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Read [Esc] (1) v. accept; take on; raise; take into one's family

Spelling Word: adopt
Read [Esc] (2) a. annual; yearly; annual return of the day on which any notable event took place

Spelling Word: anniversary
Read [Esc] (3) n. the action of trying at something

Spelling Word: attempt
Read [Esc] (4) n. a sort of theatrical representation by dancers

Spelling Word: ballet
Read [Esc] (5) n. something serving to influence or persuade; reward or gift to prevent judgment

Spelling Word: bribe
Read [Esc] (6) n. one that is not yet fully developed; sprout

Spelling Word: bud
Read [Esc] (7) n. rightful concern or responsibility; occupation, work, or trade-in which a person is engaged; commercial enterprise

Spelling Word: business
Read [Esc] (8) a. having the ability required for a specific task

Spelling Word: capable
Read [Esc] (9) n. band or organized company of singers, especially in church service

Spelling Word: choir
Read [Esc] (10) n. public entertainment of performances by acrobats, clowns, and trained animals

Spelling Word: circus