SAT Vocabulary Test by Dynamic Sheets  
1. Overview

SAT General Test is for high school students who plan to apply for colleges and universities of USA. In order to get better scores, some students enhance vocabulary skill as a part of effort to prepare SAT exam, because vocabulary level plays a key role in all SAT sections, either reading or writing. This web app, SAT Vocabulary Test Online, makes SAT word question sheets to help test takers build SAT vocabulary.

The app's primary functionality is to produce SAT vocabulary question sheets in dynamic and random, and provide SAT vocabulary test page to host questions and your answers online. The test questions are based on a middle level SAT words list that is updated every half of year. This list is a high frequency SAT words collection, and is proven to be very helpful for test takers.

If you think the candidate words aren't fit to your scenario, you can try Test Your Vocabulary Online. It's a generic online English vocabulary test app, and is built in Basic, Middle, and High level SAT words.

2. Test Sheet Demo

This is test sheet sample to get quick experience, however you cannot submit answers here. By Create test sheet you can create a real SAT vocabulary test sheet to answer and submit. In addition, if you want to save your results for future reference, you need own an account and login. Details are in Questions and Answers.

a.  E.g. The recession had a highly adverse effect on father's investment portfolio: he lost so much money that he could no longer afford the house.
Select answer:
implying cause-and-effect relationship
in opposing direction; harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose
insane; mad; of unsound mind; mentally ill
suggesting puzzlement; mocking; curious
lacking in seriousness; not serious; relatively unimportant
Don't select.
a.  E.g. What's beyond brazen is they are demanding this trust while simultaneously refusing to disclose any evidence that shows whether they've already violated the trust.
Select answer:
opposite; reversed in order, nature, or effect; turned upside down
having loud, usually harsh, resonant sound; shameless
very stormy; turbulent; rough with wind; impassioned; violent
plowed but left unseeded during a growing season; uncultivated
effectively concise; appearing as if wiped or rubbed, as smooth
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Phil's job at Fox Sports involved selecting the most important clip of the day's sporting highlights for later broadcast.
Select answer:
act of admitting to holy orders; disposition as in ranks or rows; formal arrangement
feeling of enmity or ill will; attitude that informs one's actions; disposition
curse; act of calling down a curse that invokes evil
last stop of railroad; final point or end; boundary or border
small section of filmed or filed material
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Upon the demise of the dictator, a bitter dispute about succession to power developed.
Select answer:
self-evident truth requiring no proof
end of existence or activity; termination
hiding place; secret store of valuables or money
feeling of depression or gloom; sullenness
omission of words from text; mark or series of marks used in writing to indicate omission
Don't select.
v.  E.g. The only time you can sit back, relax and gloat is when you win it all.
Select answer:
renounce or deny something, especially under oath; swear falsely, usually under pressure
feel or express great, often malicious, pleasure or self-satisfaction
be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
humiliate; lower or depress in rank or esteem
annul in part; repeal partly; restrict; limit the action of
Don't select.
a.  E.g. American foreign policy has for decades been trapped in infantile behavior that mature men are supposed to outgrow once they get past adolescence.
Select answer:
dull and unimaginative; lacking taste or flavor
being beyond what is required or sufficient
implying cause-and-effect relationship
childish; relating to infants
intensely cold; lacking warmth; stiff and formal in manner
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Much of the problem in insomnia is not worrying about a real fear, such as losing a job, but is the secondary anxiety about losing sleep.
Select answer:
lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion
biologist who studies relation between organisms and their environment
greediness for wealth; insatiable desire of gain
communication by means of gesture and facial expression
inability to sleep; lack of sleep
Don't select.
a.  E.g. One neighbor, who usually uses the truck to haul away lawn debris, always returns the truck in meticulous condition.
Select answer:
related to the topic being discussed or considered; appropriate or fitting; relevant
wintry; belonging or relating to winter
excessively careful; marked by extreme care in treatment of details
kindly; favorable; not malignant
rubbing away; tending to grind down
Don't select.
v.  E.g. Washington quickly decided to rally his troops to fight off the British attack.
Select answer:
look at amorously; cast glances as in fondness or to attract notice
think earnestly or studiously; meditate; ponder; think deeply
call up or summon; call together for a common purpose
stimulate by shock; stir up; stimulate to action
close tightly; grasp or grip tightly; fasten with a clinch
Don't select.
n.  E.g. But many experts say a reprieve is all but inevitable over the next several years, because the huge number of people who will be trapped by the AMT will trigger new legislation to adjust the rates.
Select answer:
arsonist; bomb that is designed to start fires
temporary relief from harm or discomfort; postponement or cancellation of punishment
inability to sleep; lack of sleep
compulsive physiological and psychological need for a substance; being abnormally dependent on something
expanse of land or water; system of organs that perform a specialized function; leaflet or pamphlet
Don't select.
a.  E.g. She spent much of her childhood living in seedy hotels with a mother who eventually married a taxi driver.
Select answer:
able to see differences; showing careful judgment or fine taste
hesitant; faltering; imperfect or defective
warm and extremely humid; moist; damp; moldy
derived from experiment and observation rather than theory
disreputable; tired or sick; having many seeds
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Many teachers remain wary of linking test scores to paychecks.
Select answer:
using or having ability to use several languages
diligent; hardworking; persevering and constant in effort or application
very cautious; on guard; watchful
momentary; temporary; staying for short time
not interested; indifferent; free of self-interest; impartial
Don't select.

