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ACT Science Vocabulary - Math

It is a word list of ACT science math test. It helps test takers to recall math words by categories.

ACT Math Points

1. Pre-Algebra:23% - Contents before high school: fraction, decimal, integer, square root, ratio, percent, multiple and factor, absolute value, linear equations with one variable, probability, etc.

2. Elementary Algebra:17% - Include: use variables to express relationships, substitute the value of a variable in an expression, solve simple quadratic equations by factoring, solve linear inequalities with one variable, apply properties of integer exponents and square roots, etc.

3. Intermediate Algebra:15% - Include: quadratic formula, radical and rational expressions, inequalities and absolute value equations, sequence, quadratic inequality, function, matrix, roots of polynomials, etc.

4. Coordinate Geometry:15% - Include: standard (x,y) coordinate plane, point, line, polynomial, circle, curve, slope, parallel, perpendicular, distance, midpoint, transformation, conic, etc.

5. Plane Geometry:23% - Include: triangle, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, circle, parallel line, perpendicular line, translation, rotation, perimeter, area, volume, etc.

6. Trigonometry:7% - Include: right triangle, value, property, and graph of trigonometric function, trigonometric identity, etc.

ACT Math Vocabulary
Speak   Lookup   add
Speak   Lookup   plus
Speak   Lookup   sum
Speak   Lookup   minus
Speak   Lookup   subtract
Speak   Lookup   difference
Speak   Lookup   multiply
Speak   Lookup   product
Speak   Lookup   divide
Speak   Lookup   divisible
Speak   Lookup   quotient
Speak   Lookup   remainder
Speak   Lookup   root
Speak   Lookup   equivalent
Speak   Lookup   double
Speak   Lookup   triple
Speak   Lookup   polynomial
Speak   Lookup   factoring polynomial
Speak   Lookup   inequality
Speak   Lookup   equation
Speak   Lookup   linear equation
Speak   Lookup   quadratic equation
Speak   Lookup   solution
Speak   Lookup   fraction
Speak   Lookup   numerato
Speak   Lookup   denominator
Speak   Lookup   least common denominator
Speak   Lookup   reciprocal
Speak   Lookup   quarter
Speak   Lookup   decimal
Speak   Lookup   decimal point
Speak   Lookup   terminating decimal
Speak   Lookup   infinite decimal
Speak   Lookup   recurring decimal
Speak   Lookup   repeating decimal
Speak   Lookup   ones unit
Speak   Lookup   tenths unit
Speak   Lookup   hundredth unit
Speak   Lookup   arithmetic mean
Speak   Lookup   geometric mean
Speak   Lookup   exponent
Speak   Lookup   power
Speak   Lookup   degree
Speak   Lookup   base
Speak   Lookup   cube
Speak   Lookup   square root
Speak   Lookup   perfect square
Speak   Lookup   cube root
Speak   Lookup   logarithm
Speak   Lookup   constant
Speak   Lookup   variable
Speak   Lookup   factorization
Speak   Lookup   absolute value
Speak   Lookup   to the nearest
Speak   Lookup   natural number
Speak   Lookup   positive number
Speak   Lookup   negative number
Speak   Lookup   odd integer
Speak   Lookup   odd number
Speak   Lookup   even integer
Speak   Lookup   even number
Speak   Lookup   integer
Speak   Lookup   positive integer
Speak   Lookup   negative integer
Speak   Lookup   non-negative integer
Speak   Lookup   consecutive integer
Speak   Lookup   real number
Speak   Lookup   complex number
Speak   Lookup   rational number
Speak   Lookup   irrational number
Speak   Lookup   prime number
Speak   Lookup   common divisor
Speak   Lookup   multiple
Speak   Lookup   least common multiple
Speak   Lookup   prime factor
Speak   Lookup   greatest common factor
Speak   Lookup   digit
Speak   Lookup   hundred
Speak   Lookup   tens
Speak   Lookup   unit
Speak   Lookup   mode
Speak   Lookup   mean
Speak   Lookup   median
Speak   Lookup   percent
Speak   Lookup   arithmetic sequence
Speak   Lookup   difference
Speak   Lookup   geometric sequence
Speak   Lookup   ratio
Speak   Lookup   term
Speak   Lookup   matrix
Speak   Lookup   row
Speak   Lookup   column
Speak   Lookup   element
Speak   Lookup   approximate
Speak   Lookup   counter clockwise
Speak   Lookup   proportion
