SAT Vocabulary Test by Dynamic Sheets  
1. Overview

SAT General Test is for high school students who plan to apply for colleges and universities of the USA. To get better scores, some students enhance their vocabulary skills as a part of the effort to prepare SAT exam because vocabulary level plays a key role in all SAT sections, either reading or writing.

The web app, SAT Vocabulary Test Online, makes SAT word question sheets for test-takers to build stronger vocabulary.

The app's primary function is to produce SAT vocabulary question sheets in dynamic and random, and provide SAT vocabulary test page to host questions and your answers online. The test questions are based on a middle level SAT words list that is updated every half of year. This list is a high frequency SAT words collection, and is proven to be very helpful for test-takers.

If you think the candidate words aren't fit to your scenario, you can try Test Your Vocabulary Online. It's a generic online English vocabulary test app with Basic, Middle, and High level SAT words.

2. Test Sheet Demo

It is a test sheet sample to get quick experience; however, you cannot submit answers here. By Create test sheet you can create a real SAT vocabulary test sheet to answer and submit. Besides, if you want to save your results for future reference, you need to own an account and login. Details are in Questions and Answers.

n.  E.g. The movie Ransom describes the attempts to rescue a multimillionaire's son after the child's abduction by kidnappers.
Select answer:
idle person; male bee; someone who takes more time than necessary
extraordinary ability; military bravery; superior skill or ability
criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force
person who eats too much food and drink
extremely poisonous or injurious snake; person regarded as malicious
Don't select.
a.  E.g. She kept her gaze level and her expression bland, but her teeth were gritted.
Select answer:
favoring one person or side over another; prejudiced
not fixed or firm; liable to change; unstable; of a changeable mind
expert at; very skilled; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
lacking stimulating or mild; agreeable
quick or willing to receive ideas, suggestions; capable of receiving
Don't select.
a.  E.g. When they're ten thousand miles away, hiding in dank caves and surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of armed, hard-core Taliban militia forming concentric defensive rings protecting them, in the toughest terrain on earth.
Select answer:
disagreeably damp or humid; cold moisture; unpleasant humidity
uncorrupted by civilization; primitive; remaining free from dirt or decay
excessively or hypocritically pious; possessing sanctity; sacred; holy; saintly; religious
notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
lustful; indecent; suggestive of or tending to moral looseness
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Abroad, Obama is ready to deploy military might in dubious causes defined by the country's hawkish defense establishment.
Select answer:
held in common; of a group of people
questionable; filled with doubt
full of life; animated; necessary to continued existence; living or breathing
frenzied; excessively agitated
generous; high-minded or great-souled; chivalrous
Don't select.
n.  E.g. True, the energy released in fusion is less than using He-3, but is magnitude cheaper and faster.
Select answer:
mistaken opinion or idea; delusion; illusory perception
false belief; mistaken or unfounded opinion
union; act of melting together by heat
female operatic singer or star
thin soft sheet of animal or vegetable tissue
Don't select.
a.  E.g. You know, you've got to remain impartial in all of this, Sheriff.
Select answer:
apart; remote in manner; distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote
not biased; fair; showing lack of favoritism
absence of ceremony; casual
serving as model; outstanding; typical
lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong.
Don't select.
v.  E.g. The kitten used to neatly lap up her milk.
Select answer:
fill with delight or wonder; put into a trance; attract
take in food or drink with one's tongue; splash gently
multiply, grow, or expand rapidly
gather; store up; amass; acquire
sharpen; perfect or make more intense or effective
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Unlike other players, the CEO and Secretariat are less interested in mundane benefits than in value.
Select answer:
belonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly; concerned with commonplaces; ordinary
illegal; unlawful; not authorized or permitted
movable; not fixed; fluid; unstable
relating to stars; star-shaped
deliberately harmful; spiteful; proceeding from extreme hatred
Don't select.
a.  E.g. In addition, he expects inflation to remain puny because we have so much unused capacity.
Select answer:
lustful; indecent; suggestive of or tending to moral looseness
strange; mysterious; peculiarly unsettling, as if of supernatural origin or nature
not obligatory; left to choice; not compulsory or automatic
final; being the last or concluding; fundamental; elemental; extreme
insignificant; tiny; weak; of inferior size, strength
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Oh, did I mention that the rent is the same as what I'm paying here?
Select answer:
something originally of little value becomes very valuable; unexpected hit; one that sleeps
quality of being novel; newness; something new and unusual
payment, usually of an amount fixed by contract
excellence or eminence; note or mark of difference
light quick blow or touch
Don't select.
n.  E.g. You will take care, of course, to choose a dark night, and wait till the sentinel is asleep.
Select answer:
divine gift; great popular charm or appeal of political leader
someone seeking revenge; source of harm or ruin; opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome
thin smooth shiny coating; glassy film, as one over the eyes
one that keeps guard; soldier stationed as a guard
unthankful; ungrateful; one who rewards favors with enmity
Don't select.
n.  E.g. We believe that extensions of law enforcement will lead inevitably to tyranny, so power of police should be shrink as possible.
Select answer:
oppression; cruel government; office or authority of an absolute ruler; absolute power
funeral director; one whose business is the management of funerals
seller; provider; vending machine
legal document identifying the bearer as citizen of a country and allowing to travel abroad
in time past; long ago; in old time
Don't select.

3. Result and Statistics

Through the app, you can challenge the built-in words list and familiarize yourself with them; every practice will improve your SAT vocabulary level. The app also offers some other fantastic merits; for example, you can save each test's result, and then analyze or compare with previous data, evaluate your progress. Such as:

SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test time distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
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