By Amy Bush Cy

Download ECPE Vocabulary PDF

1. Overview
ECPE is specified for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) people; for its test takers vocabulary ability is a crucial asset in all test sections. So after you register ECPE test seat, this first thing usually is to start building vocabulary that is the hardest job to improve English skill.

How to study new English words or review known words efficiently is relied on individual preferences. Some people used to follow a PDF word list to go through their vocabulary studying. A proper ECPE vocabulary PDF file should help very much for test takers. Download a free ECPE vocabulary file sounds simple. If you try on Internet, you indeed can do it among lots of candidate options. However, after you open some downloaded PDF files, you probably will disappoint because the contents aren't met with your expectation.

ECPE test takers have different vocabulary bases, pursue different goals in test, and by different native languages; so although they may talk about the same thing: ECPE vocabulary PDF, the actual requirements are definitively diverse. If want to get an existing PDF from Internet to match with your circumstance exactly, it's almost mission impossible. In fact, it will be very lucky if you get one with 60 percent matching.

2. Customized ECPE Vocabulary PDF
Here we suggest a new way to deal with this requirement: Create customized ECPE vocabulary PDF file. Leveraging resources of this web site and other free online tools, anyone can make personalized vocabulary PDF in minutes. Do you want to have a proper ECPE vocabulary PDF? Just follow instructions. You will make and download a word list PDF that is special for your case.

The core of PDF file is content. The first step is to choose a word list as foundation of your ECPE PDF file. This web site offers 3 word lists. We suggest the full size one: 3000 ECPE Vocabulary. Because it doesn't make scenes to produce multiple ECPE PDF files to prepare same test, a large and full word list is better than multiple small ones.

3000 ECPE Vocabulary has 13 groups and each word has definitions of English and plus 20 non-English languages. As example, we show links of first group with multiple languages.
Then, we copy one of them to an editor. In our case, we copy to MS Word. Now that the contents are in editor, we can update on demand and finally get own ECPE vocabulary. The last step is to convert the Word file to PDF. There are lots of free resources on Internet to convert a Word file (or text file) to PDF file; we recommend below tools to do it online.
Upload the Word file to one of the mentioned site, then download produced ECPE PDF per its instruction. A personalized ECPE vocabulary PDF is completed in minutes. Do it yourself, you can also have own ECPE vocabulary PDF file by this way.

If you know Google Drive well, you can convert txt to PDF format by it.

3. ECPE Vocabulary PDF Sample
A sample PDF file made from 3000 ECPE Vocabulary has been uploaded. You may Download ECPE PDF to preview.