1000 Basic SAT ACT Words

Help you own 1000 common words for either SAT or ACT college admission examines; each word has a definition card, example sentence, single choice test, spelling exercise, and use cases in classic literature. The app groups all words into 30 lessons and organizes your studying in a smart, flexible, efficient way.

1000 SAT ACT Words
The app integrates a proven common SAT/ACT word list with modern information technology, and let students prepare SAT/ACT test through any devices: smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It's safe and green, doesn't ask anyone to sign on or offer personal data. Powered by up-to-date information, education, and media resource, the app helps thousands of students to improve SAT/ACT vocabulary level successfully.

As we known, SAT/ACT vocabulary usually has 3000-4000 words. The 1000 basic word list is a set of common words. High school students should master them completely before college admission examines. For some who have further pursue, 2000 SAT ACT Flash Cards are a good option to succeed.

Key Features:

Lesson Progress: The app categorizes all words into 30 lessons. In the lesson list, you can view the progress of each lesson, such as ratio you passed or set as known, and the date you worked for this lesson most recently.

Passed Indicator: Passed or known words are shown in gray and with a checked box. You may check the box directly to skip known words. At the beginning, a word is in green; it means a new word. You can use the checkbox to change into new/known status on demand.

Definition Card: This card shows the word's definition in a straight way, helps you familiarize new words easily and quickly. It also includes an example sentence to help you understand the word in context.

Used in Classics: It offers use cases in classic literature, which are great samples to study the word in contexts. Let Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or other great authors show you how to use the word in the right way.

Single Choice Test: It's a normal word/explanation matching exercise. Each test form has one word and five options. The options are produced dynamically; it means students see different options every time. The form can check if you know a word in seconds.

Spelling Test: By sound and explanation, guess and input the word. It will check your every strike on the keyboard. The test will terminate after three wrong guesses. This tool will test if students memorize the word and can use it in writing.
1000 SAT ACT Words
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