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fell off   Speak
v. become less in number, amount, or quality
undergird   Speak
v. secure or fasten from the underside, especially by a rope or chain passed underneath
get down to   Speak
v. to start something
ordinance   Speak
n. an authoritative order; a decree
virtually   Speak
ad. nearly; almost
discernible   Speak
a. able to be discerned; perceptible
harness   Speak
v. control and make use of (natural resources), especially to produce energy
solar cell   Speak
n. an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity
primer   Speak
n. a small introductory book on a subject
assessment   Speak
n. the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something
 4000 IELTS Academic Words
1   Overview:
IELTS academic test is widely accepted in English countries. Its score is one of the keys to university or college admission. This 4000 IELTS vocabulary is to help you own a strong words list in the IELTS academic test.

In all English tests, vocabulary level is an essential factor in evaluating language ability; IELTS has no exception. All test sections rely on strong vocabulary to succeed. However, IELTS academic word list isn't a fixed or constant word set. If you search on the Internet, you can see many vocabularies called IELTS academic vocabularies.

So the first step is to choose an IELTS vocabulary for your circumstance: Does this 4000 IELTS Vocabulary Words meet your case? We divide the words into 3 levels; each level consists of 4 groups. If you are interested in the words of all groups (1-12), watch them here.

If you think it matches your case, you can start to work on it. It's long but deserves to spend time. Besides, we remind you this list is based on IELTS general vocabulary. As academic test-takers, IELTS general vocabulary is the foundation, which you shouldn't ignore.

Last but not least, you should know that building vocabulary takes lots of time, and its result plays a crucial factor in the final score. We hope this word list can assist you in building IELTS academic vocabulary. If you cannot set your goal or doubt your plan, go to the IELTS Official Website, which will help you make a right decision.

2   Alternative Solutions:
If you doubt whether this 4000 IELTS Academic Vocabulary is the right option, this section gives you some alternative methods and vocabularies.

Alternative Methods
Study a word list isn't a unique way to enrich IELTS vocabulary, and this 4000 vocabulary isn't the only list either. If you have half or one year to prepare, there are some other options to accumulate IELTS vocabulary. 20 Ways to Build IELTS Vocabulary introduces some proven ways.

You may learn new words in TV, news, ads, and daily readings that IELTS exam materials likely come from. Every word has own frequency in specified circumstance. IELTS test has own convention to select materials too, for example, many recent academic reading objects are originated from Economist or BBC.

Alternative Vocabularies - Writing and Speaking
However, if your time frame is very tight, or this 4000 vocabulary is relatively tough, you have to get a more flexible and practical substitute to work. Pick up a dictionary by random to prepare IELTS test isn't a good idea. Your effort and reward both depend on your current level.

For those who want to sharpen IELTS writing vocabulary, this 4000 words list seems large. Instead, IELTS Writing Task Vocabulary collects a short but hard writing vocabulary.

If speaking test is your shortage, enhance speaking vocabulary from 100 IELTS Speaking Words will strengthen your confidence to face examiners.

Alternative Vocabularies - Other Wordlists
Students with separate levels or situations may choose differently. Some like a shortlist because time matters; others prefer to learn difficult and large vocabulary in order to pursue a high score. We do know this 4000 IELTS vocabulary cannot cover all test takers' cases, for those who are looking for lighter or smaller lists, 10 Popular IELTS Vocabularies may give some clues.

Two of them possibly you are interested.

If your schedule is very tight, or you just need a passed score, suggest to view 500 IELTS Vocabulary, a short but proven academic vocabulary for students who are in English countries.

The 6000 IELTS Vocabulary Words actually consists of 2000+ words that are not in the 4000 IELTS Academic Words, low frequency but useful, an excellent supplement after your finishing the first 4000 words.

3   Words' EBook, PDF, and Cards:
IELTS Vocabulary EBook
We have published ebook that exactly matches the 4000/6000 IELTS Academic Words. Students can buy from main ebook distributors.

