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 By Dave Dahl

How to Make ACT Vocabulary PDF

1. Why Personalized ACT Vocabulary PDF
ACT is a well-known college admission test in the USA. Almost half of the high school students will take this test in grade 12. If you browse on the Internet or visit bookstores, it's easy to find plenty of materials to prepare ACT. But, if you want to download an ACT vocabulary PDF somewhere, you probably will feel frustrated.

When you search the Internet, you see lots of PDF files. However, after you open them, you will disappoint again and again because their contents are more or less than your expectation. These PDF files are possibly correct in both format and content for some use cases; the problem is they usually aren't suitable for your scenario.

As we know, ACT vocabulary building is a personalized job. Each student has one's vocabulary base and test goal. So they need personalized vocabulary PDFs to maximize efficiency. If too many known words exist in PDF, just waste paper and time. If the words in the PDF are too hard, you may miss some more common words in test preparing. It is why only a few people can download an existing ACT vocabulary that happens to match their circumstances exactly, and many students have to give up after repeatedly searching.

Students need vocabulary PDFs for different reasons. Some like it easy to read; some have to use it to fit special devices. Suppose you fail to download an available file. In that case, we introduce another solution to get ACT vocabulary PDF: make your own vocabulary PDF based on ACT word lists on the website and then download and print it. This PDF will completely meet your requirement and leverage your effort to enrich ACT word accumulation efficiently.

2. Create Your Own ACT Vocabulary PDF
There are 2 ACT vocabularies on the website. For many students, the 3500 ACT Vocabulary is the right one to be the base of a personalized PDF. It is a full-size list with middle difficulty and covers the requirements of most test-takers. Of course, if you think other word lists are closer to your circumstance, feel free to use them.

As long as you chose the base list, the rest jobs are simple: copy words, definitions, examples, and whatever you like; delete or edit content on-demand; produce a PDF file with updated content. (Since Oct 10, 2019, you need to sign on with a VIP account to access the full word list on the website.)

Finally, let's show how to produce an ACT vocabulary PDF. We take 3500 ACT Vocabulary as an example. This list is fitful to most ACT test-takers, so it's an ideal starting point to make a personalized PDF file.

Because it includes thousands of words, we have to spend a few hours or days deciding what words are kept and what words are removed. If you want to experience the steps to make your vocabulary PDF, you may select a smaller word list, which can be handled quickly. We categorized 3500 ACT Vocabulary into 12 groups; the first two groups' links are as follows.
Click the first group, and copy its content to an editor, such as MS Word. We can then update it, for example, to remove some known words. When content is ready, we need a PDF maker for the last step: Make a PDF file. You probably don't have a PDF maker yet. Don't worry; you can search for a free one on the Internet. There are many free resources to convert text or Word files to PDF files. E.g., Google Drive is a handy tool for converting TXT to PDF format. View in YouTube

Just follow the instructions of the PDF makers or tools: upload the file you get by copying/pasting/editing; download the PDF file when it is available. The whole procedure will be done in a few minutes. Is it easy? A personalized ACT vocabulary PDF has been produced with lower cost and effort. Repeating the same procedure, you can update content and get a revised PDF any time.

The website also provides a centralized PDF hub to help students get and make their own PDF word list:
3. Demo of Personalized PDF
We uploaded the example PDF we just made based on 3500 ACT Vocabulary (Group 1). You can Download ACT PDF to preview.

4. Save or Print Vocabulary
We have 2 ACT vocabularies on the website. Below are buttons for each sub-list, which bring you a page to Print or Save as PDF for the selected group.

3500 ACT Vocabulary
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Group 6Group 7Group 8Group 9Group 10Group 11Group 12
ESL ACT Vocabulary
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4

5. Save or Print Vocabulary - ESL
A few ACT test-takers are ESL (English as Second Language) students who may need to add home language explanations to their PDF. We have two lists with definitions in a total of 9 languages. Don't miss them if your home language is in them.