Dynamic IELTS Test for Vocabulary

To take IELTS test, either for general or for academic, students must build strong vocabulary. Of course, the requirements may be separate for different goals. For academic test takers, who are planning to apply top universities, we usually suggest them to prepare at least 10000 words before test day. Because most of IELTS test takers are ESL (English as Second Language), study and review a huge set of IELTS test vocabulary isn't an easy job. Clever guys leverage smart tools. You can find out some online tools to study or review IELTS words. This app is one of them. It's a pure online tool to evaluate your IELTS vocabulary level.

This app has a built-in common level IELTS vocabulary of 1200 words, which are selected for IELTS test of both academic and general. It means you can launch IELTS vocabulary test online anytime based on a suitable word bank and don't worry about how to organize the test content or how to make the test sheet.

The basic functionality of this app is to make IELTS test questions in dynamic and random way to check if test takers know a words or not, and then shows IELTS vocabulary test page to host questions and support online practice. Besides, this app is as many IELTS online practice tools to offer lots of additional features. Showing dynamic question sheet and auto checking user's response is essential feature of online vocabulary test. You can then save result of each test to analyze or compare with previous data, or even others' data. It's a good way to check own level and progress and enhance confidence in future IELTS test. So don't miss these fantastic features some are only in this app!

Actually, the app is not only for test IELTS vocabulary level. Some students also use it to study and review words. When you try an online test sheet, you will see correct answer if you failed a word. Meanwhile you can choose to show example sentence. It's a convenient way to learn new words or review known words online.

This app will have to save your test result to server for further use, such as to analyze or compare, if you want to run all functionalities. Thus, you should login at first to let your data is stored under your account. This is a free website. If you don't have account yet, create one, sign in, and run this great online IELTS vocabulary test app!

 Questions and Answers
How many quizzes and words are there in IELTS test for vocabulary?
IELTS test for vocabulary is built-in 1200+ basic IELTS words.Each test sheet has 12 questions that are produced dynamically.So, each time you will see different test sheet.

What special features are in the web app?
As a free IELTS online vocabulary tool, it is convenient and easy to use anytime and anyplace. Besides, it offers some features that IELTS words builders are very interested.You can get score and duration of other users and compare with own data, or review own previous test data and failed words.You can also subscribe IELTS test sheets in advance and receive their links by email.

Do I have to sign on before using the app?
This is a free tool. So you can use it without signing on.But if you want to save test result for future's view, or you want to subscribe test link, you need sign on at first. If you don't have examword.com account yet, please register one from Sign On. An examword.com account (English Test Vocabulary) is good for all web apps in this site, and most web apps in this site are free.

I am an ESL student, but I dislike explanations in my mother language, can I tune off it?
At Subscribe settings, you can check off Only English in Explanation.It will turn off mother language feature for all test sheets.

I set my mother language, but I cannot see it in test sheet sometimes, why?
In a few cases, like first landing test page, your settings possibly aren't loaded. So, you cannot see local explanation in test sheet. Please use Make Test Sheet to get new test sheet. Your local language would be there. Besides, you should ensure NOT check Only English at Subscribe settings to show local explanations.

Why do I fail to submit or check my test sometimes?
To ensure your data is useful for future reference, submit will be accepted only when score is more than 30%. It means you need answer at least 4 questions right to get a score, and save it.

Do I have to Save my test result?
No. But if you want to view the result in future, you should save it. The saved result includes mark, duration, and failed word list. Note that you have to sign on before test if you want to save result.

I submit my test answers, but cannot see it in Statistics and Previous Test, why?
Submitting only finishes current test sheet, you can see the test result at current web page. However, the result hasn't been saved to server yet. If you leave this page in any way, your result will lose. To view test result in future, like show in Statistics and Previous Test, you have to save it to server before leaving.

How do I subscribe IELTS test sheet?
You can subscribe test sheet from Subscribe settings.The test link will be sent to your email as your request. Just click the link; you will get the new test sheet.When setting, you may select whether adding mother language definitions in quizzes if you are ESL student.

How do I cancel test link subscription?
It's easy. At Subscribe settings, choose the 'Stop send test link' option.

