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4000 IELTS Academic Word List (9)

ideal: Read
existing in idea or thought; conception; intellectual; mental; imaginary standard of excellence; fit for a model; faultless

identical: Read
a. Syn. duplicate; alike
duplicate; alike; being the exact same one

identification: Read
act of designating or identifying something; condition of having your identity established

identify: Read
v. Syn. detect; spot; find out; discover
detect; find out; discover

identity: Read
n. Syn. individuality; character
exact sameness; distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity

idiom: Read
n. Syn. lingo
expression whose meaning differs from meanings of its individual words; distinctive style

idiomatic: Read
having the nature of an idiom; characteristic of a given language

idiot: Read
foolish or stupid person; unlearned, ignorant, or simple person

idle: Read
useless; vain; trifling; unprofitable; thoughtless; given rest and ease; avoiding work or employment; lazy

idol: Read
image used for worship; image of divinity; representation or symbol; false notion or conception

ignite: Read
v. Syn. kindle
kindle; cause to start burning; set fire to

ignorance: Read
lack of knowledge or education

ignorant: Read
a. Syn. unlearned; uneducated; unaware
lacking education or knowledge; unaware

ignore: Read
v. Syn. disregard; overlook; neglect
refuse to pay attention to; disregard; overlook; neglect

illegible: Read
incapable of being read; unclear; not legible

illiterate: Read
uncultured; uneducated; not able to read or write

illuminate: Read
v. Syn. brighten; enlighten; clarify
provide or brighten with light; clear up or make understandable; enlighten

illusion: Read
n. Syn. misconception
misleading vision; being deceived by a false perception or belief

illusive: Read
a. Syn. deceptive; misleading
deceptive; misleading; based on or having the nature of an illusion

illustrate: Read
v. Syn. represent; demonstrate; depict
represent; demonstrate; depict; clarify, as by use of examples or comparisons

illustration: Read
n. Syn. picture; drawing
picture; drawing; showing by example

image: Read
n. Syn. picture; figure
visual representation; representation of a person

imaginary: Read
a. Syn. unreal; fanciful; visionary
having existence only in the imagination; fanciful; visionary

imitate: Read
v. Syn. mimic; emulate; copy
copy the actions, appearance, mannerisms, or speech of; mimic; use or follow as a model

imitation: Read
n. Syn. emulation
emulation; copying the actions of someone else

immediate: Read
a. Syn. prompt; instantaneous; close
not deferred by an interval of time; present; occurring at once; instant

immediately: Read
ad. Syn. right; directly
proximately; directly; without interval of time; without delay; promptly; instantly; at once

immense: Read
a. Syn. enormous; colossal; boundless
enormous; boundless; so great as to be beyond measurement

immerse: Read
plunge into anything, especially a fluid; sink; dip

immigrant: Read
n. Syn. alien
one who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there; non-native

immigrate: Read
move into another country to stay there permanently

immigration: Read
migration into a place; moving into a place

imminent: Read
a. Syn. impending
near at hand; close in time; about to occur

immoral: Read
not moral; contrary to conscience or the divine law; wicked; unjust; dishonest

immortal: Read
not mortal; exempt from liability to die; undying; imperishable; lasting forever

impact: Read
n. Syn. influence; effect
forceful consequence; strong effect; influencing strongly

impart: Read
v. Syn. grant; bestow
reveal or tell; grant a share of; bestow

impartial: Read
a. Syn. fair
not biased; fair; showing lack of favoritism

imperative: Read
n. Syn. urgent
having power command or control; critically importance; some duty that is essential and urgent

implement: Read
v. Syn. execute; perform
put into effect; supply with tools

implication: Read
n. Syn. suggestion; hint
something hinted at or suggested; act of implying; condition of being implied

implore: Read
v. Syn. beg; beseech
beg for urgently; make an earnest appeal

imply: Read
v. Syn. signify
express or indicate indirectly; signify

import: Read
bring in from another country

impose: Read
v. Syn. demand; force; inflict
demand; force; compel to behave in a certain way

impractical: Read
unwise to implement or maintain in practice; theoretical

impressive: Read
a. Syn. imposing; grand
making a strong or vivid impression; producing a strong effect

imprisonment: Read
n. Syn. confinement; incarceration
confinement; putting someone in prison or in jail as lawful punishment

impulse: Read
act of applying force suddenly; an impelling force or strength

inability: Read
lack of ability, especially mental ability, to do something

inaccessible: Read
a. Syn. unreachable; unattainable
unreachable; not available; unattainable

inadequate: Read
a. Syn. deficient; insufficient; poor
not sufficient to meet a need; insufficient; poor

inaugurate: Read
v. Syn. start; initiate
start; initiate; induct into office by formal ceremony

