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Print Vocabulary in PDF and RTF is a handy tool for English vocabulary builders to create own customized worksheets. It is based on various word lists of, covering main English exams: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, and etc. In addition, it also lets students to edit definition of each word, remove known word, and add own word list. By the smart and flexible tool, students can create personalized word list in minutes through powerful exam word list resources in this website.

You may get some word lists somewhere, however, you hardly find one to match with your case and level exactly. Either too difficult or too easy will definitely waste your time and effort for future tests. This is why tutors always encourage students to learn the right thing at right time. One word list just for your circumstance is for the goal, and the app will help you to get it. Here we show you how to create own PDF and RTF word lists briefly.

1 Account and Sign on

Your word list's data and final file, either PDF or RTF, will be stored at cloud until you download them. The app needs sign on before starting its features.

At first, you have to create an account at unless you already have one. If not, please register an account through Sign On button at page top. Here you need input an email address, it will be as account identifier, and click Register button. By the email, you will receive an access code very soon. Using both email and access code, you can sign on This access code is effective for all apps of the website.

2 Load Words

You may add words to own list anytime.

From Load Word page, you can see all available word lists provided by Only select lists that match with your case. If you loaded something wrong, remove it, and re-load right one. The tool is very handy.

Before load words, you may check 2 options:
  • Reset Content to New if Loaded Before: If didn’t load these words before, this option has no effect. If loaded, checked means original contents that you may edited something will be cleaned; unchecked means the existing words will be kept.
  • Append Definition of My Language: Some word lists have definitions of multiple languages. If checked, your home language’s definition will be appended. Your home language is set with account, you can specify by Sign On panel.

One word list usually has hundreds or thousands of words. It has been grouped with sub-lists, called items. Every time only ONE item can be selected and loaded. You can load same item multiple times, the contents will be overwritten or kept as your options.

3 Edit Word

You can edit word list to match with your own level and requirement. By default the Edit Word will show all words in your list. You can also search by filter to locate the targeted words quickly.

For each word, there are 2 actions on Edit page:
  • Edit definition: update definition with your idea;
  • Delete it: remove this word from list, effect after your Submit the current page;

Besides, there are 1 additional button:
  • Remove All Words: If you think current list is totally not right for you, you may remove all of them.

4 Customized Words

Besides updating definitions of existing words, you can add own word list too.

At Load Word page, there is a button to load customized word list. It opens an edit panel. You may copy and paste your own words here, and then load them. The maximum is 200 words each time you can upload.

Please ensure your words to follow a fixed but simple format:

word one
definition for word one

word two
definition for word two, line 1
definition for word two, line 2

word three
definition for word three

Unlike word lists of, duplication checking doesn't work for words in customized list. If you load same list more than once, there is no way to overwrite original words. In this case, please maintain your word lists manually.

5 Word List Size

To keep the website run in high performance, we limit the word list size. After the word number is more than 300, any request to load new words will be refused. Of course, the actual vocabulary may be much bigger than 300. In this case, you cannot put all words into one file. Instead, you should divide the large vocabulary into multiple small ones that are less than 300. Then, you can create and download the PDF or RTF files separately,

6 Home Language

Some users of the tool are ESL, they used to add definitions of home language in word list. Because the converter that powers producing PDF and RTF files cannot handle all non-English language smoothly, when creating PDF or RTF, the characters of some languages may not be displayed normally. For example, Korean and Chinese will show as blank in PDF file. If your home language has trouble to show in PDF, we suggest to try RTF file, which usually supports more languages.

7 Refresh File

The app monitors current word list automatically. As long as it finds out that the word list has any change, it will inform you to make new PDF or RTF file to download.

The reverse case is that you want to create new PDF or RTF file but is refused because of no change in word list.

If you need to make new files for special reason, you can open edit panel of any word from Edit Word page, and then save it without any actual update. This fake save will give you a green light to create new files.

Below are some samples. Want to get own edition? Try it, it's just a job of 10 minutes!
Ebook Sample for TOEFL
Ebook Sample for SAT
Ebook Sample for IELTS