By Dave Dahl

How to Make ACT Vocabulary PDF

ACT is a very common college admission test in USA. Almost half of high school students will take this test at grade 12. If you browse at internet or visit bookstores, it's easy to find out a plenty of materials to prepare ACT test. But, if you want to download an ACT vocabulary PDF somewhere, you probably will feel frustrated.

When you search on internet, you indeed see lots of PDF files. However, after you open them, you will disappoint again and again because their contents are away from your expectation more or less. These PDF files are possibly good in both format and content for some use case; the problem is they usually aren't suitable for your scenario.

As we know, ACT vocabulary building is a personalized job. Each student has own vocabulary base and test expectation. So they need personalized vocabulary PDFs in order to maximize the efficiency. If there are too many known words in PDF, just wasting paper and time. If the words in PDF are too hard, may miss some more common words in test preparing. This is why only few people can download an existing ACT vocabulary that happens to match with own circumstances exactly , many students have to give up after repeatedly searching.

Students need vocabulary PDF for different reasons. Some simply like it easy to read; some have to use it to fit special devices. If you fail to download an available file, we introduce another solution to get ACT vocabulary PDF: make own vocabulary PDF based on ACT word lists of this web site, and then download and print it. This PDF will completely meet with your requirement, and leverage your effort to enrich ACT words accumulation efficiently.

There are 3 ACT vocabularies in the web site. For many students, the 3500 ACT Vocabulary is the right one to be the base of personalized PDF. This is a full size list with middle difficulty; and covers requirements of most test takers. Of course, if you think other word lists are more close to your circumstance, feel free to use them. As long as you chose the base list, the rest jobs are simple: copy words, definitions, examples, and whatever you like; delete or edit content on demand; and produce PDF file with updated content. Some people may think this sort of copy and paste will cause copyright issue. Yes, here you have to be cautious. This rule is quite plain: don’t share what your copy with others. If don't share the content in any format (including in PDF) with others, you don’t worry about copyright issue.

Finally, let's show how to produce ACT vocabulary PDF. We take 3500 ACT Vocabulary as example. This list is fitful to most of ACT test takers, so it’s an ideal start point to make personalized PDF file. Because it includes thousands of words, we have to spend a few of hours or days to decide what words are kept and what words are removed. If you just want to experience the steps to make own vocabulary PDF, you may select smaller word list, which can be handled in shorter time. 3500 ACT Vocabulary has been categorized into 12 groups; the first 5 groups’ links are as following.

Click the first group, copy its content to an editor, such as MS Word. We can then update it, for example, to remove some known words. When content is ready, we need a PDF maker for the last step: Make PDF file. You probably don't have PDF maker yet. Don't worry, you can search a free one from internet. There are lots of free resources to convert text or Word file to PDF file. Our example are converted online through web sites:
Just following instructions of the PDF maker: upload the Word file that we get by copy/paste/edit; download PDF file when it is available. The whole procedure will be done in a few minutes. Is it easy? A personalized ACT vocabulary PDF has been produced with very low cost and effort. Repeat same procedure, you can update content and get revised PDF any time.

We uploaded the example PDF we just made, which was based on 3500 ACT Vocabulary (Group 1). You can Download ACT PDF to preview.