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ECPE test is to evaluate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) people's English skills. This test normally has four sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Because test takers aren't native English speakers, ECPE vocabulary plays a crucial role in all sections.

In preparing the test, more than half of the time is for studying new words and reviewing known words on average. This app, ECPE Test for Vocabulary, is a pure online tool to evaluate vocabulary level. For self-taught test takers, this app helps to understand own level and progress and play a key part in planning or scheduling ECPE vocabulary study.

This app has a built-in ECPE vocabulary that includes 1200 middle-level words. You needn't worry about the test contents, and the test question sheet will be produced automatically as long as you request. In addition to a proven test word bank, we implement the app with cutting edge computer and web technology. The primary feature of the app is to check if you know or not know a word. The question sheet is made dynamically with 12 random words, which shows on a web page.

This app has some extra functionalities, e.g., you can save test result to analyze or compare. Then, you not only see the result of one test alone; you also have a chance to understand your trend and relative level to others, by which you can adjust your own pace or schedule accordingly.

Some ECPE test-takers use this app as a study tool rather than a test tool. Considering it has a fixed vocabulary, some people use it to study and review words by repeated tests. At the online ECPE test sheet, you will see all correct answers if you failed. It's a quick and intelligent way to learn new words or review known words.

This app stores your test result for further analysis and comparison. If you want to run all functionalities, you should sign on at first to let your data save through your account. If you don't have an account yet, please create one immediately. It is a free feature; as long as you get access code, sign on, and enjoy all features of this great app: ECPE Test for Vocabulary!
Questions and Answers
 Demo Test Sheet

a.  E.g. South Korea is one of the world's most successful trading nations but the population remains deeply ambivalent about the benefits of open markets.
Select answer:
of or relating to a climate, or meteorological conditions
randomly chosen; determined by chance or impulse, and not by reason or principle
powerful; having power to influence or convince; having great control or authority
of common people; suitable to common people; easy to be comprehended; not abstruse; familiar; plain
mixed; experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings
Don't select.
n.  E.g. "Two days wrong!" sighed the Hatter, "I told you butter wouldn't suit the works!"
Select answer:
process of becoming vapor; conversion of a solid or a liquid into a gas
similarity or analogy; communication by the exchange of letters
mental or emotional balance; state of balance of any causes, powers, or motives
period of greatest popularity, success, or power; golden age
oily, unctuous substance obtained from cream or milk by churning
Don't select.
n.  E.g. In short the crystal is about the exterior form, not about the displays or the experience inside the building.
Select answer:
long, narrow upper section or crest; chain of hills or mountains
quartz; glassware made of quartz; high-quality, clear, colorless glass
length of straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference
process of the sweat glands of skin secreting a salty fluid
oddity; departure from that which is stated, regular, or usual; deviation from center
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Matz gained keen insight into horses as a three-time Olympian and a silver medalist in equestrian competition at the 1996 Summer Games.
Select answer:
of or relating to horseback riding or horseback riders; depicted or represented on horseback
projecting inward; entering as an improper or unwanted
exceedingly; in a surpassing manner; extremely
not deferred by an interval of time; present; occurring at once; instant
not able to be corrected or repaired
Don't select.
a.  E.g. He could barely see through the fogged window.
Select answer:
located in outer boundary; unimportant; auxiliary
pertaining to or exhibiting magnetism produced by electric charge in motion
of or relating to or produced by evolution or development
preposterous; ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable; foolish
obscured by fog
Don't select.
v.  E.g. Developing countries were exempt, as it was felt cutbacks would hinder development and add to the existing burden of debt.
Select answer:
overspread the surface; envelop; shelter, as from evil or danger; protect
provide or brighten with light; clear up or make understandable; enlighten
move or cause to move energetically and busily; teem
make a formal accusation; bring a formal charge
put at a disadvantage; tie up; hamper; prevent the progress
Don't select.
n.  E.g. They had not gone far before they saw the Mock Turtle in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock.
Select answer:
relation of something to the matter at hand; applicability to social issues
real being; something that exists as a particular and discrete unit; fact of existence
process of becoming spoiled; impairing the value or quality of
operation; manipulation; performing or able to perform its regular function
projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water
Don't select.
n.  E.g. His bookcases were filled with anything but no one novel.
Select answer:
private house that provides accommodations and meals for paying guests
process of becoming spoiled; impairing the value or quality of
message that is transmitted by radio or television; radio or television show
printed and bound book that is an extended work of fiction
one who contracts to build things; a party to a contract
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Ideally the campaigners want to push a new bill of introduction of a legal quota for women MPs.
Select answer:
movement; act of changing location; ability or power to move
a thick mass or piece, amount
money collected under a tariff
limitation on imports; ration; prescribed number
portraiture; picture; likeness of a person, especially one showing the face
Don't select.
a.  E.g. The Museum of Graphic Arts is holding a retrospective showing of the paintings of Michael Whelan over the past two decades.
Select answer:
looking back on, or directed to the past; applying to or influencing the past
relating to, or produced by motion; dynamic
opposite; reversed in order, nature, or effect; turned upside down
not having been fertilized; made for no more suitable for growth
prior to or preparing for the main matter; introductory
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Rice is the staple food for more than half the world’s population.
Select answer:
present or potential but not evident or active; dormant; hidden
made at home, usually by hands
produced or stocked in large quantities to meet steady demand; main; principal
of or relating to or responsible for administration
marked by or having equity; just and impartial
Don't select.
n.  E.g. A good thesis makes the difference between a thoughtful research project and a simple retelling of facts.
Select answer:
paper; dissertation; an unproved statement put forward as a premise in an argument
natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship; relationship by marriage
relative position in a society; official position or grad; row, line, series, or range
one who rides a horse or performs on horseback
place of frequent resort or visitation; act, habit, or custom of resorting to place
Don't select.

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