SAT Vocabulary Test by Dynamic Sheets  
1. Overview

SAT General Test is for high school students who plan to apply for colleges and universities of the USA. To get better scores, some students enhance their vocabulary skills as a part of the effort to prepare SAT exam because vocabulary level plays a key role in all SAT sections, either reading or writing.

The web app, SAT Vocabulary Test Online, makes SAT word question sheets for test-takers to build stronger vocabulary.

The app's primary function is to produce SAT vocabulary question sheets in dynamic and random, and provide SAT vocabulary test page to host questions and your answers online. The test questions are based on a middle level SAT words list that is updated every half of year. This list is a high frequency SAT words collection, and is proven to be very helpful for test-takers.

If you think the candidate words aren't fit to your scenario, you can try Test Your Vocabulary Online. It's a generic online English vocabulary test app with Basic, Middle, and High level SAT words.

2. Test Sheet Demo

It is a test sheet sample to get quick experience; however, you cannot submit answers here. By Create test sheet you can create a real SAT vocabulary test sheet to answer and submit. Besides, if you want to save your results for future reference, you need to own an account and login. Details are in Questions and Answers.

a.  E.g. There has been abusive language on both sides that never want to get agreement from beginning.
Select answer:
having a good reputation; honorable
coarsely insulting; physically harmful; characterized by improper or wrongful use
excessively careful; marked by extreme care in treatment of details
gracious; showing warm and friendliness
trivial; of small importance; very small
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Under this bluff is a cave, which was used as the council-chamber of the red men, and has been the witness of many a notable event.
Select answer:
inherent power or ability; body of persons with specific professional powers
going from one state of action to another
high cliff; hill, bank, or headland with steep
narrow pass, especially between mountains
payment by a husband to his divorced wife, or vice versa
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Keeping public decorum is an important factor in media credibility.
Select answer:
state of being proximate; nearness in place, time, or relation
loyalty to a nation, sovereign, or cause; fidelity to any person or thing; devotion
propriety in manners and conduct; good taste in manners; conventions or requirements of polite behavior
assumed name; another name; name that has been assumed temporarily
weapon that is thrown or projected; rocket carrying instruments or warhead
Don't select.
n.  E.g. EATSCO was later found guilty on a charge of embezzlement from the Pentagon.
Select answer:
mental or physical ability; ability to accommodate
place to discuss public concerns; meeting or medium for open discussion
agonizing physical or mental pain; extreme suffering
something that discourages; tending to deter
stealing; fraudulent appropriation of property
Don't select.
v.  E.g. Cesar Chavez fought attempts to exploit migrant farm workers in California.
Select answer:
diminish; undermine the foundations; dig
endanger; imperil; put at risk
gather; store up; amass; acquire
make use of, sometimes unjustly
quote; adduce as an instance
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Rader seemed to proudly relive his crimes as he recounted his killings in gruesome detail, right in front of the victims' families.
Select answer:
too old to be fashionable, suitable, or useful; obsolete; aged
uncertain; risky; dangerously lacking in security or stability
causing horror and repugnance; frightful and shocking
trivial; of small importance; very small
delightful; delicious; extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
Don't select.
n.  E.g. Until he engages in innuendo about being supported by "hard-working, white Americans," then he has not said much that should upset fellow Democrats.
Select answer:
unfriendliness; hatred; state of being hostile
hint; indirect implication , usually malicious
propriety in manners and conduct; good taste in manners; conventions or requirements of polite behavior
piece of transplanted tissue; portion of plant inserted in another plant
perceptiveness; intellectual activity; subtility; delicacy; quality or state of being subtle
Don't select.
n.  E.g. And he says he's trying to gain momentum from the U.N. to the G-20, to this Copenhagen summit in December.
Select answer:
prevailing style; manner; way of doing something; fashion or style
good fortune; financial success; physical well-being
product of a body's mass and its velocity; impelling force or strength; impetus
expression by deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning; witty language used to insult
payment by a husband to his divorced wife, or vice versa
Don't select.
v.  E.g. In their determination to discover ways to prolong human life, doctors fail to take into account that longer lives are not always happier ones.
Select answer:
display in order to impress others; swagger; walk with a lofty proud gait
make longer; draw out; lengthen
criticize harshly; wash in pan; cook in pan
shrivel; decay; lose freshness, vigor, or vitality; loss of moisture
give as gift; present
Don't select.
v.  E.g. When Judy was in third grade, she moved with her mother and her older brother David to Miami Beach, where the climate would help David recuperate from a kidney infection.
Select answer:
withdraw; take back; draw back or in
give up something with reluctance; retire from; give up or abandon
seek to attain; long for; strive toward an end
move heavily or clumsily; cut down timber of
recover; return to health or strength; recover from financial loss
Don't select.
n.  E.g. As a parent of two sons with Tourette syndrome, I have spent 10 years fighting this kind of stereotype while watching my children struggle for acceptance.
Select answer:
list of works of music or drama; class of compositions in a genre; range or number of skills
one that refuses to abide or be independent; an unbranded range animal
fixed and unvarying representation; conventional and oversimplified conception
place of refuge or asylum; shrine; holy place, such as a church, temple, or mosque
agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another
Don't select.
a.  E.g. Increases in volatile weather have alarming impact on business resources and insurance markets.
Select answer:
composed, and dignified in character or manner
excessively or hypocritically pious; possessing sanctity; sacred; holy; saintly; religious
tending to vary often or widely, as in price; inconstant or fickle; tending to violence
artificial or affected; not natural; having or showing a certain manner
fantastic; comically hideous; unnatural in shape or size; abnormal
Don't select.

3. Result and Statistics

Through the app, you can challenge the built-in words list and familiarize yourself with them; every practice will improve your SAT vocabulary level. The app also offers some other fantastic merits; for example, you can save each test's result, and then analyze or compare with previous data, evaluate your progress. Such as:

SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test result report
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test time distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark distribution
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
SAT vocabulary test mark and time
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