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Barrons GRE Vocabulary
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GRE Big Book Words List
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hallow  Speak
sealed by fusion so as to be airtight
make holy; set apart for holy or religious use; consecrate; treat or keep as sacred
domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by political group or nation over others
noisy speech; speech or piece of writing with strong feeling or expression
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Read  having parallel lines or grooves on surface
E.g.The glacier left many [___] rocks.

Spelling Word: striated
1. GRE Vocabularies with Practices
A strong vocabulary is a key to get a high score in GRE test. GRE isn't just an English test; but you don't have chance to succeed without strong English skill. In either reading or writing, vocabulary plays a fundamental role. If your vocabulary level isn't good enough and you are working to have a better GRE score, you should start to enhance GRE words right now.

Some students used to learn and review vocabulary based on a words list. If a word list meets with your circumstance, it helps very much to speed up vocabulary building. It's not difficult to get a GRE vocabulary online or somewhere. However, because of the diversity of GRE test takers, the actual challenge is how to get a GRE vocabulary that exactly matches with your case.

As a matter of fact, considering that either vocabulary base or study plan varies on separate students, you hardly find a GRE vocabulary matched completely. We collect some popular GRE vocabularies here, and hopefully you can find one that is near to your situation.

These vocabularies are recommended by thousands of GRE test takers. In order to improve efficiency, some cutting-edge information technologies are integrated to offer interactive study, review, and practice.

Each vocabulary has a summary page to host all words. The page initially shows words alone. You can retrieve explanations on demand. The page is supposed to skim or review the whole vocabulary quickly.

Then a vocabulary is categorized by alphabet into multiple groups, which are smaller and easy to manage study activities. Group also organizes features based on each word, such as online exercises and offline flashcards. The group total of a vocabulary and word total of a group aren't fixed, usually the former is from 2 to 20, the latter is from 100 to 1000.

If you are looking for a GRE vocabulary, you are at a right webpage. Go through all available vocabularies quickly, and try to select one to kick off GRE vocabulary journey.

2. Available GRE Vocabularies
GRE Big Book Words List     Enter

The well-known list consists of 5000 words. We show them in 5 groups. This list is an important free resource to prepare GRE test. Some GRE test takers leverage this wordlist, as well as its interactive practices and printable flashcards, to enrich GRE vocabulary successfully. The GRE Big Book Words List PDF is available for VIP to download.

GRE Big Book Words List
Barrons GRE Vocabulary     Enter

The original Barrons GRE vocabulary actually is only 3000+. More and more words have been added by GRE test takers year by year and it is near to 5000 in some web sites now. We revise the vocabulary to 4000 around, and add example sentences and multiple language definitions. It has been categorized into 20 groups. The Barrons GRE Vocabulary PDF is available for VIP to download.

Barrons GRE Vocabulary
Princeton GRE Vocabulary     Enter

In views of many GRE test takers, the Princeton GRE words list seems easier and shorter than its competitors. However, if you just want to pass GRE test and have an average score, this list can save much of time. For many ESL students, it also offers a realistic solution.

300 Must Know GRE Word List     Enter

This is a famous online GRE words list. Because its size is small, many GRE test takers usually try it as the first vocabulary. Unfortunately, it's short, but not easy. In fact, this is a high score words list. It offers a quick way to check if your vocabulary level can touch top score in GRE test.

600 Basic GRE Words     Enter

This is a primary words list for any GRE test taker. No matter of your level or plan, in all GRE sections - reading, writing, or even math - you will see them from time to time. You have to own them before GRE test day.

400 Super GRE Words     Enter

This words list is an enrichment to previous 500 hard GRE words. If you want to go to top graduate schools, or to apply for any scholarship, you have to work harder. In both reading and writing, this vocabulary strengthen you with super words, which are very important for top score hunters.

3. PDF and Ebook of GRE Vocabularies

3.1 DIY - PDF files

PDF is a common format on various devices. Some people need PDF version of English words. In fact we published some PDF files based on main GRE vocabularies of the website. However, if you aren't VIP, or your circumstance isn't fit to them, these PDF files aren't for you. If so, you still have two ways to make own PDF files by leveraging GRE vocabulary lists in the website.

Print Vocabulary in PDF is a free web app to customize PDF through vocabularies from either this website or other resources; for example, it can load Barrons GRE Vocabulary directly.

Since the app's PDF partner cannot handle all languages, if your contents have some non-English characters, such as Chinese characters, which will be ignored in final PDF files. So it's not an acceptable solution for some language scenarios.

If you need to include non-English definitions, Make GRE Vocabulary PDF gives you more flexibility. Now it's easy to get free online PDF converters, like Google Drive, to support various languages. Follow its steps, you can produce GRE Vocabulary PDF exactly matched with your requirement.

3.2 Existing PDF files

We already made some PDF files (shown in left column) for very popuplar vocabularies, e.g.
  • GRE Big Book Words List PDF
  • Barrons GRE Vocabulary
The first 3 groups of each vocabulary are free to view and download.The full versions are only for VIP to download.

3.3 Ebooks to study GRE Vocabulary

We positively publish GRE vocabulary Ebooks in recent years to help students prepare GRE test in modern and green way. The basic level GRE 1200 Words in 30 Days is easy to start. You can get it from Apple iBook, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, or other stores:
Another Ebook 5000 GRE Words is larger and matched with popular web app 5000 GRE Words in 120 Days. It deserves to have a try if you are looking for an Ebook that is supported with interactive practices. You can get it from Amazon Kindle or other main Ebook distributors.
Last but not least, you had better clarify all confusions before kicking off your GER vocabulary building, a tough and critical job to prepare GRE test. In most cases, its official website is right place to help you out.