incense: Read
v. Syn. enrage; infuriate
enrage; infuriate; cause to be extremely angry

incentive: Read
n. Syn. spur; motive
something, such as the fear of punishment or the expectation of reward

incident: Read
n. Syn. occurrence; event; happening
usually minor event or condition that is subordinate to another; event; happening

incidentally: Read
ad. Syn. by chance; accidentally
by chance; accidentally

inclination: Read
n. Syn. preference; tendency
preference; tendency; inclined surface; slope

incline: Read
n. Syn. slope; slant
cause to lean, slant, or slope; deviate from the horizontal or vertical

inclined: Read
a. Syn. sloping; slanted
tending or leaning toward; bent; having preference or tendency

inclusive: Read
a. Syn. comprehensive
tending to include all; taking a great deal or everything within its scope

income: Read
gain from labor, business, property, or capital

incompatible: Read
a. Syn. inharmonious; incongruous
inharmonious; impossible to coexist; not easy to combine harmoniously

inconsistency: Read
state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness

inconvenient: Read
not suited to your comfort, purpose or needs

incorporate: Read
v. Syn. combine; unite
combine something into a larger whole; unite

incredible: Read
a. Syn. unbelievable; fabulous
unbelievable; beyond belief or understanding

incredulous: Read
a. Syn. skeptical
difficult to believe; incredible; skeptical

increment: Read
n. Syn. increase
process of increasing in number, size, quantity, or extent

incur: Read
v. Syn. cause; arouse
bring upon oneself; become liable to; acquire or come into

indebted: Read
morally, socially, or legally obligated to another; under a legal obligation to someone

indefinite: Read
a. Syn. unclear; vague; uncertain
unclear; vague; lacking precise limits

indefinitely: Read
ad. Syn. endlessly; incessantly
endlessly; incessantly; for a long time, no end defined; forever

indent: Read
v. Syn. nick
nick; set in from margin; impress or stamp

independent: Read
not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not relying on others

index: Read
anything which shows, indicates, manifests, or discloses; prologue indicating what follows; second digit

indicate: Read
v. Syn. show; reflect; evidence; imply; suggest
point out; direct to a knowledge of

indicative: Read
a. Syn. suggestive; implying
suggestive; implying; serving to indicate

indifference: Read
n. Syn. apathy; unconcern; disinterest
unconcern; disinterest; lack of enthusiasm

indifferent: Read
a. Syn. apathetic; average
having no particular interest or concern; being neither good nor bad

indigestion: Read
n. Syn. dyspepsia
a disorder of digestive function; difficulty in digesting

indignant: Read
affected with indignation; wrathful; passionate; irate; feeling wrath by unworthy or unjust treatment

indignation: Read
n. Syn. anger
anger aroused by something unjust

indispensable: Read
a. Syn. essential; requisite
essential; requisite; impossible to be omitted or remitted

individual: Read
single person or thing; human regarded as a unique personality

induce: Read
v. Syn. persuade
persuade; bring about; reason or establish by induction

inducement: Read
something that helps bring about an action or a desired result; an incentive

indulge: Read
be complacent toward; give way to; not to oppose or restrain; yield to the desire of

industrial: Read
of or relating to or resulting from industry; having highly developed industries

industrialization: Read
development of industry on an extensive scale

industrialized: Read
made industrial; converted to industrialism

industrious: Read
a. Syn. diligent
diligent; hard-working; busy and laborious

inertia: Read
property of matter by which it tends when at rest to remain so, and when in motion to continue in motion, and in the same straight line or direction

inevitable: Read
a. Syn. unavoidable
unavoidable; incapable of being avoided or prevented

inevitably: Read
ad. Syn. unavoidably; inescapably
unavoidably; in a manner that is impossible to avoid or prevent

infant: Read
child in the first period of life; young babe

infantry: Read
body of children; a body of soldiers serving on foot; foot soldiers

infect: Read
bring into contact with a substance that can cause illness

infection: Read
moral corruption or contamination; invasion of body which can lead to tissue damage and disease

infectious: Read
contagious; contaminating

infer: Read
v. Syn. deduce; conclude
deduce; conclude from evidence or premises; lead to as a consequence or conclusion

inference: Read
inferring by deduction or induction; truth or proposition drawn from another which is admitted or supposed to be true; conclusion; deduction

inferior: Read
a. Syn. poor; lower
poor; lower than a given reference point; low or lower in order, degree, or rank

inferiority: Read
state of being lower than or not as good as

infinite: Read
unlimited or boundless, in time or space; without limit in power, capacity, knowledge, or excellence

infinity: Read
unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity; eternity; boundlessness; immensity

inflation: Read
general increase in the prices of goods and services in a country

inflict: Read
v. Syn. impose; cause
impose something unpleasant; cause

influence: Read
power affecting person or thing; effect of one thing on another; flowing in or upon; influx

