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IELTS Vocabulary: Level 5
additive     Speak
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cause or condition of pain, suffering, or distress
number that may be divided by another number with no remainder
place of refuge or asylum; shrine; holy places, such as a church, temple, or mosque
something added to a substance, esp. food, to improve it or to preserve it; supplement
small kernels of corn exploded by heat
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blade     Speak
Select answer:
the flat part of the leaf, of any plant, especially of gramineous plants; cutting part of an instrument
young dog; pup; doll; puppet
an optical device that produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light
gift giver; a person who gives people or institutions financial help
excitement beyond the bounds of sobriety; drunkenness; poisoning by a drug or toxic substance
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chagrin     Speak
Select answer:
small, short, sharp-pointed nail, usually having a broad, flat head
anxiety caused by humiliation or injured pride; disappointment
an elementary particle with 0 charges and mass about equal to a proton
greediness for wealth; the insatiable desire to gain
the fine granular substance produced in flowers; fine bran or flour
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cowboy     Speak
Select answer:
small body revolving around a larger one; subordinate
one who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback; one who is reckless or irresponsible
act of inciting to laudable deeds; incitement to that which is good; language intended to incite and encourage
strong, offensive smell; disgusting odor; stench
science of God or religion
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disinfectant     Speak
Select answer:
lowest or coarsest class of people; iron bar, with the end bent, used in stirring or skimming molten iron
the principal organ of digestion; abdomen or belly; appetite for food; desire, especially for something difficult
chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism to the maintenance of life
standard or scale of measurement; an instrument for measuring or testing
a substance that kills germs or viruses; agent for removing the causes of infection, as chlorine
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expiration     Speak
Select answer:
energetic style; being able to survive and grow; capacity to live, grow, or develop
people who take part in
act of coming to a close; termination; the act of breathing out; exhalation
shaking or vibrating movement; slight quiver
overabundance; lavish or unrestrained expense
Don't select.
financial     Speak
a. or ad.  
Select answer:
causing shock or horror; gruesome
difficult or impossible to discipline, control, or rule; not according to rule; irregularly
unaware, without noticing; unmindful or thoughtless
not lasting forever; limited by time; secular or civil; of the material world; worldly
monetary; pertaining or relating to money matters
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gutter     Speak
Select answer:
any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in biochemical reactions
clever, expedient way of doing something; specific talent, especially one difficult to explain or teach
channel at the eaves of a roof for conveying away the rain; eaves channel; eaves trough
quality of being sagacious; quickness or acuteness of sense perceptions; keenness of discernment; shrewdness
biologist knowledgeable about natural history
Don't select.
hypocrite     Speak
Select answer:
guard to protect or defend person; lifeguard
one who puts on a false appearance of virtue; one who pretends to hold beliefs
small, lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse
the intensity of feeling; the warmth of feeling; intense, heated emotion
crack or crevice; a split or indentation between two parts, as of the chin
Don't select.
institute     Speak
Select answer:
rob; a strip of money or other property unjustly, especially by trickery or fraud; ask an unreasonable price
provide or raise funds or capital for; supply funds to
blast; prevent the growth and fertility of; destroy the happiness of; ruin; frustrate
sink, in the middle, by its weight or under applied pressure, below a horizontal line or plane
establish, organize, and set in operation
Don't select.
marshy     Speak
a. or ad.  
Select answer:
muddy; swampy; resembling a marsh; boggy; soft and watery
courtly; lively and spirited; having or displaying great dignity or nobility
done by, used by, or operated with the hands; of small reference book
circuitous; going round; indirect; encircling; enveloping; comprehensive
having no residents; unsettled; unoccupied
Don't select.
morsel     Speak
Select answer:
a little bite or bit of food; a small quantity; a little piece; a fragment
lack of interest, or the attitude of not caring resulting from it; the indifference
seriousness; gravity; religious or ritual ceremony
shield; defensive covering, as of metal, wood, or leather, worn to protect the body against weapons
disease, disorder, or ailment; unwholesome condition
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overload     Speak
Select answer:
tie, wrap, or gather together; hurry; hasten; dress oneself warmly
creep or steal privately; come or go meanly, as a person afraid or ashamed to be seen
force or drive back; drive back; refuse; disgust
acquit; free from blame; discharge from duty
place too much a load on
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press     Speak
Select answer:
untrustworthy person;  deceitful and unreliable scoundrel; a man of humble birth; male servant
something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole
protection; exemption from normal legal duties
machines or devices that apply pressure or print; collecting and publishing of news; journalism in general
permission not to do something
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redress     Speak
Select answer:
tricky or dangerous situation; dilemma; troublesome
right-handedness; readiness and grace in physical activity; skill and ease in using the hands; expertness in manual acts
gain information about the enemy; inspection or exploration of an area
a small two-wheeled vehicle with a motor and pedals like those on a bicycle
remedy; compensation; an act of correcting error or fault
Don't select.
sapphire     Speak
Select answer:
small concavity; a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it
shady shelter or recess in a garden or woods; anchor carried at the bow of the ship; a muscle that bends a limb
a precious transparent stone of rich blue corundum valued as a gemstone
an electronic device producing a similar sound as a signal or warning; something insidious or deceptive; mermaid
honors conferred for some notable achievement; credit
Don't select.
sheltered     Speak
a. or ad.  
Select answer:
protected from danger or bad weather
obedient; ready and willing to be taught; easily managed or handled
excessively sensitive; susceptible; having an allergy
caused by an earthquake or earth vibration; earthshaking
deeply, often dreamily thoughtful; engaged in serious thought or reflection; contemplative
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suburb     Speak
Select answer:
outskirts; usually residential area or community outlying a city
one who carries out legal action, especially criminal proceedings; one who prosecutes any purpose, plan, or business
freedom from punishment or harm; exemption from injury, suffering, or discomfort
combat between two persons; fought with deadly weapons by agreement;
card for sending messages by post without an envelope
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tan     Speak
Select answer:
yellowish-brown color; brown color imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun
quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually
symbolic representation of abstract ideas or principles in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form
one who makes or repairs something
an accepted member of a group; one who has special knowledge or access to confidential information
Don't select.
utilization     Speak
Select answer:
state of having been made use of; the act of using
something that tempts or attracts with the promise of pleasure or reward; attraction or appeal
a rounded rock lying on the surface of ground or embedded in soil
enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit; any deep, immeasurable space; hell
grant made by the government to creator the sole right; invention protected by grant
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