General Training Writing Task 2 Topics
1   Task 2 (Essay) Overview
The General Training Writing Task 2 is a minimum 250-word essay on a topic of daily life. Candidates have to solve a problem, express own idea, or analyze viewpoint on given topic in the short essay. Ideally the task should be finished in 40 minutes.

Viewing the samples provided in the webpage, you may think they are very similar as Academic's Task 2 essay. In fact, Task 2 assignments of Academic Writing and General Writing share same format and convention. But General Writing Task 2 is a little easier: relatively, topics are more plain to understand, questions are more straight to answer, and score criteria are lower; especially, its topics are around everyday life and normal social activities.

Candidates should exactly follow task's instructions in essay writing. For example, a common question type in Task 2 is 'Agree or Disagree' an argument. We list some question types there and present question samples in Type section.
  • Agree Disagree
  • Advantages Disadvantages
  • Outline Cause
  • Outline Solution
  • Direct Question
  • Discussion
In most cases, you may organize the essay into about 4-5 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1 - Introduction: Restate the topic, show basic point.

Paragraph 2,3,4 (or 2,3) - Body: Main idea, supporting idea, examples.

Paragraph 5(or 4) - Conclusion: Summarize ideas, restate basic point.

Although general essay are around everyday life, if you happen to know well the tested topic, you will have huge advantage on test day. Topic section collects popular topics from resent years' tests and offers questions recalled by test takers.

IELTS general essay should be longer than 250 words.We suggest you to exercise 300 words essays as many as possible, until you can do this easily and confidently within 40 minutes.If so, you will be rewarded an ideal band from essay writing.

2   Task 2 (Essay) Question Type
We divide general essay's question types into 6 categories. It's just to help test takers address essay writing type by type. When you get a real Task 2 assignment, don't assume it only involves with one question type. Actually, a few general essay may include two question types, e.g., Outline Cause and Discussion. So you should practice not only all possible question types, but their combinations.

Samples: Agree Disagree 

Samples: Advantages Disadvantages 

Samples: Outline Cause 

Samples: Outline Solution 

Samples: Direct Question 

Samples: Discussion 

3   Task 2 (Essay) Topic
Select topic you are interested, you will get its question list. Then you can view any question just a click. (If only one question is available for the topic, it will be displayed directly.) We also present some questions' answers accordingly. This handy tool combine topic, question, and sample answer together, assist candidates to familiarise with general essay writing as soon as possible.

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