influential: Read
a. Syn. important; powerful; significant
important; powerful; having or exercising influence or power

influenza: Read
an acute febrile highly contagious viral disease

inform: Read
impart information to; make aware of something; be a pervasive presence in; animate

informal: Read
a. Syn. casual
absence of ceremony; casual

informative: Read
a. Syn. instructive; illustrative
instructive; illustrative; providing or conveying information

infringe: Read
act contrary to, as a law, right, or obligation; annul or hinder

ingenious: Read
a. Syn. clever; resourceful
clever; having inventive or cunning mind

ingenuity: Read
quality or power of ready invention; quickness or acuteness in forming new combinations

inhabit: Read
live in; occupy; reside in

inhabitant: Read
n. Syn. resident; occupant
resident; someone or thing who lives in a place

inherent: Read
a. Syn. intrinsic; natural
firmly established by nature or habit

inherit: Read
v. Syn. receive
receive from an ancestor by legal succession or will; receive by bequest or as a legacy

initial: Read
a. Syn. preliminary
early; preliminary; occurring at the beginning

initially: Read
in the beginning; at first

initiate: Read
v. Syn. begin; originate
begin; originate; admit into membership

initiative: Read
serving to initiate; introductory step or movement; act which originates or begins

inject: Read
v. Syn. put in; infuse
put in; infuse ; force or drive fluid into something

injure: Read
do harm to; inflict damage; do injustice to

injury: Read
any physical damage to body caused by violence or accident or fracture

injustice: Read
unjust act; practice of being unjust or unfair

inland: Read
within the land; more or less remote from the ocean or from open water; interior

innocent: Read
naive; lacking sense or awareness; free from evil or guilt

innovate: Read
change or alter by bringing in something new

innovation: Read
introduction of something new

innumerable: Read
countless; numerous

inquire: Read
ask a question; seek for truth or information by putting queries

inquiry: Read
n. Syn. investigation; quest
investigation; search for knowledge

insane: Read
exhibiting disordered of mind; deranged in mind; very foolish

insert: Read
v. Syn. input; enter
input; enter; put or set into, between, or among

insider: Read
an accepted member of a group; one who has special knowledge or access to confidential information

insight: Read
n. Syn. understanding
understanding; grasping the inner nature of things intuitively

insignificant: Read
a. Syn. trivial
not large enough to consider or notice; lacking in importance; trivial

insist: Read
v. Syn. maintain; contend
stand or rest; find support; take a stand and refuse to give way; be persistent

insolvent: Read
a. Syn. bankrupt
bankrupt; unable to repay one's debts

inspect: Read
v. Syn. examine
look over; examine carefully and critically, especially for flaws

inspection: Read
formal or official examination

inspector: Read
high ranking police officer; investigator who observes carefully

inspiration: Read
sudden intuition as part of solving a problem; arousing to a particular emotion or action

inspire: Read
v. Syn. encourage; inspirit
encourage; inspirit; fire the imagination of

install: Read
set up; connect or set in position and prepare for use

installation: Read
act of installing or giving possession of an office, rank, or order, with the usual ceremonies; the whole of a system of machines or apparatus

installment: Read
monthly payment; a part of a published serial

instance: Read
n. Syn. example
example that is cited to prove a contention or illustrate a point; case or occurrence

instinct: Read
n. Syn. intuition; drive; nature
inborn pattern of behavior ; nature

instinctive: Read
a. Syn. spontaneous
unthinking; prompted by instinct; spontaneous

institute: Read
advance or set forth in court; association organized to promote art or science or education

institution: Read
n. Syn. institute; organization; custom; convention
institute; organization; introducing something new

instruct: Read
v. Syn. teach
teach; make aware of

instruction: Read
n. Syn. direction; teaching
direction; teaching; activities of educating or instructing

instructive: Read
a. Syn. didactic; enlightening
serving to instruct of enlighten or inform; enlightening

instrument: Read
n. Syn. tool; implement; device
tool; one used by another to accomplish a purpose; device used to produce music; legal document

instrumental: Read
a. Syn. effective; helpful; necessary
serving or acting as a means or aid; helpful; relating to musical instruments

insufficient: Read
of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement

insulate: Read
make an island of; place in a detached situation, or in a state having no communication with surrounding objects; isolate; separate

insulation: Read
n. Syn. isolation; separation
act of insulating; separation; state of being detached, from other objects

insult: Read
v. Syn. offend; affront
offend; affront; treat, mention, or speak to rudely

insurance: Read
protection against future loss; act, business, or system of insuring

insure: Read
make sure or secure, specifically against loss by a contingent event; give or take insurance on

intangible: Read
a. Syn. vague
not able to be perceived by senses, as touch; vague

