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 By Zimaya Hugh

ACT Science Vocabulary - Biology

It is a word list for ACT biology test takers to recall science vocabulary quickly.

Speak   Lookup   accumulation
Speak   Lookup   adenine
Speak   Lookup   adequate
Speak   Lookup   aeration
Speak   Lookup   aerobic respiration
Speak   Lookup   alga
Speak   Lookup   allele
Speak   Lookup   amino acid
Speak   Lookup   Amphibia
Speak   Lookup   anaerobic
Speak   Lookup   angiosperm
Speak   Lookup   Annelida
Speak   Lookup   apical meristem
Speak   Lookup   appendage
Speak   Lookup   aquatic
Speak   Lookup   arctic tundra
Speak   Lookup   arithmetical
Speak   Lookup   Arthropoda
Speak   Lookup   artificial
Speak   Lookup   assortment
Speak   Lookup   atmospheric
Speak   Lookup   autosomal
Speak   Lookup   autotroph
Speak   Lookup   baldness
Speak   Lookup   bass
Speak   Lookup   bile
Speak   Lookup   biome
Speak   Lookup   blastula
Speak   Lookup   boreal taiga
Speak   Lookup   brine
Speak   Lookup   cambrium
Speak   Lookup   carbon dioxide
Speak   Lookup   catalyze
Speak   Lookup   centipede
Speak   Lookup   centrifuge
Speak   Lookup   cerebellum
Speak   Lookup   cerebral cortex
Speak   Lookup   chamber
Speak   Lookup   characteristic
Speak   Lookup   chicken pox
Speak   Lookup   chitin
Speak   Lookup   chloroghyll
Speak   Lookup   chloroplast
Speak   Lookup   Choradata
Speak   Lookup   chromatid
Speak   Lookup   chromosome
Speak   Lookup   churn
Speak   Lookup   circulatory system
Speak   Lookup   class
Speak   Lookup   codominant
Speak   Lookup   Coelenterata
Speak   Lookup   community
Speak   Lookup   conditioning
Speak   Lookup   conjugation
Speak   Lookup   consumer
Speak   Lookup   crayfish
Speak   Lookup   cross
Speak   Lookup   cultivate
Speak   Lookup   cytochrome C
Speak   Lookup   cytosine
Speak   Lookup   decomposer
Speak   Lookup   dehydration
Speak   Lookup   detoxify
Speak   Lookup   dicot
Speak   Lookup   digestive tract
Speak   Lookup   disjunction
Speak   Lookup   diversity
Speak   Lookup   dominant
Speak   Lookup   dorsal
Speak   Lookup   earthworm
Speak   Lookup   ectoderm
Speak   Lookup   embryo
Speak   Lookup   endoderm
Speak   Lookup   endoplasmic reticulum
Speak   Lookup   enzyme
Speak   Lookup   epidermis
Speak   Lookup   equilibrium
Speak   Lookup   erosion
Speak   Lookup   eutrophication
Speak   Lookup   evaporate
Speak   Lookup   excessive
Speak   Lookup   excrement
Speak   Lookup   excretion
Speak   Lookup   excretory
Speak   Lookup   exhaustion
Speak   Lookup   exponential
Speak   Lookup   extinction
Speak   Lookup   facilitate
Speak   Lookup   family
Speak   Lookup   fermentation
Speak   Lookup   fern
Speak   Lookup   fertile
Speak   Lookup   fertilize
Speak   Lookup   flavin
Speak   Lookup   fluctuate
Speak   Lookup   fungus
Speak   Lookup   fusion
Speak   Lookup   galactose
Speak   Lookup   gamete
Speak   Lookup   gastrula
Speak   Lookup   genetic drift
Speak   Lookup   genetics
Speak   Lookup   genotype
Speak   Lookup   genus
Speak   Lookup   geologic
Speak   Lookup   glucose
Speak   Lookup   glycogen
Speak   Lookup   glycolysis
Speak   Lookup   grasshopper
Speak   Lookup   growth ring
Speak   Lookup   guanine
Speak   Lookup   gymnosperm
Speak   Lookup   habituation
Speak   Lookup   haploid
Speak   Lookup   hawk
Speak   Lookup   hay
Speak   Lookup   hemoglobin
Speak   Lookup   heron
Speak   Lookup   heterotroph
Speak   Lookup   heterozygous
Speak   Lookup   homeostasis
Speak   Lookup   hoof
Speak   Lookup   hormone
Speak   Lookup   hydrogen bond
Speak   Lookup   hydrolysis
Speak   Lookup   imprinting
Speak   Lookup   inbreeding
Speak   Lookup   incorporate
Speak   Lookup   inheritance
Speak   Lookup   insight
Speak   Lookup   insulin
Speak   Lookup   intake
Speak   Lookup   interbreed
Speak   Lookup   intestine
Speak   Lookup   ionization
Speak   Lookup   kidney
Speak   Lookup   kindom
Speak   Lookup   lactase
Speak   Lookup   lactic acid
Speak   Lookup   lactos