How do I use Statistics to evaluate my level and improve my pace?
The Statistics page shows data of 200 tests of IELTS just before current day, which includes both mark and duration. It's hard to say what number is good or excellent because everyone has own scenario. However, you should at least be better than average level if you want to get a good mark since the built-in IELTS words are in basic level. If you are trying to have a high score in IELTS test, you would reach top 10% in both mark and test duration.

 Demo Test Sheet

n.  E.g. That school strives to be an international leader in ballet training.
Select answer:
act of proceeding; continued forward movement; a series of actions
improper use or handling; misuse
a piece of orange or lemon peel, used to give flavor to liquor; something that gives or enhances a pleasant taste; appetizer
official examination of the details of a country's population
a sort of theatrical representation by dancers
Don't select.
n.  E.g. He didn't like the desk calendar and put it on the shelf.
Select answer:
act of denying; assertion of the nonrealistic or untruthfulness of anything
orderly arrangement as years, months, weeks, and days; a table showing months, weeks, and days
slender, elongated, threadlike object or structure
any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone
government under a single ruler
Don't select.
n.  E.g. There is no telling what might have happened, now, but luckily the concern passed out of Aunt Polly's face.
Select answer:
forceful consequence; strong effect; influencing strongly
bellow; rumble; make a loud noise
fitness; correct conduct; quality of being proper; appropriateness
craft; ship; container for liquids
interest in any person or thing; regard; solicitude; anxiety
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The current was so swift, and then I got into the dead water and landed on the side towards the Illinois shore.
Select answer:
stream; flow; up-to-date; present
tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific; violent whirlwind
overall design of a page; plan or design of something that is laid out
payment or expense; output
door-keeper; porter; one who has the care of public building or suites of rooms
Don't select.
ad.  E.g. Some believe California's move will shame other states and eventually the federal government into action on the matter.
Select answer:
solitary; by oneself
relating to races; group of people sharing common racial, national, or religious heritage
not of major importance; of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate
of the same or similar nature or kind
ultimately; in the final result or issue; in the end
Don't select.
n.  E.g. When police investigate a gang rape, the girl's parents have released a message.
Select answer:
flowing; series of changes; state of being liquid through heat
act of enrolling; specifically, the registering, recording, or entering
group of criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit; herd of buffalo or elk
collection of data arranged for ease and speed of search and retrieval
increase in cost; the amount a salary is increased; long walk or march
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Is it greener to stay at home and order presents online or head to the mall?
Select answer:
any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells
shopping center; public area set aside as a pedestrian walk
a reference work containing articles on various topics
combination; mixture; forming uniform mixture
praise; commendation; say something to someone that expresses praise
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Last year's fashion parade led to protests from medical associations and women's rights groups, who complained that the participants were unhealthily skinny.
Select answer:
measuring instrument; measure; judge
breaking of contract or duty
march in a procession; ceremonial procession; visible display
effort made for performance of anything; short literary composition on a single subject
findings of jury on issues of fact for decision; judgment or opinion
Don't select.
a.  E.g. And the aspiring singer will be signed to the label regardless of where she finishes in the competition.
Select answer:
any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume
sea-dwelling; maritime; naval
not wanting to take some action; averse
without consideration; in spite of everything; anyway
Don't select.
ad.  E.g. There were doors all round the hall, but they were all locked.
Select answer:
being in proper time; timely; arranged in good order; orderly; appropriate; neat; kept in proper
temporary; provided for present need only
liberal; wasteful; excessive spending
by moving in or forming a circle; from beginning to end; throughout; to a specific place or person
highest in rank, authority, character, importance, or degree
Don't select.
n.  E.g. If the sweater has no sleeves, it is generally called a vest.
Select answer:
a length of cloth worn by women over the head, shoulders, and often the face; cover; hide
extensive space or area; distance or area over which something extends
a fortified defensive structure; permanent army post
knitted garment covering the upper part of the body
group; class; collection of things sharing a common attribute
Don't select.
n.  E.g. The Boeing vision for a growing aviation business seems to be one of a large number of direct, or 'point to point' flights.
Select answer:
sand or gravel; rough, hard particles; coarse part of meal; grain, as oats or wheat
ability to see; sight; vivid mental image
unfortunate occurrence; mishap; bad luck
act of applying force suddenly; an impelling force or strength
state of growing up from childhood to manhood or womanhood; transitional period between youth and maturity
Don't select.