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Print IELTS Word Flashcard

IELTS test takers usually master own first language very well. More or less they try to leverage knowledge of home language to learn second language. Some of them used to study new words by flashcard. The typical style is as one side is word in English and another side is explanation in home language. Occasionally, we also see another way that both word and explanation are in same side. When you start to prepare IELTS vocabulary, you may want to get a set of IELTS words to work. However, it's not an easy job to find out right flashcards for your situation or requirement either from book store or from Internet. Why? every student has own vocabulary size and content, and his or her effort to study new words or review known words is different from any others. This is a very personalized requirement. So you hardly get an existing set of flashcards to fit your IELTS vocabulary building.

If you are lucky, you may get a set of IELTS word flashcards that matches with your circumstance, not exactly, 80% is very good. In this case, it will save you much of time. But many students cannot search out useful stuff online or offline. If you really want to have flashcard to build IELTS vocabulary, don't worry. We have a solution to let you make and print own flashcard based on IELTS word lists of this website.

This is a very straight and plain way to make and print own IELTS flashcard on the web site. If you have printer and paper, 3 minutes are enough to print out your first personalized flashcard. Now we support two common types of flashcards: one side and two sides. Just as general flashcards, one side means all contents is in same side, two sides means word and definition are in separate sides. After you choose a group from IELTS word list, you can two buttons: Card and Card-2, that trigger to print one side and two sides flashcard respectively. As long as enter IELTS flashcard page, you can see flashcards are ready and just click Print button, the rest job is of your printer. One individual flashcard page hosts 5 flashcards for two sides or 10 flashcards for one side. Print or not print them is your choice. Because a group certainly is more than 10 words, so it consists of multiple flashcard pages. You can use page selector to navigate to any page in flexible way to print other words.

Let's take short list:100 IELTS Writing Words as example to show how to print flashcard. This list has only one group, for one side flashcard there are 11 pages, and for two side there are 21 pages. we show links for one side and two sides respectively.

To meet with various requirements, such as different vocabulary level or separate test expectation, we collect multiple IELTS word lists in this website. Anyone of them has built-in feature to print flashcard. But we suggest you select large list, such as 4000 IELTS Academic Word List, to make personalized flashcard. Although there are multiple lists available, you actually only need one set of flashcards. If you print flashcards from more than one source, you have to merge them manually. 4000 IELTS Academic Word List is for serious test takers, which almost covers other smaller lists. If you finish this list, you don't need visit other ones; even if you cannot finish before test day, what you learn from the list should power your test positively as well.

The all words of 4000 IELTS Academic Word List are categorized in 17 groups. We show first 8 groups' links of one side flashcard page. They all point to first page in group. You can use page selector move to any pages in same group. If you want to print two sides flashcard, just click Card-2 button, you will enter two sides flashcard page.

4000 IELTS Academic Word's flashcards.

4000 IELTS Academic Word List is also an excellent resource for ESL students who hope show definition of native language in flashcard. In most cases bilingual explanations help ESL students to save time to clarify confusion from English definition. As all other lists with multiple languages definitions, 20 languages are available to make flashcards of 4000 IELTS Academic Word List. Here we show first 8 links of two sides flashcards with Korean definitions. All links are for first page of group, once you get there by links, you can change language or page on demand.

4000 IELTS Academic Word's flashcards with Korean.