Speak   Lookup   layer
Speak   Lookup   legume
Speak   Lookup   lethal
Speak   Lookup   likely
Speak   Lookup   liver
Speak   Lookup   lizard
Speak   Lookup   lobster
Speak   Lookup   locomotion
Speak   Lookup   lysosome
Speak   Lookup   mammal
Speak   Lookup   mammalian
Speak   Lookup   maple
Speak   Lookup   measles
Speak   Lookup   mechanically
Speak   Lookup   medulla oblongata
Speak   Lookup   meiosis
Speak   Lookup   mesoderm
Speak   Lookup   mesophyll
Speak   Lookup   metabolic
Speak   Lookup   methane
Speak   Lookup   migrate
Speak   Lookup   mineral
Speak   Lookup   mitochondrion
Speak   Lookup   mitosis
Speak   Lookup   Mollusca
Speak   Lookup   monera
Speak   Lookup   monocot
Speak   Lookup   monosaccharide
Speak   Lookup   moss
Speak   Lookup   moth
Speak   Lookup   multiple
Speak   Lookup   mutation
Speak   Lookup   mutualistic
Speak   Lookup   nerve
Speak   Lookup   nervous
Speak   Lookup   neurotransmitter
Speak   Lookup   niche
Speak   Lookup   nitrogen
Speak   Lookup   nitrogen fixation
Speak   Lookup   nitrogenous base
Speak   Lookup   nuclear membrane
Speak   Lookup   nucleotide
Speak   Lookup   nucleus
Speak   Lookup   nutrient
Speak   Lookup   oak
Speak   Lookup   octopus
Speak   Lookup   offspring
Speak   Lookup   olfactory bulb
Speak   Lookup   ominivore
Speak   Lookup   order
Speak   Lookup   organell
Speak   Lookup   oscillate
Speak   Lookup   ovum
Speak   Lookup   oxidize
Speak   Lookup   oxygen
Speak   Lookup   ozone
Speak   Lookup   paramecium
Speak   Lookup   parasite
Speak   Lookup   parthenogenesis
Speak   Lookup   pasture
Speak   Lookup   pepsin
Speak   Lookup   pepsinogen
Speak   Lookup   peptide bond
Speak   Lookup   peristalsis
Speak   Lookup   phagocytosis
Speak   Lookup   pheromone
Speak   Lookup   phloem
Speak   Lookup   phosphorus
Speak   Lookup   phosphorylation
Speak   Lookup   photosynthesis
Speak   Lookup   phylum
Speak   Lookup   pine
Speak   Lookup   pituitary gland
Speak   Lookup   plasma membrane
Speak   Lookup   Platyhelminthes
Speak   Lookup   pollinate
Speak   Lookup   polypeptide
Speak   Lookup   pond
Speak   Lookup   population
Speak   Lookup   predation
Speak   Lookup   predominantly
Speak   Lookup   predominate
Speak   Lookup   probability
Speak   Lookup   producer
Speak   Lookup   progeny
Speak   Lookup   prokaryote
Speak   Lookup   proportion
Speak   Lookup   protist
Speak   Lookup   Protista
Speak   Lookup   purify
Speak   Lookup   pyruvic acid
Speak   Lookup   radial symmetry
Speak   Lookup   recessive
Speak   Lookup   release
Speak   Lookup   reproductive
Speak   Lookup   Reptilia
Speak   Lookup   respiration
Speak   Lookup   respirometer
Speak   Lookup   ribosome
Speak   Lookup   rupture
Speak   Lookup   salamander
Speak   Lookup   saturation
Speak   Lookup   scale
Speak   Lookup   secrete
Speak   Lookup   segregate
Speak   Lookup   sex-linked
Speak   Lookup   shark
Speak   Lookup   soybean
Speak   Lookup   speciation
Speak   Lookup   species
Speak   Lookup   specimen
Speak   Lookup   sperm
Speak   Lookup   spermatogenesis
Speak   Lookup   spider
Speak   Lookup   Spongia
Speak   Lookup   starch
Speak   Lookup   stoma
Speak   Lookup   succession
Speak   Lookup   sucrose
Speak   Lookup   sulfur dioxide
Speak   Lookup   suspension
Speak   Lookup   synthesize
Speak   Lookup   temperate
Speak   Lookup   terrestrial
Speak   Lookup   tertiary
Speak   Lookup   thymine
Speak   Lookup   thyroid gland
Speak   Lookup   trachea
Speak   Lookup   trait
Speak   Lookup   trample
Speak   Lookup   transpiration
Speak   Lookup   trial and error
Speak   Lookup   trophic level
Speak   Lookup   tropical savanna
Speak   Lookup   turbidity
Speak   Lookup   uptake
Speak   Lookup   uracil
Speak   Lookup   urchin
Speak   Lookup   urea
Speak   Lookup   urinary bladder
Speak   Lookup   urine
Speak   Lookup   utilize
Speak   Lookup   variation
Speak   Lookup   vascular
Speak   Lookup   vertebrate
Speak   Lookup   violet
Speak   Lookup   whale
Speak   Lookup   xylem
Speak   Lookup   zygote