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10 Popular IELTS Vocabularies

For students who are planning to study in English countries, like UK, US, Canada, and Australia, IELTS is one of main options to test English level. If you are going to take part in IELTS exam and are struggling to build your vocabulary, you are possibly looking for a right IELTS vocabulary to start. As a matter of fact, you have many jobs to do when preparing IELTS exam, however, building vocabulary is usually the hardest one, especially for ESL (English as Second Language) students. Most of IELTS test takers aren't native English speakers; they have to spend lots of time to study and review IELTS words in preparing.

What is IELTS vocabulary? No one can answer clearly, even the organization who runs the exam. But we do know there are many clues, conventions, or rules related to the words used in IELTS test papers. In other words, we know some words are possibly in test paper, and some others are hardly seen in the exam.

IELTS vocabulary builders usually work with word lists. Students with different levels and different goals need different word lists. Here we select 10 very popular IELTS vocabularies. Hopefully, you can get some useful word lists from them to speed up your vocabulary building.

1. 4000 IELTS Academic Word List
This academic word list is must-have resource for IELTS test takers, especially who are working for high marks. The 4000+ words reflect the essential vocabulary level of IELTS academic test. We remind you this list is based on general word list. For IELTS academic test takers, you need general words as well.

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2. 500 IELTS Vocabulary (AWL,HK Univ.)
The IELTS test AWL(Academic Word List) was rooted from a popular webpage of HONG KONG Univ. It was re-organized with new definitions and examples. In addition original Chinese explanation, more local language explanations are appended to help ESL people. This list is a proven short-cut to pass IELTS exam when your preparation is in a very narrow time frame.

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3. 100 IELTS Writing Words
100 words seem too few for IELTS exam, however, spell them in right way and use them in right sentence will help your writing test very much. In general, these words will greatly improve your IELTS writing mark. Prepare and practice just before your IELTS test, you will be able to impress your examiner with them.

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4. 400 IELTS AWL (Victoria Univ. NZ)
This Academic Word List (AWL) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. added multiple language explanations to save time for ESL students. Basically this is a must-have list for IELTS academic test takers.

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5. 3600 IELTS Vocabulary
A proven word list for IELTS academic test takers, this 3600 IELTS vocabulary is overall 5-6 mark hunters. It assumes that students already have 2000-3000 generic words. To quickly skim all words by groups, only one or two definitions are displayed, all definitions are powered by well-known English dictionary website Wordnik.

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6. 4000 IELTS General Word List
The word list is a basic set of both IELTS versions. For general test takers, it helps to get a good mark. If you are academic test taker, you have to master this list as fundamental vocabulary. Based on it, enrich your IELTS academic vocabulary. No explanation is provided in the list because many of them are very easy.

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7. Elementary Academic Words
In most cases, IELTS test takers are ESL (English as Second Language) students. Some primary words in elementary school, especially related to academic subjects, may be very difficult for ESL students. Although IELTS vocabularies are trying to cover this gap, study and review elementary academic words systematically is also a straight to enhance real academic vocabulary. This list initially is for students of USA elementary school. It's a great asset for IELTS academic high score hunters to enrich their vocabulary.

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8. High School Spelling Words
Any IELTS vocabulary, even the most difficult one, is for ESL (English as Second Language) students. In the view of native English high school students, it's always plain and simple. For those who are challenging high score, like mark 7 or 8, common IELTS vocabularies aren't enough. They should aim to the contents in real USA high school classroom. These high school spelling words are grouped by grades, reflect the actual spelling or writing level of USA students. It will bring a right way to build strong vocabulary for excellent marks.

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9. IELTS 1200 Words in 30 Days
This is for students to prepare test in narrow time frame . A middle size vocabulary are grouped in 30 lists. In fact, it isn't simply an ebook. Based on its proven contents, hosts a web app to let students study and review this vocabulary quicker and easier based on cutting edge information technology.

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10. 4000 IELTS Words
This is a fast course to help test takers prepare IELTS academic vocabulary. All words are categorized in 3 levels: basic, middle, and high. It gives you a high efficient way to build IELTS vocabulary. Pacifc Lava also develops a web app to match with content of this ebook on It provides interactive features by modern information technology and education theory: such as skip known words, add definition of home language, exercise online, smart review by guide, and sync data with cloud service.

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