Academic Writing Task 2 Topics
1   Academic Task 2 Overview
In IELTS Academic Writing Task 2, you need to write an academic essay at least 250 words on a specified topic. Task 2 usually needs 40 minutes, 2/3 writing test time. We also suggest not to surpass 350 words, because longer contents won't credit extra score, but adds error risk in grammar and vocabulary. So your essay writing practice had better limit the size around 300 words.

Academic Writing Task 2 always focuses on one topic. You cannot change the topic even if you aren't familiar with it or dislike it. It means you give up the test if leaving the assigned topic.

Therefore, you should research, prepare, and practice on various topics as many as possible in advance. Understanding a topic is the foundation of writing an essay about it. These recent topics collected here are excellent resources to prepare Academic Writing Task 2.

Task 2 is a double size as task 1. It is supposed to be a well-organized essay to offer solutions, express opinions, and comment on a smooth way. Excellent writers have their way to create a beautiful masterpiece, who do not need any preparing for any writing test. But as for IELTS test-takers, severe preparation and exercising will improve the final band.

2   Academic Task 2 Topics
We collect popular topics of IELTS writing task 2 and revise them monthly. If you click any writing topic, you will get its question list; then, you can view questions on demand.

It is a handy tool to connect essay topics with questions and answers. If one topic has only one problem available, you will see it directly; otherwise, you will see a question list with the same task 2 topic. If any question has an answer, it will show together.

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3   Academic Task 2 Types
In general, an Academic Task 2 essay should have four or five paragraphs, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Just list ideas as bullet points isn't an academic paper. You need to present all contents in a proper structure and by fluent sentences. In addition to provide evidence or reasons to support your argument, don't forget a reasonable and strong conclusion.

Here is a common guide for writing task 2 structure:

Paragraph 1 Introduction: give the topic, show your primary point

Paragraph 2,3,4 (or 2,3) Body: Main idea, supporting idea, examples

Paragraph 5(or 4) Conclusion: Summarize ideas, restate your essential point

In Academic Writing Task 2, you will get a brief description of an opinion, an argument, or a problem, and then you follow it to write an essay. The main question types of academic task 2 are as followings:
  • Agree/ Disagree
  • Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Outline Cause
  • Outline Solution
  • Direct Question
  • Discussion
If you view some IELTS academic writing 2 essays, you may find that they possibly combine two or more question types. For example, you may have to consider an opinion or weigh the pros and cons of a puzzle, and then provide a way to solve it.

So, to sharpen task 2 writing skill, high score hunters must challenge complicated topics and combined question types.

To help IELTS test takers understand academic task 2 essays, we categorized them into 6 question types by which we offered a few samples. It's a quick way to get a big picture of academic task 2 writing.

However, when facing a real task 2 assignment, you cannot assume it only involves one question type. For example, Outline Cause and Discussion sometimes are merged to one academic task 2 writing.

Samples: Agree Disagree 

Samples: Advantages Disadvantages 

Samples: Outline Cause 

Samples: Outline Solution 

Samples: Direct Question 

Samples: Discussion