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This page links resources for IELTS writing on the website, including recent topics, hints to write, sample questions and answers, question lists by task type, preparation tips, and other related web apps, like grammar exercises and vocabulary building. You can locate what you need from here quickly.

The 'New Questions & Hints of IELTS Essay' shows under the tutors' editing sequence. The latest updated essay will be the top, and it's not always the most recent test question. Please check the links in the 'Recent Questions' section for those interested in the new writing topics.
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 Resources for IELTS Writing
Recent Questions
New Essay Questions - Task 2
Online IELTS writing task 2 practice for academic and general essay. Try these hot questions is an efficient way to sharpen IELTS essay writing skills.
New Chart & Table Questions - Task 1
IELTS academic writing task 1 questions, like chart or table questions, from recent test takers, we link questions by topic and provide some questions sample answers.
New Letter Questions - Task 1
IELTS general writing task 1 (letter) questions from recent test takers and the Internet, they are linked by topics and organized by test date, and some have sample answers.
Writing Task Topics and Types
Academic Task 2 - Topics & Types
IELTS academic writing task 2 is an essay of 250 words; the page includes popular question types and topics in the recent academic writing test, and sample answers.
Academic Task 1 - Topics & Types
IELTS academic writing task 1 is a report of 150 words based on visual objects, such as pie or bar chart; the page includes popular topics and test questions in recent tests, and some answers.
General Task 2 - Topics & Types
IELTS general writing task 2 is an essay of at least 250 words for daily life topics, includes popular topics in recent tests, and questions and samples.
General Task 1 - Topics & Types
IELTS general writing task 1, a letter in styles of formal, semi-formal, or informal, includes typical samples of each style, popular topics in recent tests, and questions recalled by test takers.
Search Writing Questions with Sample Answers
Academic Task 2 (Essay) - Search Question
The page is to search IELTS academic writing task 2 (essay) questions by a flexible filter. Most recent topics and questions have hints and sample answers for further study.
Academic Task 1 - Search Question
The search tool is based on a collection of IELTS academic writing task 1 (chart and table report) questions. Users can find questions and sample answers for various common topics in IELTS writing exams.
General Task 2 (Essay) - Search Question
It's a search tool to get IELTS general writing task 2 (essay) questions, which are frequent topics in recent exams. In the search result, users can view sample answers and practice.
General Task 1 - Search Question
The page is a tool to search IELTS General writing task 1 (letter) questions from the website. These questions have sample answers, and their topics and formats are common in recent exams.
Tips to Prepare IELTS Writing
Writing Vocabulary: Coherence and Cohesion
Coherence and cohesion words and phrases to enhance IELTS writing task 1 and task 2, including lots of samples showing how to link sentences in IELTS essays.
Writing Vocabulary: Chart and Table Words
Words and phrases used to enhance IELTS academic writing task 1: describing graph and table, including examples.
Writing Vocabulary: 100 Hard Words
Words used to enhance IELTS academic writing of task 2: a short wordlist consists of 100 hard and less common words for high score hunters.
Steps to IELTS Essay Band 9
It summarizes the criteria of IELTS band 9 essay, show how to get band 9 step by step with samples from band 6 to band 8.
Other Resources Related to IELTS Writing
IELTS Words Spelling Practice
After specifying a word group from an IELTS vocabulary, you can make interactive IELTS words spelling sheets dynamically and practice online; it's a handy way to prepare writing words.
Elementary Grammar Exercise
English Grammar Exercise, which includes lots of quizzes to cover common and fundamental grammar topics, is a great online free resource to enhance grammar knowledge.
4000 IELTS Academic Words
4000 IELTS vocabulary covers all four academic test sections; it offers audio, exercises, and printable cards to build a robust vocabulary for IELTS smartly and efficiently.
6000 IELTS Academic Words
The 6000 IELTS Academic Words is a supplement to 4000 IELTS words; if you finish the latter and still want to enhance vocabulary skills, it is an ideal option.