Online Quiz/Test for English Words provides some handy and powerful tools to estimate your English vocabulary skills, like Random Meaning Quizzes, Vocabulary Test by Exam, and Vocabulary Test Online. Choose the right tools to speed up your vocabulary building journey.
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Vocabulary Test Online
This is an all-in-one tool to estimate the test taker's English vocabulary skills with various built-in test levels, from middle school and high school spelling words to standardized exams.

Some may use "Random Meaning Quizzes" or "Vocabulary Test by Exam" to review known words or study new words, but "Vocabulary Test Online" is a pure online test tool.

Based on a specific level, a test sheet of 20 words will be produced dynamically. The app will count the time and give a score after your submitting. It is designed for a real test scenario to evaluate the test taker's vocabulary skills.

In addition to self-thaught students, the tool has a tutor version too.  If you are a tutor, you can customize a page for your students, which has a special button to send the test results to your email. It's a quick way to estimate or check vocabulary skills. 

"Vocabulary Test Online"  is a free tool; either tutor version or not, it opens for all accounts free. Test levels and Introduction:
Vocabulary Test Online - Levels
Test actions and Sheet:
Vocabulary Test Online - Sheet
Random Meaning Quizzes
The feature is attached to each exam-related vocabulary offered on the website. In the sublist page, you can use the "Match" button to trigger it, which consists of 10 random words and options of possible meanings.

If you get the right answer, the interactive sheet will respond immediately. It's a handy and quick way to estimate vocabulary skills. It also offers a search button per word to get more information like meanings and example sentences.

So, you can use it as a review or warmup tool for unfamiliar words. "Random Meaning Quizzes"  is a free tool, users can run it even without an account.

Making your Random Meaning Quizzes by wordlist of this website
IELTS Vocabulary Quizzes
TOEFL Vocabulary Quizzes
TOEIC Vocabulary Quizzes
PTE Vocabulary Quizzes
ECPE Vocabulary Quizzes
SAT Vocabulary Quizzes
ACT Vocabulary Quizzes

These random quizzes are like below.
Random Meaning Quizzes
Vocabulary Test by Exam
For popular exams, like IELTS and TOEFL, we have developed an online app to test vocabulary level. This tool supports some native language definitions in addition to English explanations. 

It is based on a word bank of 1000+ words and makes the test sheet with 12 randomly picked words. As a real test, it will count the time and give a score after you submit. For wrong answers, you can see the correct ones and their sentences that help to study unknown words in time.

If you save to the cloud, you can check and compare your answers in the future. The app cannot run on a small cell phone, you need a larger screen, like an iPad, to start it.

"Vocabulary Test by Exam"  is a free tool; but you need an account to sign on before saving your test data.

Vocabulary Test for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and ECPE with definitions of multiple non-English languages.
IELTS Vocabulary Test TOEFL Vocabulary Test SAT Vocabulary Test ECPE Vocabulary Test
Vocabulary Test by Exam is like below.
Vocabulary Test by Exam
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