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ECPE is an exam for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. It is designed to evaluate test-takers' English skills for academic or professional purposes. If you have scheduled the test, you probably are working to have a good score. In general, ECPE exam has four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking, so there are lots of jobs in your preparing. For any serious test-takers, proper preparation is the key to get their goal.

Although we may list a plenty of items needing to handle in ECPE exam preparing, such as grammar, test sample, oral test format and topic, and so on, we must keep the focus on vocabulary building that is the core of all English skills. Many successful ECPE test-takers spend more than half of the effort to build vocabulary in preparation.

As we know, there isn't a clear definition of ECPE vocabulary, and no one, even the test organizer, tries to circle a set of words as a formal ECPE vocabulary. However, based on analyzing ECPE test papers and test scenarios, tutors and students can find out that some words more likely occur than others. These words are compiled together and called as ECPE vocabulary. Because of various angles, the so-called ECPE vocabularies are different from each other. Still, they all have the same nature: these words are deserved to spend time when preparing the ECPE exam.

Separate ECPE vocabularies reflect diverse requirements of test-takers who have different vocabulary base and different expectations in the exam. We provide 3 ECPE word lists in the vocabulary section to meet with test takers' requirements as many as possible.

3000 ECPE Vocabulary: A full size and middle-level word list. This vocabulary has been dumped from the ECPE words building app of this website. If you only have time to work with one list, this is the first candidate. For most ECPE test takers, this vocabulary is good in both size and level. However, it is indeed a little easy for high score hunters. It may not be enough to ensure to shoot a high mark. If you know more than 50% of the list, consider skimming the list and try to look for a harder one instead.

ECPE Oral Exam Words: ECPE oral exam, also called ECPE speaking test, is a main of EXPE exam. To show in oral interview excellently, you should include ECPE oral exam words in your preparing job. Words used in the speaking test have additional requirements than only in the reading test. For the latter, it's enough to know. For the speaking test, you have to pronounce them in the right way. It means you need extra exercise. Although this is a simple and small word list, take it will enhance your ECPE oral exam very much.

In the app section, we recommend two apps for ECPE test takers to help you build vocabulary. Both of them are fantastic vocabulary builder with pure web technology.

ECPE Test for Vocabulary: For vocabulary builders, how to know the current level and progress is extremely important. It is a fundamental factor to plan content and schedule activity to study. This app includes 1000+ middle-level ECPE words, and produces question sheet in dynamic. It's a handy and reliable tool to evaluate the ECPE vocabulary level of test-takers.

1200 ECPE Words in 30 Days: It has a built-in ECPE word list, but the app plays as study manager. It not only shows you a word list by alphabet; it divides these words into 30 groups, creates a test quiz for each word, records your study activities, and summarize your progress. It will save your time and effort of overhead in vocabulary study as possible and improve your ECPE level in short time.

The third section is for tips and experiences, a trendy area in web site. We collect how-to style articles to help ECPE test takers to work easier and quicker. In this section, we mainly post contents related to vocabulary building, but isn't absolutely restricted to vocabulary topic. Other interesting or helpful topics may be included there, only if they are good for ECPE test takers.

ECPE Spelling Practice for Writing Test: This web site offers spelling practice for each word in all ECPE word lists. Spelling is the base in writing test. You have to spell right and quick in real writing test if you need a good mark. So you had better prepare a particular writing vocabulary and ensure you can spell every word in it. Finally, this ECPE writing vocabulary will decide the quality of your essay and score of your writing test.

ECPE Online Word Questions: Basically, this web site offers a common feature to all word lists: make multiple dynamic options and single choice word quiz for each word. 3 ECPE word lists have no exception. It is an interactive way to study and review ECPE word through the Internet, convenient and free. If you used to study and review by single choice exercise, don't miss this feature.

Download ECPE Vocabulary PDF: It is easy to download an existing ECPE vocabulary PDF file. But if you want to download a good PDF that exactly matched with your requirement, the thing becomes tough. In some cases, it seems mission impossible. Here we introduce a new way to handle this puzzle: make personalized ECPE vocabulary PDF and then download. You can gain the most matched PDF file for ECPE vocabulary building.

Our visitors normally are ECPE test-takers, who should know the background of ECPE already. In case someone does have confusion, a brief introduction of the ECPE test is attached there.

ECPE, the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English, is an English test for EFL (English as a foreign language). It is recognized in several countries as official documentary evidence and can be used for academic and professional purposes. It is also accepted by some colleges if the certificate has been issued within two years.

The ECPE is designed for C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)and is valid for the lifetime of the test takers. Its proficiency level may be described as

1 Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read.
2 Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources
3 Can reconstruct arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation
4 Can express spontaneously, very fluently and precisel

The ECPE test is for general language proficiency and consists of four components: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All skills are evaluated by a combination of tasks.

The test is organized as 4 sections.

Speaking 30–35 minutes (1 question)

Test takers take part in a multi-stage task involving two examinees and two examiners.

Writing 30 minutes (1 question)

Test takers write an essay based upon one of two topic choices.(Seems easier than other tests.)

Listening 35–40 minutes (50 questions)

Part 1 (multiple choice)
A short conversation is accompanied by three printed statements. Test takers choose the statement with the same meaning as what was heard, or that is true based upon the conversation.

Part 2 (multiple choice)
A question is accompanied by three printed responses. Test takers choose the right answer to the question.

Part 3 (multiple choice)
Three talks, such as you hear on the radio, are each followed by questions from speaker. The questions and the answer choices are printed in answer sheet.

Grammar/Cloze/Vocabulary/Reading 75 minutes

Grammar (multiple-choice, 40 questions)
An incomplete sentence is followed by choice of words or phrases to complete in grammatical correct.

Cloze (multiple-choice, 20 questions)
Two passages are followed by choices of words and phrases to complete the text. The answer should be the option that best fills each blank in grammar and meaning.

Vocabulary (multiple-choice, 40 questions)
An incomplete sentence is followed by vocabulary options to complete it. The answer is by correct meaning in that context.

Reading (multiple-choice, 20 questions)
Four reading passages are followed by comprehension questions.

More information is in its official website. ECPE Test