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 3000 Common SAT Vocabulary Words
1   Overview:
3000 Common SAT Vocabulary Words is a middle-level list for test-takers to warm up known words and learn new words. Usually, students need three or more months to finish it. If you aim to good-rank universities, the list is a solid start to challenge harder SAT vocabulary.

The vocabulary consists of 3000+ SAT words that high school students, especially in 12th grade, should master before SAT exam. These words are mainly from recent SAT papers and the College Board's official practice materials.

In addition to definitions and explanations, the vocabulary includes interactive exercises, such as meaning matching and spelling. These exercises, available for each word, can be launched with a few clicks. For those who prefer to study SAT vocabulary offline or traditionally, the vocabulary offers printable flashcards and PDF files.

If you want a better SAT score, you must own a strong SAT vocabulary that impacts all test modules. It means that you will spend more time studying SAT words. This list is a good candidate if you schedule 3 months or more. Try some content quickly; you can know if it matches your current vocabulary level and helps to up vocabulary skills efficiently.

Does this SAT Vocabulary List meet your case? We divide the words into three levels; each consists of 4 groups. Want to view them quickly? Watch them here.

Last but not least, SAT Official Website is the right place to solve problems related to the SAT. If any doubts or questions about SAT vocabulary may impact your preparation and even your final score, don't hesitate to get there and clarify them.

2   Alternative SAT vocabularies:
We know one words list cannot cover all SAT takers' requirements. If you think the 3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List doesn't match your circumstance, please try other lists on the website.

However, if you are serious about preparing for SAT, smaller or easier lists shouldn't be an option unless you use them as a supplement. For example, we recommend the following two vocabularies to supplement 3000 common SAT vocabulary. They are very useful for enhancing reading and writing words, especially for high score hunters.

3   Words' EBook, PDF, and Cards:
SAT Vocabulary EBook
We have published an ebook that matches the 3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List. Students can buy from leading ebook distributors.

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SAT Vocabulary PDF List
Some students like using PDF lists to learn and review words. We do offer a handy feature to make SAT PDF word list for each group. Below are demos of Level 1's first group, including nine non-English explanations.If you have a VIP account, you can print all groups' word list on the website; the details are in:

SAT Vocabulary Cards
Cards are helpful tools for some students to study new words. We offer two buttons to make SAT one-side and two-side flashcards for each group. Below are one-side cards for Level 1's first group, including 9 non-English explanations.If you have a VIP account, you can print all groups' cards, either one-side or two-side; the details are in:

DIY - PDF files
Some students need PDF files to study English words. We did publish some SAT vocabulary lists in PDF. However, we encourage our visitors to create customized files based on our SAT vocabulary lists.

We have provided a web app to customize PDF through various vocabularies, which can be directly run from Print Vocabulary in PDF. It can load all vocabularies of this website; the 3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List is one of them.

If you need more flexible solutions, e.g., you plan to include non-English definitions, we suggest following Download SAT Vocabulary PDF. In addition to printing the whole group's words, it tells you how to leverage other free Internet PDF tools to produce a PDF file based on this website's vocabulary lists in a few minutes.

4   Manage Word Status:
There are two ways: the Note page or the Panel page to manage words' statuses. To speed up your studying, you can manage the words by marking them as New, Known, and Review status. You can also save the statuses to the cloud and sync back if your device has trouble or want to switch to other devices.

Word status works for all vocabularies on the website, including 3000 SAT Words. It is a handy flag to skip known words and focus on new and half-familiar words.

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Words of Group 1: (Part of words, select list to view all.)
6   Demonstrate word list style:
assumption   Pronounce
n. something taken for accepted as true without proof; taking over or taking possession of
The young princess made the foolish assumption that the regent would not object to power.
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asteroid   Pronounce
n. small planet; any small celestial bodies that revolve around the sun
With Vista at opposition, the asteroid is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit.
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astronomical   Pronounce
a. enormously large or extensive; relating to astronomy
The government seems willing to spend astronomical sums on weapons development.
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asylum   Pronounce
n. place of refuge or shelter; protection
The refugees sought asylum from religious persecution in a new land.
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atone   Pronounce
v. make amends, as for sin or fault; pay for; turn away from sin
He knew no way in which he could atone for his brutal crime.
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attentive   Pronounce
a. alert and watchful; considerate; thoughtful
Spellbound, the attentive audience watched the final game of the tennis match, never taking their eyes from the ball.
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7   Word meaning matching - Test words you know:
accord  Speak
settlement or compromise of conflicting opinions; written agreement between two states
something causes misery or death; curse; fatal injury or ruin
kindly; favorable; not malignant
having to do with citizens or the state; courteous and polite
allegiance  Speak
harmonious; having similar disposition and tastes
lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong
loyalty to a nation, sovereign, or cause; fidelity to any person or thing; devotion
combination of two or more elements or parts
anomaly  Speak
seek to attain; long for; strive toward an end
a person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
irregularity; a person or something unusual; departure from the normal or common order
small waterfall; sudden downpour
anthem  Speak
having a dull edge or end; not sharp; lacking in feeling; insensitive
reckon; make a mathematical calculation
exploit natural surroundings to disguise something; conceal
song of praise or patriotism; the song of devotion or loyalty
archives  Speak
harass; tease; lure, entice, or entrap
disagreeably damp or humid; cold moisture; unpleasant humidity
enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit; any deep, immeasurable space; hell
public records; place where public records are kept
artifact  Speak
the object made by human beings; inaccurate observation, effect, or result
admit; yield; give up physical control of another
condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; deficiency of red blood cells; lack of vitality
gift giver; a person who gives people or institutions financial help
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8   Interactive spelling - Check your spelling skill online:
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n. additional object; useful but not essential thing; subordinate or supplementary item

Spelling Word: accessory
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a. dissimilar, inconsistent, or opposed in nature; very different place, society, or person

Spelling Word: alien
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n. operatic solo; a solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment

Spelling Word: aria
Read [Esc]
a. expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language

Spelling Word: articulate
Read [Esc]
a. weighting authority; peremptory and dictatorial

Spelling Word: authoritative
Read [Esc]
v. prevent; turn or cause to turn off or away

Spelling Word: avert
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