3. Result and Statistics

Through the app you can challenge the built-in words list and get familiarize with them; your SAT vocabulary level will be improved after every practice. The app also offers some other fantastic merits, for example, you can save each test's result, and then analyze or compare with previous data, evaluate your progress. Such as:

SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test time distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
To enjoy all features, such as to save practice data, you have to sign on at first. Want to try more and learn more? Create an account, sign on, and run this great free SAT vocabulary test app!
 Questions and Answers
How many quizzes and words are there in SAT vocabulary test?
SAT vocabulary test online has 1200+ basic SAT words. Each test sheet has 12 questions that are produced dynamically. So, every time you will see different test sheet.

What special features are in the web app?
As a free SAT online vocabulary tool, it is convenient and easy to use anytime and anywhere. Besides, it offers some features that SAT vocabulary builders are very interested. For example, you can get scores and speeds of other users to compare with own data, or view own previous test data and failed words.

Do I have to sign on before using the app?
This is a free web app. In general, you can use it without sign on. But if you want to save test results for future's view, you need sign on at first. If you don't have account yet, please register one by clicking Sign On. An account (English Test Vocabulary) is good for all web apps in this web site, and most of them are free.

I set my mother language, but I don't see it in test sheets sometimes, why?
In a few cases, like first landing test page, your settings possibly aren't loaded. So, you cannot see local explanation in test sheet. Please get new test sheet. Your local language would be added.

Why do I fail to submit or check my test sometimes?
To ensure your data is useful for future reference, submit will be accepted only when score is more than 30%. It means you need answer at least 4 questions right to get a score.

Do I have to Save my test result?
No. But if you want to view the result in future, you should save it. The saved result includes mark, duration, and failed word list. Note that you need sign on before testing if you want to save result.

I submit my test answers, but cannot see it in Statistics and Previous Test, why?
Submitting only finishes current test sheet, you can see the test result at current web page. However, the result hasn't been sent and saved to server yet. If you leave this page in any way, your result will lose. To view test result in future, like show in Statistics and Previous Test, you have to save it to server before leaving.

How do I use Statistics to evaluate my level and improve my pace?
The Statistics page shows data of 200 tests of SAT just before current day, which includes both mark and duration. It's hard to say what number is good or excellent because everyone has own scenario. However, you should at least be better than average level if you want to get a good mark since the built-in SAT words are in middle level. If you are trying to have a high score in SAT test, you would reach top 10% in both mark and test duration.