High School Spelling Words

Spelling words for 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade: A relatively difficult high school spelling words list with definition, interactive exercise, word and meaning test, online spelling exercise, and thousands of printable worksheets and cards.
 Spelling List by Grade
This is a high school words list for USA students. The vocabulary includes spelling words for students of grade 9, grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12. Some students' grade 9 is in junior high school or middle school and they start high school from 10th grade. In this scenario, challenge spelling words of grade 10 accordingly.

We provide a relatively hard spelling words list for high school students to evaluate English vocabulary skill. However, this app isn't only a set of high school words list; it has lots of interactive tests and exercises, as well as printable worksheets. It's an all-in-one app to enhance high school vocabulary, tells what to learn, when to learn, and how to learn. It's a handy tool you can access anywhere and anytime through Internet.

Words in the app are in 4 groups from grade 9 to grade 12. Each grade has 8 lists. They are the core of app. Spending one or two days to check the lists of your grade, if unknown words are more than 30 percent, you should enhance vocabulary skill immediately. Words of each grade are supposed to match with the average score.

Go to your grade, and view your word lists and interactive spelling exercises. They are just a few clicks. The word lists, online exercises, and printable worksheets are great resources to help you learn and own high school spelling words with right content, in right time, and by right way!
Online and Offline Exercise Tools
Besides vocabulary the app also has study and exercise tools, e.g., online tests, online exercises, and even online games. In addition, totally more than 1000 offline worksheets, such as card, single choice quiz, match exercise, and fill in exercise, are available to print in both HTML and PDF.

In general, high school students need teachers or parents to guide and push. By the nature of vocabulary building, both online exercise and traditional hand work are same important. Online interactive exercise has been proven an efficient way to learn and review; while as offline worksheet is a basic method to practice manually spelling. This app covers requirements of two sides. Some teachers leverage them to organize warm-up or test.
Spelling Worksheets Samples
Print high school spelling word list PDF is relatively straight, but print other high school spelling worksheets either in PDF or in HTML is a little more complicated; please be patient and follow the guide step by step. Here are some demo pictures of worksheets.
Word List sample Card sample Spelling sample
100 USA High School Difficult Words
The app is designed to build high school spelling words. Don't misunderstand it as a hard high school vocabulary, the latter is much more challenging than spelling words. Do you want to evaluate own high school hard vocabulary skill? By the 100 USA High School Difficult Words you will get an estimate just minutes.

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