Speak   Lookup   direct proportion
Speak   Lookup   inversely proportion
Speak   Lookup   permutation
Speak   Lookup   order
Speak   Lookup   combination
Speak   Lookup   alternate angle
Speak   Lookup   corresponding angle
Speak   Lookup   vertical angle
Speak   Lookup   central angle
Speak   Lookup   interior angle
Speak   Lookup   exterior angle
Speak   Lookup   supplementary angles
Speak   Lookup   complementary angle
Speak   Lookup   adjacent angle
Speak   Lookup   acute angle
Speak   Lookup   obtuse angle
Speak   Lookup   right angle
Speak   Lookup   round angle
Speak   Lookup   straight angle
Speak   Lookup   included angle
Speak   Lookup   equilateral triangle
Speak   Lookup   scalene triangle
Speak   Lookup   isosceles triangle
Speak   Lookup   right triangle
Speak   Lookup   oblique
Speak   Lookup   inscribed triangle
Speak   Lookup   semicircle
Speak   Lookup   concentric circles
Speak   Lookup   quadrilateral
Speak   Lookup   pentagon
Speak   Lookup   hexagon
Speak   Lookup   heptagon
Speak   Lookup   octagon
Speak   Lookup   decagon
Speak   Lookup   polygon
Speak   Lookup   parallelogram
Speak   Lookup   equilateral
Speak   Lookup   plane
Speak   Lookup   square
Speak   Lookup   rectangle
Speak   Lookup   regular polygon
Speak   Lookup   rhombus
Speak   Lookup   trapezoid
Speak   Lookup   cube
Speak   Lookup   rectangular solid
Speak   Lookup   regular solid
Speak   Lookup   regular polyhedron
Speak   Lookup   circular
Speak   Lookup   cone
Speak   Lookup   sphere
Speak   Lookup   solid
Speak   Lookup   altitude
Speak   Lookup   depth
Speak   Lookup   side
Speak   Lookup   circumference
Speak   Lookup   perimeter
Speak   Lookup   radian
Speak   Lookup   surface area
Speak   Lookup   volume
Speak   Lookup   arm
Speak   Lookup   cross section
Speak   Lookup   center of a circle
Speak   Lookup   chord
Speak   Lookup   radius
Speak   Lookup   angle bisector
Speak   Lookup   diagonal
Speak   Lookup   diameter
Speak   Lookup   edge
Speak   Lookup   face of a solid
Speak   Lookup   hypotenuse
Speak   Lookup   included side
Speak   Lookup   leg
Speak   Lookup   median of a triangle
Speak   Lookup   base
Speak   Lookup   opposite
Speak   Lookup   midpoint
Speak   Lookup   endpoint
Speak   Lookup   vertex
Speak   Lookup   tangent
Speak   Lookup   transversal
Speak   Lookup   intercept
Speak   Lookup   arc
Speak   Lookup   straight line
Speak   Lookup   line segment
Speak   Lookup   parallel lines
Speak   Lookup   segment of a circle
Speak   Lookup   coordinate system
Speak   Lookup   rectangular coordinate
Speak   Lookup   origin
Speak   Lookup   abscissa
Speak   Lookup   ordinate
Speak   Lookup   number line
Speak   Lookup   quadrant
Speak   Lookup   slope
Speak   Lookup   complex plane
Speak   Lookup   Coordinate
Speak   Lookup   plane geometry
Speak   Lookup   trigonometry
Speak   Lookup   bisect
Speak   Lookup   circumscribe
Speak   Lookup   inscribe
Speak   Lookup   intersect
Speak   Lookup   perpendicular
Speak   Lookup   Pythagorean theorem
Speak   Lookup   congruent
Speak   Lookup   multilateral
Speak   Lookup   cent
Speak   Lookup   penny
Speak   Lookup   nickel
Speak   Lookup   dime
Speak   Lookup   dozen
Speak   Lookup   score
Speak   Lookup   Centigrade
Speak   Lookup   Fahrenheit
Speak   Lookup   quart
Speak   Lookup   gallon
Speak   Lookup   yard
Speak   Lookup   meter
Speak   Lookup   micron
Speak   Lookup   inch
Speak   Lookup   foot
Speak   Lookup   minute
Speak   Lookup   square measure
Speak   Lookup   cubic meter
Speak   Lookup   pint
Speak   Lookup   intercalary year
Speak   Lookup   leap year
Speak   Lookup   common year
Speak   Lookup   depreciation
Speak   Lookup   down payment
Speak   Lookup   discount
Speak   Lookup   margin
Speak   Lookup   profit
Speak   Lookup   interest
Speak   Lookup   simple interest
Speak   Lookup   compounded interest
Speak   Lookup   dividend
Speak   Lookup   decrease to
Speak   Lookup   decrease by
Speak   Lookup   increase to
Speak   Lookup   increase by
Speak   Lookup   denote
Speak   Lookup   list price
Speak   Lookup   markup
Speak   Lookup   per capita
Speak   Lookup   ratio
Speak   Lookup   retail price
Speak   Lookup   tie