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IELTS Vocabulary PDF List
Some students like using PDF lists to learn and review words. We do offer a handy feature to make a PDF word list of each group. Below are demos of Level 1's first group, including 9 non-English explanations.If you have a VIP account, you can print all groups' word list from the website; the details are in:

IELTS Vocabulary Cards
Cards are useful tools for some students to study new words. We offer two buttons to make one-side and two-side flashcards for each group. Below are one-side cards for Level 1's first group, including 9 non-English explanations.If you have a VIP account, you can print all groups' cards, either one-side or two-side, from the website; the details are in:

DIY - PDF of IELTS vocabulary
May I DIY PDF file of the 4000 IELTS words? Yes, you can run Print Vocabulary in PDF directly. This app can load all vocabularies of this website, please select '4000 IELTS Academic Words', filter and edit words, and create PDF by browsers. It's a free and handy tool to make your IELTS vocabulary PDF file.

If you need more flexible solutions, please go to Download IELTS Vocabulary PDF. In addition to print the whole group, it tells you how to leverage other free Internet PDF tools to produce a PDF file based on this IELTS vocabulary in a few minutes.

4   Manage Word Status:
To speed up your studying, you can manage words by marking them as New, Known, and Review status. There are two ways: Note page or Panel page to manage words' statuses. You can also save statuses to the cloud and sync back if your device has trouble or want to switch to other devices.

Word status works for all vocabularies on the website, including 4000 IELTS Academic Words. It is a handy flag to skip known words and focus on new and half-familiar words.

By Note
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By Panel
Manage IELTS Word by Panel

5   View all words by groups:        
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Words of Group 1: (Part of words, select list to view all.)
6   Demonstrate word list style:
backward   Pronounce
a. directed to the back or rear; unwilling; averse; reluctant; hesitating; undeveloped
Although he is clever, he is backward in giving his views.
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badge   Pronounce
n. a distinctive mark, token, or sign worn on the person
He was awarded a merit badge for his bravery in the battle.
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bait   Pronounce
v. harass; tease; lure, entice, or entrap
The school bully will bait the smaller children, terrorizing them.
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balance   Pronounce
n. being in equilibrium; equilibrium; symmetry; stability
Many here see the ruling against US cotton subsidies as just the first step in tipping the balance of future world trade talks in favour of developing countries.
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bald   Pronounce
a. hairless; lacking a natural or usual covering
Although he carried, under his wig, a perfectly bald and shiny head, he had only reached middle age.
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band   Pronounce
n. orchestra; team; strip; ribbon; belt; unite; ally
The band, made up of four previously unknown young actors, has provoked hysteria across Asia since starring in the Taiwanese TV series.
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7   Word meaning matching - Test words you know:
abuse  Speak
n. improper use or handling; misuse
n. something serving to influence or persuade; reward or gift to prevent judgment
n. cell; compartment; room
n. orchestra; team; strip; ribbon; belt; unite; ally
agenda  Speak
n. attraction; charm; attract; fascinate; challenge
n. items of business at a meeting; list or program of things to be done or considered
a. assured; having or marked by assurance
n. improper use or handling; misuse
anniversary  Speak
n. piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into the sea or a lake; sleeveless outer garment
a. annual; yearly; annual return of the day on which any notable event took place
n. general name applied to various insects
n. a mistake that results from taking one thing to be another; lack of clarity or order
antique  Speak
n. any furniture old and valuable; out of fashion
n. the occasion for excessive eating or drinking; complete failure; sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person
v. assert a right; raise a formal objection; take exception to
n. cell; compartment; room
approach  Speak
n. a way of considering or doing something
n. light wine, of several kinds, originally made in the province of Champagne, in France
n. healthcare facility for outpatient care
n. a list of names; a register for visitors; a blank book to insert autographs sketches, memorial writing, photographs
band  Speak
n. white crystalline compound drug to relieve pain and reduce fever and inflammation
n. estimate; a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose
a. informal; purposeless; occurring by chance
n. orchestra; team; strip; ribbon; belt; unite; ally
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8   Interactive spelling - Check your spelling skill online:
Read [Esc] v. stop; terminate before completion; terminate a pregnancy

Spelling Word: abort
Read [Esc] a. dissimilar, inconsistent, or opposed in nature; very different place, society, or person

Spelling Word: alien
Read [Esc] v. astonish; affect with wonder

Spelling Word: amaze
Read [Esc] n. lawyer; one who is appointed by another to act in his place or stead; proxy

Spelling Word: attorney
Read [Esc] n. jurisdiction; power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge; government

Spelling Word: authority
Read [Esc] n. a counter where you can obtain food or drink; cafe; strip; stick

Spelling Word: bar
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