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 By Dave Shanmo

ACT Science Vocabulary - Chemistry

There are 2 ACT science vocabularies: chemistry and Laboratory operation. Hopefully, they can help test takers to recall science words more easily and quickly.

ACT Chemistry Vocabulary
Speak   Lookup   acid
Speak   Lookup   activated complex
Speak   Lookup   activation energy
Speak   Lookup   aggregate
Speak   Lookup   alkali metals
Speak   Lookup   alkaline earth metals
Speak   Lookup   alkane
Speak   Lookup   alkene
Speak   Lookup   alkyne
Speak   Lookup   allotropy
Speak   Lookup   alloy
Speak   Lookup   aluminum
Speak   Lookup   ammonia
Speak   Lookup   amorphous
Speak   Lookup   amphoteric
Speak   Lookup   anode
Speak   Lookup   anomalous
Speak   Lookup   aqueous
Speak   Lookup   argon
Speak   Lookup   Avogadro's law
Speak   Lookup   barium
Speak   Lookup   bauxite
Speak   Lookup   bleaching
Speak   Lookup   bond
Speak   Lookup   boron
Speak   Lookup   brass
Speak   Lookup   bromine
Speak   Lookup   buret
Speak   Lookup   calcium
Speak   Lookup   calory
Speak   Lookup   carbohydrate
Speak   Lookup   carbon dioxide
Speak   Lookup   carbon monoxide
Speak   Lookup   carbonate
Speak   Lookup   carboxylic acid
Speak   Lookup   catalyst
Speak   Lookup   cathode reaction
Speak   Lookup   cellulose
Speak   Lookup   chlorine
Speak   Lookup   chromium
Speak   Lookup   coefficient
Speak   Lookup   combination reaction
Speak   Lookup   combustion
Speak   Lookup   composition
Speak   Lookup   compound
Speak   Lookup   concentrated
Speak   Lookup   concentration
Speak   Lookup   condensation
Speak   Lookup   covalent bond
Speak   Lookup   cracking
Speak   Lookup   crude oil
Speak   Lookup   crystal
Speak   Lookup   deoxyribose
Speak   Lookup   diatomic molecule
Speak   Lookup   diffusion
Speak   Lookup   dilute
Speak   Lookup   displacement reaction
Speak   Lookup   distillation
Speak   Lookup   double bonds
Speak   Lookup   dynamic equilibrium
Speak   Lookup   electrolysis
Speak   Lookup   elcetrolyte
Speak   Lookup   electronic configuration
Speak   Lookup   element
Speak   Lookup   empirical formula
Speak   Lookup   endothermic
Speak   Lookup   enthalpy
Speak   Lookup   erosion
Speak   Lookup   ethanoic acid
Speak   Lookup   ethanol
Speak   Lookup   ethene
Speak   Lookup   evaporation
Speak   Lookup   exothermic
Speak   Lookup   extraction
Speak   Lookup   filtering
Speak   Lookup   flame test
Speak   Lookup   fluorine
Speak   Lookup   fractional distillation
Speak   Lookup   freezing point
Speak   Lookup   glucose
Speak   Lookup   glycogen
Speak   Lookup   graphite
Speak   Lookup   greenhouse effect
Speak   Lookup   Haber process
Speak   Lookup   halogen
Speak   Lookup   helium
Speak   Lookup   homologous series
Speak   Lookup   hydrocarbon
Speak   Lookup   hydrogen
Speak   Lookup   hydrogen chloride
Speak   Lookup   hydrogen peroxide
Speak   Lookup   hydronium ion
Speak   Lookup   hydroxide
Speak   Lookup   indicator
Speak   Lookup   iodine
Speak   Lookup   isomerism
Speak   Lookup   le Chatelier's principle
Speak   Lookup   lead
Speak   Lookup   limestone
Speak   Lookup   linear
Speak   Lookup   lipid
Speak   Lookup   lithium
Speak   Lookup   litmus
Speak   Lookup   magnesium
Speak   Lookup   metalloid
Speak   Lookup   methane
Speak   Lookup   methanoic acid
Speak   Lookup   methanol
Speak   Lookup   monomer
Speak   Lookup   neon
Speak   Lookup   neutralization
Speak   Lookup   nitrate
Speak   Lookup   nitric acid
Speak   Lookup   nitrogen
Speak   Lookup   noble gases
Speak   Lookup   oxide
Speak   Lookup   oxidation agent
Speak   Lookup   ozone
Speak   Lookup   periodic table
Speak   Lookup   permanganate
Speak   Lookup   petroleum
Speak   Lookup   phenolphthalein
Speak   Lookup   phosphorus
Speak   Lookup   planar
Speak   Lookup   platinum
Speak   Lookup   polar
Speak   Lookup   polymer
Speak   Lookup   potassium
Speak   Lookup   precipitation
Speak   Lookup   propane
Speak   Lookup   propanoic acid
Speak   Lookup   propanol
Speak   Lookup   propene
Speak   Lookup   pure substance
Speak   Lookup   reactive
Speak   Lookup   redox
Speak   Lookup   reducing agent
Speak   Lookup   reversible reaction
Speak   Lookup   shared paris of electrons
Speak   Lookup   silicon
Speak   Lookup   sodium
Speak   Lookup   solvent
Speak   Lookup   starch
Speak   Lookup   sublime
Speak   Lookup   sulphate
Speak   Lookup   sulphur
Speak   Lookup   sulphuric acid
Speak   Lookup   suspension
Speak   Lookup   tetrahedral
Speak   Lookup   titration
Speak   Lookup   torr
Speak   Lookup   triple bonds
Speak   Lookup   van der Waals' force
Speak   Lookup   volatile
Speak   Lookup   zinc

