
Of course, the difference between 2 version is obvious due to separate writing requirements. This is why test takers have to prepare writing module according to their versions if they don't want to waste time and effort.

2. Academic Writing
The IELTS Academic Writing module is designed to test your ability to write clear and formal English, as is commonly required in an academic context. The test consists of two tasks that you must answer in one hour. If you only finish one of them, you don't have any score.

The two tasks usually focus on separate aspects of academic writing, but following factors are commonly concerned by examiners:
  • How accurately to address the task
  • How organized your writing is
  • Range of your vocabulary
  • Correctness of your grammar
A high score needs you to organize ideas well, write accurately, and use rich vocabulary with correct grammar. Considering that task 1 just contributes 1/3 score to finial writing mark band, you should allocate test time accordingly. If wasting too much time on task 1, task 2 may be ruined in a narrow time frame.

Tasks :

3. General Training Writing
The IELTS General Training writing module tests ability to write about practical issues on common topics of personal interest, everyday life, or campus activity. The tasks usually ask you to offer information or suggestions, say likes or dislikes, or present opinions or views.

In the module you should finish 2 writing tasks in one hour. Task 1 is a 150 words short essay and just contributes 1/3 points to final mark band, so you may allocate less time on it accordingly. If wasting time on task 1, means you don't have enough time to complete task 2. Then you won't have chance to get a good mark. Besides, you have to finish both tasks, otherwise you cannot accept writing mark band.

As samiliar as Academic writing, examiners assess the General writing tasks is based on the following criteria:
  • Right understanding and response to tasks
  • Organising essay logically
  • Good range of vocabulary
  • Correct grammar

Tasks :

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