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Vocabulary is an essential asset in English skills. TOEFL test takers have to build a strong vocabulary in preparation; otherwise, they have no chance to get a good score in the examination. In the TOEFL test, there is no exclusive section to test your vocabulary level. However, all test sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, are actually testing vocabulary skills in separate ways. As in all language tests, without good vocabulary, skill cannot have a good mark.

TOEFL is for non-native English speakers who are planning to apply for universities or other academic purposes in the USA, Canada, and other English countries. For most of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students, English vocabulary is a shortcoming in nature; and as an academic-oriented test TOEFL vocabulary is quite large. If you want to have a high score in the test, normally, your vocabulary should be as large as 10000 or more.

Many TOEFL test takers spend lots of time on building a strong and test-friendly vocabulary. They may have various English vocabulary bases and different TOEFL score expectations. No matter what contents, methods, or tools they use to build TOEFL vocabulary, knowing actual vocabulary level and progress is the prerequisite to schedule plan and adjust pace.

This app, TOEFL vocabulary test online, whose basic functionality is to make TOEFL vocabulary test sheets in random, exactly does it for you. It has a built-in middle-level words list to power online test. Besides, as many other similar online practice tools, it also includes some auxiliary features, for example, save test results and compare with historical data, or even compare with others' test results to improve performance.
Questions and Answers
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n.  E.g. One of the greatest opportunities for the out-of-school unemployed youth will always be found in apprentice programs.
Select answer:
scratch; friction
voting; balloting; right or ability to make a choice
shortage of food; starvation
works for an expert to learn a trade; beginner; learner
secretary whose main duty is to answer the telephone and receive visitors
Don't select.
n.  E.g. You can reduce the amount of heat in a chili pepper by removing the ribs and seeds.
Select answer:
very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
writing that is not fictional
sense; acuteness; capacity of an organ or organism to respond to stimulation
shopping center; public area set aside as a pedestrian walk
someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants
Don't select.
a.  E.g. I wandered the theatre – an old one from the thirties - kept in decent repair by those that love movies.
Select answer:
wide-ranging knowledge; complex; intellectually appealing
suitable; modest.; honorable; meeting accepted standards
unprincipled; immoral; without scruples
unforgettable; worthy to be remembered; very important or remarkable
serving or acting as a means or aid; helpful; relating to musical instruments
Don't select.
ad.  E.g. Some believe California's move will shame other states and eventually the federal government into action on the matter.
Select answer:
relying on or requiring the aid of another for support
uninterrupted; unceasing; continuing without interruption
ultimately; in the final result or issue; in the end
sound of a sudden heavy fall; well-rounded and full in form
trading; commercial; of or relating to trade or traders
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Mr. Hawke says the term "mate" is also folklore in the Australian labor party because if anyone significant calls you mate you know the knife is about to go in your back.
Select answer:
conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast; state of being in high activity or commotion
building, especially one of imposing appearance or size; a structure that has a roof and walls
traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of a people, transmitted orally
thin smooth shiny coating; glassy film, as one over the eyes
strong feelings of dislike; offend the taste or moral sense of
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Experimental psychologists adopted the kymograph as an instrument for recording various time-related events: response times and stimulus presentations.
Select answer:
status of being a champion; position or title of a winner
someone who intrudes without permission
segment; fragment; a small proportion of
successful ending of struggle or contest; defeat of an enemy or opponent
device for measuring and recording graphically
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Roosevelt defeated Hoover in a landslide.
Select answer:
unit of poem, written or printed as a paragraph
sudden feeling of sickness or faintness; sudden attack of illness
substitute; trade in; give in return for something received
slide of a large mass of dirt and rock down a mountain or cliff; overwhelming electoral victory
state of dishonor; bring shame or dishonor upon
Don't select.
n.  E.g. I have had some previous experience in this branch of what I call preservative chemistry.
Select answer:
remnant; remains of a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age
state of being alone; seclusion; lonely or secluded place
wonder; state of extreme surprise or wonder; astonishment
a large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill
something used to preserve, especially a chemical added to foods to inhibit spoilage
Don't select.
n.  E.g. According to the Buddhist point of view, monks and nuns are supposed to hold renunciation vows.
Select answer:
space between two objects; length of a line, especially the shortest line joining two points or things that are separate
sacrificing; giving up; state of having rejected your religious beliefs
seat, especially a royal seat; throne; rank; grade; sitting before a fortified place; surrounding or investing of a place by army
act of reducing to atoms, or very minute particles
toothed machine part, such as a wheel or cylinder, to transmit motion or to change speed or direction
Don't select.
v.  E.g. The candidates rip into their opponents each other mercilessly.
Select answer:
terminate; make a break in
traverse the distance between; cover or extend over an area or time period
search blindly or uncertainly; reach about uncertainly; feel one's way
tear or be torn violently; criticize or abuse strongly and violently
turn aside, especially from main subject in writing or speaking
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Truckers say a ban would slow deliveries and make what they call a tedious job worse.
Select answer:
widespread; widely or commonly occurring, existing, accepted
separate; consisting of unconnected distinct parts
understandable; readily comprehended or understood; intelligible
tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; progressing very slowly
unusual; not typical; not normal
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Ferndean then remained uninhabited and unfurnished, with the exception of some two or three rooms fitted up for the accommodation.
Select answer:
tending or serving to sudden outburst; sudden and loud
suggestive; implying; serving to indicate
relatively distant or remote from a center or middle
having no residents; unsettled; unoccupied
extremely bad; terrible; dreadful
Don't select.

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