ACT Laboratory Vocabulary
Speak   Lookup   additive
Speak   Lookup   adjust
Speak   Lookup   airtight
Speak   Lookup   apparatus
Speak   Lookup   assemble
Speak   Lookup   assign
Speak   Lookup   average molecular mass
Speak   Lookup   barrel
Speak   Lookup   beaker
Speak   Lookup   blend
Speak   Lookup   blender
Speak   Lookup   block
Speak   Lookup   brake
Speak   Lookup   bubble
Speak   Lookup   buffer solution
Speak   Lookup   bulb
Speak   Lookup   bullet
Speak   Lookup   calibrate
Speak   Lookup   can
Speak   Lookup   capillary
Speak   Lookup   casing
Speak   Lookup   chain
Speak   Lookup   chain reaction
Speak   Lookup   chamber
Speak   Lookup   clamp
Speak   Lookup   collision
Speak   Lookup   comparison
Speak   Lookup   compress
Speak   Lookup   concentration
Speak   Lookup   condense
Speak   Lookup   container
Speak   Lookup   controller
Speak   Lookup   crystal
Speak   Lookup   deposit
Speak   Lookup   desiccate
Speak   Lookup   detector
Speak   Lookup   detector
Speak   Lookup   detonation
Speak   Lookup   device
Speak   Lookup   dial
Speak   Lookup   dilute
Speak   Lookup   disk
Speak   Lookup   distill
Speak   Lookup   efficiency
Speak   Lookup   electronic balance
Speak   Lookup   emission
Speak   Lookup   exert
Speak   Lookup   external pressure
Speak   Lookup   fan
Speak   Lookup   fasten
Speak   Lookup   filament
Speak   Lookup   filter
Speak   Lookup   fit
Speak   Lookup   fixture
Speak   Lookup   flask
Speak   Lookup   formation
Speak   Lookup   fractionating
Speak   Lookup   gauge
Speak   Lookup   graduated cylinder
Speak   Lookup   hand
Speak   Lookup   hang
Speak   Lookup   heat exchanger
Speak   Lookup   heat insulated container
Speak   Lookup   heating block
Speak   Lookup   hinge
Speak   Lookup   holding device
Speak   Lookup   hook
Speak   Lookup   hose
Speak   Lookup   hygrometer
Speak   Lookup   imbed
Speak   Lookup   inclination
Speak   Lookup   incline
Speak   Lookup   incline plane
Speak   Lookup   index
Speak   Lookup   inject
Speak   Lookup   inlet
Speak   Lookup   insulate
Speak   Lookup   jar
Speak   Lookup   launcher
Speak   Lookup   lens
Speak   Lookup   lid
Speak   Lookup   lift
Speak   Lookup   magnitude
Speak   Lookup   manometer
Speak   Lookup   manually
Speak   Lookup   measuring stick
Speak   Lookup   melt off
Speak   Lookup   meter stick
Speak   Lookup   microscope
Speak   Lookup   molarity
Speak   Lookup   mount
Speak   Lookup   nonreactive
Speak   Lookup   odor
Speak   Lookup   optical bench
Speak   Lookup   oscillate
Speak   Lookup   oven
Speak   Lookup   parameter
Speak   Lookup   path
Speak   Lookup   peak
Speak   Lookup   pellet
Speak   Lookup   pendulum
Speak   Lookup   platform scale
Speak   Lookup   plunger
Speak   Lookup   pour
Speak   Lookup   powder
Speak   Lookup   precipitate
Speak   Lookup   probe
Speak   Lookup   procedure
Speak   Lookup   pulley
Speak   Lookup   pulse
Speak   Lookup   radar
Speak   Lookup   ramp
Speak   Lookup   ration
Speak   Lookup   reset
Speak   Lookup   rest
Speak   Lookup   retention time
Speak   Lookup   rod
Speak   Lookup   roll
Speak   Lookup   rope
Speak   Lookup   rotate
Speak   Lookup   saturate
Speak   Lookup   scale
Speak   Lookup   screw
Speak   Lookup   scrub
Speak   Lookup   seal
Speak   Lookup   secure
Speak   Lookup   sediment
Speak   Lookup   sensor
Speak   Lookup   settled
Speak   Lookup   shake
Speak   Lookup   sheet
Speak   Lookup   sieve
Speak   Lookup   slide
Speak   Lookup   slipping
Speak   Lookup   solar radiation
Speak   Lookup   spark
Speak   Lookup   specification
Speak   Lookup   spectrum
Speak   Lookup   speed up
Speak   Lookup   sphere
Speak   Lookup   spring
Speak   Lookup   spring scale
Speak   Lookup   spring system
Speak   Lookup   squeeze
Speak   Lookup   stablize
Speak   Lookup   standard sample
Speak   Lookup   stick
Speak   Lookup   stir
Speak   Lookup   stopper
Speak   Lookup   stopwatch
Speak   Lookup   stream
Speak   Lookup   stretch
Speak   Lookup   strip
Speak   Lookup   suspend
Speak   Lookup   synthesize
Speak   Lookup   syringe
Speak   Lookup   tabletop
Speak   Lookup   tailpipe
Speak   Lookup   tank
Speak   Lookup   telescope
Speak   Lookup   tension
Speak   Lookup   test tube
Speak   Lookup   thermometer
Speak   Lookup   titrant
Speak   Lookup   titration
Speak   Lookup   torsion
Speak   Lookup   transceiver
Speak   Lookup   trial
Speak   Lookup   trough
Speak   Lookup   tubing
Speak   Lookup   twist
Speak   Lookup   valve
Speak   Lookup   vapor pressure
Speak   Lookup   vessel
Speak   Lookup   weight
Speak   Lookup   wire
Speak   Lookup   wrap