integral: Read
a. Syn. complete; entire
essential or necessary for completeness; entire

integrate: Read
v. Syn. combine
make whole; combine; make into one unit

integrity: Read
n. Syn. uprightness; wholeness
quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness

intellect: Read
ability to learn and reason; ability to think abstractly or profoundly

intellectual: Read
of intellect; showing intellect; requiring the use of the mind, rather than emotions or instinct

intelligence: Read
ability to comprehend; understand and profit from experience; intellect; power of cognition

intelligent: Read
a. Syn. ingenious; wise; bright
ingenious; wise; bright; having a high degree of intelligence; mentally acute

intense: Read
a. Syn. extreme; acute
extreme; acute; in an extreme degree

intensive: Read
a. Syn. thorough; concentrated
thorough; concentrated; tending to give force or emphasis

intent: Read
something that is intended; aim or purpose

intention: Read
n. Syn. motive; purpose
motive; with respect to marriage; aim that guides action

interact: Read
v. Syn. interplay
interplay; act together or towards others or with

interaction: Read
n. Syn. communication
communication; a mutual or reciprocal action; interacting

interest: Read
n. Syn. attention; curiosity; dividend; yield
attention; curiosity; dividend; yield

interfere: Read
v. Syn. disrupt; hinder; obstruct
disrupt; hinder; be or create a hindrance or obstacle

interference: Read
n. Syn. obstruction; prevention
obstruction; prevention; act or an instance of hindering, obstructing, or impeding

interior: Read
n. Syn. inside; internal; inner
inside; inner part; internal; inner

intermediate: Read
middle; lying between two extremes

internal: Read
a. Syn. inside; interior
inside; interior; located within the limits or surface

interpret: Read
explain or tell the meaning of; translate orally; decipher

interpretation: Read
n. Syn. explanation
explanation; performer's distinctive personal version of a song, dance, piece of music

interrupt: Read
v. Syn. impede; discontinue
terminate; make a break in

interval: Read
n. Syn. pause; break
pause; break; space between two objects, points, or units

intervene: Read
get involved; come, appear, or lie between two things

intimate: Read
v. Syn. hint; suggest
give to understand; imply as a possibility; make known subtly and indirectly

intrude: Read
v. Syn. trespass
trespass; enter as an uninvited person

inundate: Read
v. Syn. overwhelm; flood; submerge
overwhelm; cover with water, especially floodwaters

invade: Read
v. Syn. intrude; aggress
move into; intrude; enter by force in order to conquer or pillage

invader: Read
n. Syn. assailant; encroacher; intruder
one who invades; assailant; encroacher; intruder

invalid: Read
a. Syn. void; null
of no force or weight; not valid; weak; void; null

invalidate: Read
v. Syn. nullify; destroy
make invalid; nullify; destroy

invaluable: Read
valuable under estimation; inestimable; priceless

invariably: Read
ad. Syn. constantly; always
constantly; always

invasion: Read
n. Syn. raid; attack; aggression
raid; attack; act of invading, especially the entrance of an armed force into a territory to conquer

inverse: Read
a. Syn. opposite
opposite; reversed in order, nature, or effect; turned upside down

invest: Read
put clothe on, as with office or authority; place in possession of rank, dignity, or estate; endow; lay out money or capital in business

investigate: Read
v. Syn. explore; research; survey
explore; observe or inquire into in detail; examine systematically

investigation: Read
n. Syn. inquiry
detailed inquiry or systematic examination; inquiry

invisible: Read
incapable of being seen; impossible or nearly impossible to see

invoice: Read
bill; commercial document issued by seller to buyer indicating the products, quantities and prices

involve: Read
wind round; connect with something; include necessarily; engage thoroughly

irony: Read
n. Syn. sarcasm; satire
expression by deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning; witty language used to insult

irregular: Read
a. Syn. piecemeal; inconstant
contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice; inconstant

irresistible: Read
overwhelming; tempting; charming

irrespective: Read
without regard for conditions, circumstances, or consequences; unbiased; independent

irrevocable: Read
a. Syn. unalterable; irreversible
unalterable; irreversible; impossible to retract or revoke

irrigate: Read
v. Syn. water
supply land with water artificially; clean a wound with a fluid

irrigation: Read
supplying water to the land to help crops grow

irritate: Read
v. Syn. prickle; annoy; provoke
rouse to impatience or anger; annoy; provoke

isolate: Read
v. Syn. seclude; separate
seclude; set apart or cut off from others

isolation: Read
n. Syn. separation; detachment
separation; detachment; quality or condition of being isolated

issue: Read
n. Syn. subject; topic; problem
subject; topic; problem; edition; publication; release; publish

item: Read
a whole individual unit; a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group

ivory: Read
teeth of elephant; pale or grayish yellow to yellowish white