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 By Jian Luiouy

ACT Science Vocabulary - Geography and Astronomy

There are 2 ACT science vocabularies: Geography and Astronomy. In general, most of geography and astronomy words are rarely used in daily living. So to recall them just before test day is a typical job for ACT science test-takers.

ACT Geography Vocabulary
Speak   Lookup   altitude
Speak   Lookup   amplitude
Speak   Lookup   Antarctic
Speak   Lookup   aquicludes
Speak   Lookup   aquifer
Speak   Lookup   Arctic
Speak   Lookup   atmosphere
Speak   Lookup   aurora
Speak   Lookup   avalanche
Speak   Lookup   basalt
Speak   Lookup   basin
Speak   Lookup   bedrock
Speak   Lookup   bog
Speak   Lookup   breccia
Speak   Lookup   calcite
Speak   Lookup   calving
Speak   Lookup   carbonate
Speak   Lookup   circulation
Speak   Lookup   clay
Speak   Lookup   clearing
Speak   Lookup   climate
Speak   Lookup   compaction
Speak   Lookup   continental crust
Speak   Lookup   continental drift
Speak   Lookup   continental margin
Speak   Lookup   continental shelf
Speak   Lookup   convection
Speak   Lookup   corrosiveness
Speak   Lookup   crust
Speak   Lookup   crystallization
Speak   Lookup   cryosphere
Speak   Lookup   cumulates
Speak   Lookup   cyclone
Speak   Lookup   dam
Speak   Lookup   damp
Speak   Lookup   debris
Speak   Lookup   deposit
Speak   Lookup   depression
Speak   Lookup   desert
Speak   Lookup   devastate
Speak   Lookup   discharge
Speak   Lookup   displace
Speak   Lookup   downstream
Speak   Lookup   drainage
Speak   Lookup   earthquake
Speak   Lookup   elliptical
Speak   Lookup   emit
Speak   Lookup   endorheic basin
Speak   Lookup   epicenter
Speak   Lookup   equator
Speak   Lookup   erosion
Speak   Lookup   estuary
Speak   Lookup   evaporation
Speak   Lookup   fabric
Speak   Lookup   facies
Speak   Lookup   fault line
Speak   Lookup   fen
Speak   Lookup   fossil
Speak   Lookup   gaseous
Speak   Lookup   geomagnetism
Speak   Lookup   geyser
Speak   Lookup   glacial drift
Speak   Lookup   glacier
Speak   Lookup   glow
Speak   Lookup   greenhouse effect
Speak   Lookup   global warming
Speak   Lookup   gravel
Speak   Lookup   groundwater
Speak   Lookup   hemisphere
Speak   Lookup   hurricanes
Speak   Lookup   humidity
Speak   Lookup   hydrothermal
Speak   Lookup   hydrological cycle
Speak   Lookup   hydrosphere
Speak   Lookup   Ice Age
Speak   Lookup   ice crystal
Speak   Lookup   igneous rock
Speak   Lookup   infiltration
Speak   Lookup   infrared
Speak   Lookup   intact
Speak   Lookup   laminar
Speak   Lookup   latitude
Speak   Lookup   lava
Speak   Lookup   limestone
Speak   Lookup   lithosphere
Speak   Lookup   longitude
Speak   Lookup   magnitude
Speak   Lookup   mantle and core
Speak   Lookup   mantle plume
Speak   Lookup   marble
Speak   Lookup   mesosphere
Speak   Lookup   meteorology
Speak   Lookup   metamorphic rock
Speak   Lookup   meterorolgy
Speak   Lookup   moisture
Speak   Lookup   monsoon
Speak   Lookup   ore
Speak   Lookup   ozone hole
Speak   Lookup   partial pressure
Speak   Lookup   peat layer
Speak   Lookup   permeability
Speak   Lookup   petroleum
Speak   Lookup   plateau
Speak   Lookup   plume
Speak   Lookup   pluvial
Speak   Lookup   pluvial lake
Speak   Lookup   pollutant
Speak   Lookup   population
Speak   Lookup   pore
Speak   Lookup   precipitation
