5000 GRE Words in 120 Days

Study and review proven GRE vocabulary in fast way!

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This app consists of 5000 common GRE words and divides them into 4 levels. Each level has 30 lessons. If finishing one lesson a day, you can get this proven GRE vocabulary in 120 days!

The app isn't only a words list, in addition, it leverages modern information technology and offers some handy features to help students study and review GRE vocabulary efficiently. Especially, below features are deserved to mention:

Status manage: When you work with a words list, more or less you learned some before. No one wants to waste time on known words. So the app provides 3 statuses: New, Known, Passed. New means you don't study or touch it yet; Passed means you don't want to visit it any more; Known means you studied but need to review in future. You can adjust statuses anytime.

ESL friendly: For ESL (English as second language) students , the definitions of mother language usually play a critical role in understanding new English words. This app integrates definitions of multiple languages to cover main GRE test takers' home countries.

Interactive practice: Besides normal definitions and examples, you also can practice online with the app, like spelling or meanings' matching. These interactive exercises are available for all words and are produced dynamically.

Intelligent guide: The app has built-in algorithm to help you pick up known words to review, As we know, review costs lots of effort in vocabulary building. Select right word in right interval will save much time and improve efficiency dramatically.

Cloud service: Want to study on various devices? Or to save study data on internet? No problem. The app can run on Chrome and Safari browsers, which are supported on all mainstream computers, tablets, and smart phones. You can sync data between local and server on demand.

Here we remind you:

Sync is for current level, not for the whole course. If you plan to sync the whole course, please select one level each time, and sync accordingly; then repeat on other levels.

If you studied "GRE 1200 words in 30 Days" before, don't feel confusion. It is the basic level of the app. You can continue under original study and pace. If you complete the basic level, we encourage you try further levels.

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