Speak   Lookup   prehistoric
Speak   Lookup   prevail
Speak   Lookup   propagate
Speak   Lookup   P-wave
Speak   Lookup   radiation
Speak   Lookup   retreat
Speak   Lookup   runoff
Speak   Lookup   salt pans
Speak   Lookup   sand grain
Speak   Lookup   scatter
Speak   Lookup   seasonal
Speak   Lookup   secondary pollutant
Speak   Lookup   sediment
Speak   Lookup   sedimentary rock
Speak   Lookup   seismic
Speak   Lookup   seismograph
Speak   Lookup   sewage
Speak   Lookup   shadow zone
Speak   Lookup   silt
Speak   Lookup   site
Speak   Lookup   soil profile
Speak   Lookup   solar energy
Speak   Lookup   sonography
Speak   Lookup   stagnant
Speak   Lookup   stoping
Speak   Lookup   system
Speak   Lookup   S-wave
Speak   Lookup   tectonic plate motion
Speak   Lookup   telescope
Speak   Lookup   temperate
Speak   Lookup   tephra
Speak   Lookup   terrestrial radiation
Speak   Lookup   thaw
Speak   Lookup   thermosphere
Speak   Lookup   thunderstorm
Speak   Lookup   tides
Speak   Lookup   till
Speak   Lookup   tornado
Speak   Lookup   tributary
Speak   Lookup   transpiration
Speak   Lookup   troposphere
Speak   Lookup   tsunami
Speak   Lookup   ultraviolet
Speak   Lookup   upstream
Speak   Lookup   viscosity
Speak   Lookup   volcano
Speak   Lookup   vulcanism
Speak   Lookup   water droplet
Speak   Lookup   water table
Speak   Lookup   waveform
Speak   Lookup   weathering
Speak   Lookup   wet deposition
Speak   Lookup   wetland
Speak   Lookup   whirlwind
Speak   Lookup   vent
Speak   Lookup   vortex
ACT Astronomy Vocabulary
Speak   Lookup   asteroid
Speak   Lookup   asteroid belt
Speak   Lookup   astronomer
Speak   Lookup   blackbody
Speak   Lookup   black hole
Speak   Lookup   celestial
Speak   Lookup   catastrophic
Speak   Lookup   chunck
Speak   Lookup   comet
Speak   Lookup   constellation
Speak   Lookup   cosmic
Speak   Lookup   crater
Speak   Lookup   crater floor
Speak   Lookup   debris
Speak   Lookup   devastate
Speak   Lookup   dissipate
Speak   Lookup   dust devil
Speak   Lookup   ecliptic plane
Speak   Lookup   elliptical
Speak   Lookup   explode
Speak   Lookup   flatten
Speak   Lookup   fuse
Speak   Lookup   galaxy
Speak   Lookup   gaseous
Speak   Lookup   gas giant planet
Speak   Lookup   geocentric model
Speak   Lookup   gravitational force
Speak   Lookup   heliocentric model
Speak   Lookup   impact
Speak   Lookup   infrared
Speak   Lookup   Jupiter
Speak   Lookup   main sequence
Speak   Lookup   Mars
Speak   Lookup   mass extinction
Speak   Lookup   Mercury
Speak   Lookup   meteor
Speak   Lookup   moon
Speak   Lookup   nebula
Speak   Lookup   Neptune
Speak   Lookup   orbit
Speak   Lookup   orbital period
Speak   Lookup   orbital resonance
Speak   Lookup   over-lapping gravity
Speak   Lookup   photosphere
Speak   Lookup   planet
Speak   Lookup   planetary
Speak   Lookup   plume
Speak   Lookup   Pluto
Speak   Lookup   protoplanet
Speak   Lookup   radiation
Speak   Lookup   revolve
Speak   Lookup   satellite
Speak   Lookup   Saturn
Speak   Lookup   solar system
Speak   Lookup   solar energy
Speak   Lookup   star
Speak   Lookup   stellar
Speak   Lookup   stony
Speak   Lookup   system
Speak   Lookup   thermonuclear fusion
Speak   Lookup   terrestrial planet
Speak   Lookup   terrestrial radiation
Speak   Lookup   trajectory
Speak   Lookup   universe
Speak   Lookup   Uranus
Speak   Lookup   Venus
Speak   Lookup   wake